Graces and grantings 2016

Thanks for a job received twice and for the baby

I had a permanent job but when my boss retired the firm was closed and I lost my job. I was unemployed for two years. Looking for a job I happened to find thanksgivings to the blessed Ivan Merz and thought he might help me too. I started praying a novena and got a job after a few days. Unfortunately, I had to travel 40 kilometres in one direction and started praying for a job nearer home, and for a better salary. After a month I received an offer to start working in a firm a couple of minutes away from home, I was offered a better salary, and of course, I accepted it.

Together with this I had health problems: I was battling with infertility for si years. Together with prayers for a job I prayed or a solution to my health problem. My prayers, aided by the help of the medical profession helped me conceive. I gave birth to a healthy a beautiful baby girl, with no problems during the pregnancy and the childbirth. Every time I look at my baby girl I remember that all my prayers have been granted thanks to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, and I will always thank God and the blessed man for it. Now I am praying for the health of my family, and I have not doubts that this prayer will also be granted.

2 January 2016 Anita I.

Thanks for my son’s and daughter’s job

I belong to the parish of the blessed Ivan Merz in Špansko, Zagreb. Looking at his painting on the wall and his ‘youth’ I thought he might help me in my prayers to the Lord to find a satisfactory job for my children. I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. After four days of the novena, it exactly happened. My son and my daughter got just the jobs they wanted. I am very grateful to the blessed man and I prayed nine more novenas after that. And I thank his again during the holy Mass, because I am convinced this is just due to his help. I will pray that this wonderful blessed man becomes a saint because he definitely deserves it.

Zagreb, 5 January 2016 Milica Sparavalo

Got a job

As I am in the last year of my studies, I started applying for jobs as an apprentice. I sent my papers to hospital authorities and some time passed without an answer. I applied for several jobs and nearly forgot I had applied for a hospital job. When a hospital clerk rang me and asked me if I was still interested in the job, I naturally said I was. I spent another six weeks waiting to start work, but it suited me because I was still preparing for some exams. Of course, all this is thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz. I had prayed novenas, and they were granted. I pray Ivan Merz to give me strength to do my duties and thank him for all.

2 February 2016 Ana Marija P.

The miracle repeated – wallet stolen and found

On Friday, 18 March 2016, an identical miracle repeated, which first happened 16 years ago, in 2000, when a wallet was stolen and found. The person this time was the postulator of the blessed Ivan Merz! This is his statement and thanksgiving.

In our Jesuit residence in Zagreb where I live, there was a burglary on 18 March 2016, two days before Palm Sunday. About 11 a.m. a thief stole my wallet with all the documents from my room. It was the more dramatic because the following day I was supposed to go by car away from Zagreb to help a parish in the Holy week, and now I was without all my documents, because my driving licence and other documents were in the wallet. I had no choice but go to the police and report the theft.

Coming back from the police I remembered a thanksgiving to the blessed Ivan Merz when a woman had her wallet and documents stolen. Since she was a great admirer of the blessed Ivan Merz, she immediately started praying to him and the following day the wallet was found in a nearby dustbin with all the documents! (See the thanksgiving which has been on this address for 16 years at 2000)

This stimulated and encouraged me and I started praying to the blessed Ivan for help; if he has helped the lady 16 years before, her can help his postulator who has been working for his cause so long. And indeed, he did, on the same day. This is how it was:

Depressed, tired and stressed I returned to my lodgings, had something to eat and went to have a nap because I was still in shock. At 4 p.m. my mobile rang. A man called me and asked me if I had lost something. I said I had not lost anything but that my wallet had been stolen that morning. He said, “I collect bottles from bottle banks and here. Near the Konzum supermarket (not far from our residence) I happened to find your wallet. I have found your mobile phone number there, and wonder if you can come to the supermarket so I can give you your wallet.” Of course, I went there immediately, thanked him with all my heart and gave him an adequate reward. Of course, there was no money in the wallet, but luckily, all the documents, all of them, were there! A real miracle! I understood immediately: it was the blessed Ivan’s doing, immediately, on the same day! Blessed Ivan, thank you for this miraculous help.

