Graces and grantings 2006

No amputation

My prayer to the blessed Ivan Merz has helped my friend whose leg had to be amputated. I thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayer.

Osijek, 11 January 2006 Neda B.

Thanks for passing the exam and healing my father

In 2003 I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to help me pass my two last exams at the University: I passed both of them very well without having to repeat them. In the same year I prayed a novena for my father who had problems with allergy, and after that he did not have any problems. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for all the graces received.

21 February 2006 Vlatka

Help in studies and fear subsided

My parents and I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for three days, after which I passed an exam with flying colours, and after a novena I got rid of fear which had been troubling me for a long time. The blessed Ivan Merz is a great and powerful mediator and I can feel his help every day. I thank him for the graces received.

Zagreb, 1 March 2006 Grateful

Prayers granted

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace received.

Slavonski Brod, 1 March 2006 Anđa Š.

After fervent prayer to the blessed Ivan, my son got a job

On 4 December 2005 I attended a mass in the parish church in Stenjevec, Zagreb. I did not know the homily was going to be about the blessed Ivan Merz. I learned very much about him then although I had attended his beatification in Banja Luka in 2003 when the Pope made him the first blessed man in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Like every Sunday, going to the holy mass, I dedicated this for y job for my son who had lost his job just over a month before, and he has a family. I prayed to God for this, and when the homily started and when I heard who was protected by the blessed man, I immediately knew my prayer would be granted. After the mass, everyone who wanted touched the reliquiae if the blessed Ivan Merz, and I did the same, and prayed for help again. On the same evening my son called me and said: “Mum, it seems I will start working tomorrow, I have been called for an interview.” I was sure it was God’s help at the intervention of the blessed Ivan Merz. So my son started working on St Nicholas’ day in the fish market in Zagreb, and I immediately thought that the blessed man is the protector of the young, seamen, fishermen and all those who pray for his help. Thank you, blessed Ivan for interceding for my family and I will always worship you!

Zagreb, 4 March 2006 Grateful mother Zorka-Apolonija S.

Thanks for a better job

I would like to witness I was a secretary in a firm for three years and they did not want to take me for a permanent job (after me they advertised, got about 400 applications but did not take anyone). The relations in the firm were so bad that in a short time I started suffering from insomnia due to stress. I cried every so often, I suffered from anxiety and depression. Mobbing was terrible, I had never dreamt someone could suffer so much in one’s job – when I was near one of the managers I shook because he would yell for nothing, while another manager asked for impossible. They finally dismissed me without an explanation, or rather, that the manager who dismissed me and I “were incompatible by nature”. By Ivan Merz’s intercession I immediately found another job, a much better job, less stressful, with better working conditions and a 25 per cent higher salary. Thank God and the intercession by Ivan Merz.

9 March 2006 Gordana

Thanksgiving for son’s job

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for my son’s job. I put him and all my children to the intercession of his who loved young people so much!

Višnjevac, 16 March 2006 Mother Anica P.

Just court ruling

My testimony relates to the court ruling to get back the money I had paid as part of the contract on buying office premises in Zagreb which were never given to me, nor the advance I had paid. I sued them to the General Attorney’s Office in Zagreb as early as 1998. It took nearly five years with no result. I understood the only thing I had to do was pray for a grace of successful outcome. After Ivan Merz was beatified I started praying to him for his intercession. And indeed, God provided for a positive ruling, and the accused had to return the money in two years, together with interest, or he would have to go to prison for a year and return the money. Now I am praying to the blessed Ivan Merz to get the money. I believe the blessed Ivan will continue praying the Almighty for me.

Zagreb, 19 March 2006 Zrinka B.

Grace obtained after a novena

Several years ago I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for a certain thing and my prayers were granted. I thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayer.

Zagreb, 25 March 2006 Jakov B.

Blessed Ivan helped in anxiety

Thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz to whom I prayed I have received great graces in my spiritual trouble, so I thank him with all my heart. I am delighted with the books that the blessed Ivan Merz wrote. I have taken him as my protector and continue praying to him.

Osijek, 19 April 2006 N.N. (aged 17)

Happily married

I thank from all my heart to God Almighty, Mother of God and the intercession of the blessed Ivan for my daughter for my daughter who was looking for a man to marry because she wanted to get married. I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz every day, and thank the Lord she met a man who is now my son-in-law, and seems to be a good and noble-minded man. When she first met him she was shocked because he had not been baptized and had never received any holy sacraments and lived like that for 30 years. This was very difficult to solve. But with constant prayer everything got sorted out. The young man got baptized after preparing for it for several months, received confirmation, they got married in the Sacred Heart basilica and everything went well. I lack words to thank God and our blessed man, and advise mothers to pray for their children. Persevere from heart, go to the mass every Sunday and receive the holy sacraments.

Zagreb, 4 May 2006. Mother and father

Help in illness after the blessed Ivan’s intercession

My father got seriously ill even before the blessed Ivan Merz was beatified. He got strong pains in his legs and feet, was unable to walk, there were changes on his feet. On his right foot his toes became blue, and on his right food there was decubitus on his heel. He went to hospital, and the doctors found bad circulation. This was followed by an operation on the right foot, then the wound was infected and two weeks later amputation was planned. The same was said for the left foot. I did not know what to do. I had to go to work, how to leave him. I was afraid of amputation. I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz asking him to help with his intercession, I put my father under his protection, because there is nothing I can do. After that my father recovered, decubitus on his left foot healed. I can leave him alone while I am at work. Last year he had an ischemic insult and could not see. I went to the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz and asked him for his help again, because what can I do if my father gets blind. I asked the blessed Ivan to help my father and me with his intercession. After my prayer my father’s sight got better and he did not become blind. I have medical documentation for all these. Thank you, God, thank you blessed Ivan Merz!

Zagreb, 10 May 2006 Katica J.

No problems at work and peace of mind

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, Christ gave a special grace of deep joy. Like Ivan Merz, I got to love the rosary which gave me strength in trouble and which, together with the Eucharist, will be my greatest friend as long as I live. I got the strength of the Holy Spirit to follow Christ, because life is not a pleasure but it is a sacrifice. My seriously ill daughter was living by the example of the blessed Ivan merz. She dedicated her life to Christ and firmly believed in the truth of the Catholic faith. Due to her illness she had trouble at work and became very anxious. Encouraged by the priest, I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, and already on Easter my daughter calmed down, let it be as the Lord wants and soon returned to work. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz, for we have received the most valuable thing for eternity, the power of the Holy Spirit to follow Christ!

Zagreb, 13 May 2006. Ljiljana Barbarić

Thanksgiving to the job and health

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for numerous graces I have received by his intercession. He has wiped many a tear and solved many a problem. I am especially grateful because my son has found a job and helped me in health problems.

Novo Čiče (Zagreb); 19 May 2006 Marica M.

Instant help of the blessed man

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for helping me in a problem. I prayed and a clerk solved everything instantly.

Varaždin, 23 May 2006 Vera

After a novena I got rid of anxiety

I currently have a temporary job in Germany. On coming to this country I felt terribly anxious until I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, and I have completely changed, I just cannot recognize myself! What a wonderful feeling! I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for the grace.

Germany, 28 May 2006 Marija

Job found after 11 years

My son A. has been looking for a job for eleven years. He graduated in mechanical engineering from the Naval college. After a novena which I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz he got a job and started working on a ship. My daughter Žana has passed a difficult exam at the faculty of journalism. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the graces received.

Zadar, 2 June 2006. Grateful mother Anđelka

Thanksgiving for the job

I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for my boyfriend who was not able to get a job for years. Everything was without success. But only three days after we had prayed a novena he was called for an interview and got a job. Glory to Jesus and thanks to the blessed Ivan!

Ivanja Reka (Zagreb), 2 June 2006 Anita and Darko

Speedy granting

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz because my prayed for his intercession was answered in a short time.

Germany, 6 June 2006 Robert Gusić

Healing after a novena

I first heard about the blessed Ivan Merz and the miracles he performs after reading the journal Arena. I read the prayer from the Pope’s mass at the beatification of the blessed Ivan Merz for nine days and he performed a miracle – I got well, my findings are fantastic. I thank the blessed Ivan for the great miracle. Everyone pray for him, I am praying too, and the prayers will be granted although it seems impossible.

Bistrinci, 6 June 2006 Ana J.

Help in studies

By the intercession of the blessed Merz to whom I prayed a novena, my daughter passed her studies last year, a difficult exam this year, and after many years of pause my son has managed to pass a difficult exam. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the great grace.

Zagreb, 7 June 2006 Renata K.

Successful operation

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for your help in the operation of my mother.

Zagreb, 9 June 2006 Tomislav K.

Son has contacted his mother

I have a lot of problems with my son, and was very sad that he has not contacted me for a long time. I prayed for three days to the blessed Ivan Merz to help me and asked him to help my son change his attitude. He contacted me on the third day. We have not overcome all obstacles, but the situation is much better now. I believe this was thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz. I had prayed for him many years before when he provided a practically incredible help. I had informed the Postulature then.