Zagreb, 18 March 2016 p. Božidar Nagy, SJ, postulator

Philippine nurse got a new job in her profession

We would like to inform you on the grace we received by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. My wife Mary Jane Cartesiano Castro, 29, a nurse, lost her job on 16 March 2016, after seven years’ work in the hospital in Cebu, the Philippines. After praying to the blessed Ivan Merz about whom we first heard on 27 March in the church of Our Lady of Comfort in Cebu, by organized promotion for his canonization in she got a job again. Thank you very much, blessed Ivan Merz for your help and your intercession!

Cebu, the Philippines, 29 March 2016 Eduardo Miguel Castro

Help in illness and strengthened hope and trust in further help

I would like to witness that I have prayed a novena to the blessed man for my daughter’s healing and he has given me his grace to feel that he is with me in my prayers to the Lord. He has given me strength to hope for the healing, so I pray even more so that I do not buckle under pressure in my hope. He has sorted out my circumstances and given me an opportunity to go to Zagreb and visit the Sacred Heart basilica in Zagreb. The post-operation findings are good and I believe in his intercession with the Lord and keep praying to him for everything and hope my prayers will be granted. Thank you, blessed man for being there and for letting me feel your love and compassion.

Đakovo, 6 April 2016 Mara S.

Got a job and started to work on the blessed man’s feast day

Thank you blessed Ivan Merz for granting me my wish to find a job, and for helping me to understand what it means to be a mature Christian today and to how to give myself up to Jesus when it is most difficult! Together with this, the symbolism where I feel that Ivan has accompanied me and intervened for me is that I start work on 10 May. Just the day when the blessed Ivan died. I will always be grateful to the dear brother Ivan who has answered my prayers.

Prugovo, Dalmatia, 4 May 2016 Ante, 25

Apartment sold and a lost thing found

We have been abroad for a long time but we come to Croatia for our holidays every year. Last year we decided to sell our apartment in Zagreb because we do not need it any longer. Our relatives and friends in Zagreb told us it was practically impossible because of the great offer of apartments on the market. And then something unexpected happened. Last year when we visited our relatives in Zadar we heard about the blessed Ivan Merz for the first time, and that your wishes can be granted after praying a novena, because this happened to a relative. This gave us an incentive to become his admirers. Our first stem was to visit his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica in Zagreb before we left Croatia last year. After our return to the States my wife and me started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to help us sell our apartment. We prayed a novena every month for five months. We returned to Croatia in spring this year to sell our apartment and contacted an agency. Our relatives said we were hoping in vain to sell it so quickly. However, this happened, dues to the intercession of our blessed Ivan Merz. We managed to sell the apartment in the first week of our stay in Zagreb, unexpectedly quickly, to our great pleasure and the pleasure of the young man who bought it. The agency representative told us she had never had such a case of doing it so quickly and at the first requested price.

The Power and the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz is limitless and beyond description and we would publicly like to thank him this way. We would also like to thank our blessed man for help in finding a valuable and dear lost thing. We will continue praying to him with deep gratitude.

10 May, 2016 Z. and K.S., USA

Thank you, blessed Ivan for answering my prayer. (a gift for the Postulature attached).

Vrlika, 17 May, 2016 Z.Đ.

First part of 2016

Dear Ivan! Thank you for helping D. who has graduated. Thank Jesus our firned and you our great friend who has helped with your intercession.


Dear Ivan, thank you for helping me pass my exam. Pray for the grace to successfully present my dissertation for the final exam.


Thank you blessed Ivan for hearing my invocation and pleading with Jesus to answer my prayer. Thank you for my prayer has been answered. I am healthy! Stay always with my children, my family and me. You are my light, my blessed friend! Thank you, my friend!


Thank you! – E.Š.

Dear blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for the blessing for the good boyfriend M. Please help me to progress as we go together toward God and our neighbours in full freedom, steadfast in our progress and gentle to everyone we meet and gentle to each other. Thank you!