Vancouver, Canada, 9 June 2006 Vera VB

Blessed Ivan’s intercession help daughter in serious disease

I heard about the blessed Ivan Merz when my daughter got ill. Our doctors said the findings were bad and that she was seriously ill. When I heard it I invoked our Lady of Lourdes and the blessed Ivan Merz, hoping the diagnosis was wrong. I prayed to him to protect her from the serious disease. A year before he was beatified I prayed for her health and the health of all young people, just as he had prayed for all the young people. I was convinced that God would answer my prayer by Merz’s intercession. I thank God and His Mother who have answered Merz’s prayer, and everything is all right now. My daughter has got married, she has her family and a lovely baby, little Dominik. I keep praying to the Lord, and also to Ivan Merz to thank him for the grace for my daughter’s health, I pray for her family and her baby, hoping the blessed Ivan will inspire them and be their protector and companion in their lives! I can testify that my prayers have been answered with Ivan Merz’s intercession.

Kaštel Stari, 1 July 2006 Danica Radačić

Blessed Ivan helps on all occasions and in all difficulties

One day, having read a newspaper article about Ivan Merz I felt great interest in my heart. I started reading his books and everything connected with him. When I heard the pope was coming to Banja Luka for his beatification, I also decided to go there. I took my daughter with me. There I made a vow to him to care for my children. Since that day I have been praying for all my family. Ivan Merz got a special place in my heart. I have asked for his intercession in all my difficulties and I can say that many things have been solved just by Divine miracle. Shortly after that my daughter got a serious disease of the muscles – myasthenia gravis. Difficult diagnoses accompanied that basic disease. Three years of hard struggle had a positive result. We prayed, and so did blessed Ivan. My daughter got well, and only God knows how. There are a lot of things which have happened in my family by his intercession. I can definitely say that all the graces I have obtained are thanks to him. He solves out financial difficulties, practically everything in our life. I have read that I should inform you about the graces I have received, so this is why I am writing. I repeat: many miracles have happened thanks to his intercession. Thank him for everything!

Slavonski Brod, 7 July 2006 Božana

Hand healed by the blessed Ivan’s intercession

I received the grace by the blessed Ivan Merz’s intercession. During the novena, my prayer was answered. My husband’s hand was diseased. I had not finished praying a novena when his hand was healed. Thank you, blessed man!

Dugo Selo, 18 July 2006 Gordana Krajina

Help with entrance exam

I prayed to Ivan Merz when I was panicking about the entrance exam this year. As soon as I started praying for the same purpose, together with my friends, I started feeling peaceful. I managed to concentrate and give my maximum, and I know Ivan has helped me in the part I cannot influence – grace has been obtained. Jesus and Ivan Merz are great!!!

19 July 2006 Jelena Ćališ

Thanksgiving for the exam passed

After praying a novena to Ivan Merz, I managed to pass a difficult exam. I thank Ivan Merz with all my heart!

Velika Gorica, 11 July 2006 Martina

Help to enrol in university

I would like to testify on my prayer answered by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, and this is he has helped me enrol in the university and pass the entrance exam! Thank him with all my heart! He really is a model for young people. Thank you, Eagle of Christ!!!

26 July 2006 Iva Pešić

Thanksgiving for son’s employment

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayer for my son’s employment. After a novena to the blessed Ivan my prayer was answered. I thank him for the graces I have received and recommend my son and daughter to his intercession.

22 August 2006 Grateful mother Jasna M,

Wanted job received

God’s providence inspired me to pray to the blessed Ivan Merz for the job I had been wanting for a long time. I prayed the blessed Ivan for help. In a few days I found a job in the profession I am interested in. I am pleased with my job. And I thank him in this way. May God Triune make him a saint as soon as possible.

Zagreb, 10 September 2006. Željko K.

Blessed Ivan a true companion, helping in all situations

I would just like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the numerous graces I have received. I am 25 years old, and I often pray to the blessed ivan Merz, and have never met a better life companion. Firstly, he has helped me with exams. Secondly, the stree and accumulated fear gave me panic attacks, and the I prayed to the blessed Ivan and now I feel better. I had a lot of problems in my family, and by his intercession many things have been solved well. The way to express my gratitude is: I recommend everyone to pray to him, and I pray he can be sanctified because he deserves it. Another thing: until he was beatified I had never heard of him, and I want to Banja Luka just to see the Pope, and I had not dreamt God has provided the best protector for me. I often go to his tomb and always find peace there in my most difficult moments. I also pray God to direct me to be more like him every day. Life will bring me difficulties and I know I have to struggle, but I also know I have my protector now. Another ting: a friend had great problems and I advised her to pray and she thanks me because life it easier for her since she started praying to the blessed Ivan.

21 September 2006 Gordana K.

Got a job during a novena

I tell you great news that my prayers have been answered by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I heard about the blessed Ivan many years ago but was not specially interested in his life and work because I had my favourite saits to whom I prayed regularly. This summer some bad things happened in my family. My husband got ill, and I lost my job. We have two children and life became very difficult. I immediately started looking for a job. I applied to numerous advertisements, I went to numerous interview, but unfortunately without a success. I started losing hope. I felt helpless. On Sunday, 17 September 2006 the evening mass was said by the postulator p. Božidar. He informed us about the life of the blessed Ivan Merz. On the altar was the picture of the blessed man and a reliquary with his relics. When I touched them after the mass, I felt him telling me;” Pray and I’ll help you”. On Monday, 18 September 2006 I started praying a novena to receive a grace and get a job by the intercession of the blessed Ivan. On the fourth day of the novena, on Thursday, 21 September 2006 I visited his tomb, and on Friday, 22 September 2006 I got a job. I am deeply convince this is the doing of the blessed Ivan and that his intercession has given me the grace of getting a job. I would publicly like to thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayers and for helping me. Now I have a new friend watching me from heavens, listening to my pleas and guarding my on my life path. Thank you, blessed Ivan. You are already a holy man for me because you miracles confirm it!

Zagreb, 30 September 2006. Grateful Elda J.

With the blessed Ivan’s help passed the final exam at the university

Thank you very much, blessed Ivan, for the grace of passing my final eym at the university. I recommend myself to your intercession, primarily for health and getting a job. I also recommend to him all those who have nobody to pray for them or who do not know how to pray. As a token of gratitude I spread information about him among my friends.

Rijeka, 15 October 2006 Juraj

Blessed Ivan helped me find a kindred soul

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayers in a short time. I spent a long time looking for a kindred soul, and after praying to the blessed Ivan Merz she just appeared.

Zagreb, 25 October 2006 Tihomir

Prayer answered

Great thanks to Ivan Merz for answering my prayers said on his tomb.

21 October 2006 G.K.

Different graces in one family

Financial troubles solved. – The first, on 1 June 2003 was like this: My husband and I lost our jobs. We had no income. I went to Ivan Merz’s tomb and asked him to give us something for living. I had hardly returned from the church when my husband said: “I have rented the premises which were empty.” Thank God and the blessed Ivan Merz.

Job found: The second granting, on 14 March 2004: I have two children. They finished their education but could not get a job. I prayed a novena for the purpose. I went to the Sacred Heart basilica to Merz’s tomb. I prayed to him and he answered my prayers even before I finished the novena. My son found a job in his profession. He has been working for two years now and is pleased with his boss and with his job. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

Brother got well: The third granting, on 22 September 2006: My brother suddenly got ill, he had pancreatitis. I started a novena to the blessed Ivan. It was a Thursday, my brother was getting worse. I prayed to God and to Ivan Merz. In the night between Friday and Saturday the doctors called us to say “Be prepared, his hours are numbered, we have done everything we could, and do not know whether your brother will survive this night” No one knew. Just me and my husband. I never said anything about that call to his wife and children. My brother is 36. I could not sleep that night, my head was turning and felt someone saying: Your brother is dead. But I kept saying no, no. Blessed Ivan Merz will heal my brother. In the morning I attended the first mass, the 6 o’clock one. When I came back from the church I went to the hospital and talked to the doctors. They said the worst was over, although he had only 2% chances to survive. But thanks to God and Ivan Merz, he is alive, he has started believing, attends the holy mass every day. Thank God and the blessed Ivan.

Nephew’s health got better: Fourth granting, on 24 October 2006: My nephew suddenly got ill – leukemia. The child is 3.65 years old, and has never been ill. I prayed a novena for his health and had a mass said. On Thursday the doctors said it was the worst type of leukemia. We all prayed a novena in the family. After seven days of the novena they took little Leopold’s findings and found the blood count had improved, and it was not the worst type of leukemia, Thank God and the blessed Ivan Merz.

Zagreb, 30 October 2006 Terezija Đ.

Help for the successful completion of studies

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the graces received by his intercession. I had prayed novenas for my children’s successful studies and for other things. I am grateful to our blessed man and advise all mothers to pray to the blessed Ivan Merz for their children and all the all the young people hoping that the blessed Ivan Merz will watch over them.

Đakovo, 7 November 2006 Grateful mother

Heart disease stopped

In February this year I went for a medical check-up and the ultrasound of the heart was not good. Something in me said: “Pray to God for the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz for your health.” In October this year I went for another check-up and the finding was all right, there was nothing wrong. I asked the doctor and she said something I did not understand. But I know that God helped in my healing by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Even before the doctor read my findings, I felt it was going to be all right. Now I thank again for the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I attach the medical findings. Eternally grateful for the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz!

Zagreb, 10 November 2006. Vikica Šalić

Son got a job and another problem solved

My son was looking for a job for a long time, but there was no result. I prayed the blessed Ivan Merz for help. There was soon a chance and my son got a job. But there was another problem. During his studies he was called up for the national service, but put it off, so there was a danger of being called up again. This is just what happened. Aware that this might be difficult just as he had got the job, he was rather worried. I consoled him, praying to the blessed Ivan Merz for help and hoping for the best. To thank for this, I was going to take a plaque to the blessed man’s tomb. Just on the day I took it, we got a letter from the draft board saying that “following a decision of the board, the military service was postponed until further notice…” So everything went well. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz. May his name be praised among the holy. I continue praying for his intercession.

Zagreb, 2 November 2006 Veronika J.

Recovery from TB and solving accommodation problem

Just on 10 May 2006 (and this is the feast of the blessed Ivan Merz, which I did not know then), doctors in Bjelovar found something on my lungs, but could not give the exact diagnosis, so I was referred to the hospital for lung diseases in Zagreb. After three weeks of examinations they found TB. During my stay in in hospital, separated from my family and my three children, I learned about the blessed Ivan Merz, although I had never heard or read about him. A lady who was in the same room had bought the journal 2Arena” where I read an article about the blessed Ivan Merz. The following night I dreamt about him and felt his hand take mine, and rose me from the hospital bed where I was surrounded by other patients. The next morning I took the magazine again and saw his picture and recognized that was the man I had dreamt about. From that moment I was certain: I got a protector and companion. Even today I can say that my fear was diminished, my hopes were great and ma prayers were answered. After the treatment at the Klenovnik lung hospital I came home healthy on 8 August. I vowed ai would thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace, and I am doing it now.

There is another grace for which we would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz. With his help, we were able to solve the accommodation problem after my discharge from the hospital. Instead of the small flat where the five of us were living, we moved to a larger flat which cost just a bit more. It was a real renaissance for the family. The blessed Ivan Merz entered my life and the life of all our family and I am no longer alone. I thank him from all my heart.

Bjelovar, 22 November 2006. Nedjeljka K.

Blessed Ivan performs miracles in Albania

Every day people come to our Carmelite nunnery here in Shkodër to pray for their needs. About a year ago a young woman came here with a serious disease of the jaw. She was operated, the doctors did everything they could, but the disease progressed. She was given antibiotics, but they did not believe anything could really help. Seeing her condition she prepared to die, but was very sad about her three children who would become orphans. She had heard about us and came to ask us to pray for her. Talking with her, Sister Maria Ancilla remembered that the blessed Ivan Merz had also had with the jaw. She told her what she knew about the blessed man and gave her his picture with the text in Croatian. Since she did not know Croatian, she told her to pray ‘Our Father’ for her health every day. The woman left consoled and prayed to him. A short time after that she came back healthy. She said she had ‘seen’ the blessed Ivan Merz and she had got well thanks to his intercession. On her behalf we are sending this to the Postulature and thank for the help of the blessed Ivan.

Shkodër- Albania, 26 November 2006 Carmelite Sisters from Albania

All exams passed

I prayed for my granddaughter J. for two years to pass all exams, some of which were very difficult. Everything went well, and she has graduated lately. I thank the blessed Ivan who has helped to finish her studies.

Zagreb, 12 December 2006 Vjekoslava C.

Help with eye operation

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for answering my prayer for my Dad’s successful eye operation.

19 December 2005 Renata

Inspiration for deeper spiritual life

I thank the blessed Ivan who has helped me, and, following his wonderful example I attend the holy mass and the Eucharist nearly every day.

Zaprešić, 21 December 2006 Ilija N.

Permanent job found

My prayers have been answered thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz. I prayed a novena for my sister who was not lucky with her job. She worked hard and it was always a temporary job. After some time she contacted me to say she had found a very nice and permanent job. Thank him!

Lyon ville, 22 December 2006 A Croat from France

Originals of these letters can be found in the
Archives of the blessed Ivan Merz Postulature
Prepared for the public
By fr. Božidar Nagy, postulator