Graces and grantings 2004

Miraculous help in getting a permanent job

As a family we would like to witness the grace by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Our son S. got to know the work of Ivan Merz during his study at the University. He was especially interested in the part dealing with young people: the importance of connecting the spiritual and physical life into one. Studying some of his texts which were still unpublished then, and praying to him, our son found not only an advocate, but a friend. After finishing his studies, in spite of his best references, our son was unable to get a permanent job in his profession, in spite of the numerous applications and efforts. All the time he did not choose but accepted any job he could get, very often underpaid and inadequate. When the possibility of a permanent job in his profession appeared, we all – parents, son, daughter – started praying novenas to the blessed Ivan Merz. By his intercession, and we deeply believe it, a miracle happened, because it was just our son who was accepted although the job was very attractive and a lot of people had applied.

We are deeply grateful for the grace obtained and keep praying to the blessed Ivan Merz to be with our son in his professional and private life, making his work to the glory of God and welfare of man.

Grateful family from Zagreb

Family problem solved

I would like to thank publicly to the blessed Ivan Merz, the “Banja Luka man” for his intercession with the good Lord about a family trouble which has been solved beautifully. I desperately prayed a novena to Merz who was still a Servant of God and to the blessed Virgin Mary for the problem about my only son. It was hard to see him suffer about his ungranted love. The problem has thankfully been solved with the blessed Ivan’s intercession. We attended the Holy Mass at Petrićevac, Banja Luka, when the Holy Father proclaimed Dr Ivan blessed, I went to the blessed Ivan’s tomb and I paid for the holy Mass said in Banja Luka.

Zdenka K., Trnovec Bartolovečki

Help in studies

My son is a student. Whenever I prayed a novena asking for the blessed Ivan’s intercession, he passed the exam well. I thank the blessed Ivan.

Grateful mother

Paris, 8 March, 2004

Reconciliation in the family after five years

Having heard the homily on the blessed Ivan Merz in the Croatian church in Paris, Anđelina K. from Paris prayed on the same afternoon to help reconcile two quarrelling sisters-in-law. And on the same evening they started talking after over five years.

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for the quick help.

Anđelina K. Paris

Help in different life difficulties

I would like to thank St Anthony of Padua and the blessed Ivan Merz for selfless help to my family and me in different life difficulties.

Anna Sebescen, Sweden

No more problems

I found myself in very difficult life problems. Recommended by my aunt, I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for help (she got a permanent job after a novena in his honour). Some of my problems disappeared and were solved. I paid for a mass to be said in appreciation, but I still pray to him and ask for his intercession in everything. At the moment I am praying a novena for several more life problems and firmly believe that they will also be solved with the help of the blessed Ivan Merz. I have to admit I was slowly beginning to lose faith, but just thinking about the blessed Ivan Merz and his life, my faith in the Almighty is returning. God bless him!!!

NN. Okućani

Blessed Ivan’s intercession helps

In this way I would like to witness and thank our blessed Ivan Merz for the grantings I got from dear Lord by his intercession. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz, stay always with me.


Blessed Ivan saved the firm from collapse

I am writing about the graces obtained by the intercession of the servant of God blessed Ivan Merz. The enterprise of which my firm is a part found itself in great difficulties due to incompetent management. I had warned the supervisory board of many improprieties but they took no account; they even said I was an undesirable person and convened a meeting to replace me from my job of deputy manager of the supervisory board. In the morning I went to the Sacred Heart basilica, knelt on the blessed Ivan Merz’s tomb and said simply: ”Blessed Ivan, I feel cheated and please don’t let this meeting take place.” I felt great injustice which would be done to me and the firm which employs nearly 600 people. And what happened? The meeting was cancelled one hour before its start because the main initiator was unable to attend as some business partners from Italy had had an accident and he had to go and interpret for them. This made it possible for me to explain to all the shareholders the misdoings of the management. I continued praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to restore order into the firm and to remove the people who were doing harm to it. And this really did happen at the next meeting. In this way the firm was saved from great disaster, I was completely rehabilitated and was even appointed to the firm’s management. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his intercession and help. This is the reason of my faith where I pray and sacrifice every day, and realize that the only thing worth living for is living for Christ, so I pray: Jesus multiply my faith, strengthen my resolve and perfect my love!

M.L., Zagreb

I thank the blessed Ivan for the grace received


Foot healed by the blessed Ivan’s intercession

For three hundred days I had daily pains in my foot. I attended therapy, but it did not help much. I thought I would never be able to run again. Then I prayed to the blessed Ivan for his intercession. After some time I realized I had no more pains. I think this is due to the blessed man whose prayer the Lord answered. I keep praying on the blessed man’s tomb and ask him to convey my gratitude, joy or plea to the Lord.

Janja Iveković, Zagreb

Blessed Ivan interceded in finding a job

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz in granting my prayers for my son who had lost his job unfairly. After several months of my ardent prayers, together with his wife and children, my son got a job again, and even better than the last one. To thank him, I visited his tomb in Zagreb and left flowers and a candle there. In this way I want to witness that the blessed Ivan Merz really helps when we pray for his help sincerely and constantly. Thank him again from all our family. We will continue praying to him.

Elizabeta F., Osijek

Eyes healed at Merz’s beatification in Banja Luka

I had eye problems for quite long, since 1995. The eye specialist suggested I wear glasses because I was long-sighted. I had quite a few problems to find the right glasses which would be all right for looking and reading. All these made me rather nervous, especially when the weather was bad. In the meantime I started praying to the Lord, and I also started praying to Ivan Merz.

Last year, together with other pilgrims from Osijek I went to Banja Luka for Merz’s beatification. When the Pope came to the platform, the sun was shining in my eyes and I did not see clearly. I thought the frame was attracting the sun because everything appeared in a mist. I took off my glasses thinking they were dirty. Then I looked at the people around me and could see them clearly which greatly surprised me. I put the glasses on again thinking it was just an impression. When I put them on, I did not see anything and everything was dim again. I took off the glasses and did not say anything to anyone. I looked at the altar where the Pope was and was greatly surprised because I could see at the great distance better than with glasses. Before I told my friends about it, I prayed to Ivan Merz and thanked him. When I was sure I could see the Pope at the distance, as well as the people around me, I told my friends, certain that the healing was done thanks to the blessed Ivan. My closest friend said, “This is a miracle of Ivan Merz, thank him” And then we all embraced and thanked for my healing with prayer and song. We all had the impression that it was a miracle done by Ivan Merz on the day of his beatification, and concluded he was an exceptional heavenly friend.

I was glad that a lot of young people, learning about my healing, got an even greater confidence and wish for more faith in the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I notice that the blessed Ivan is a favourite mediator for young people.

Eleven months have passed since my healing and now I have no need to wear glasses. I can see well, both at close range and at a distance, and have no trouble reading.

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz from all my heart, and also to all my friends who have prayed for me and who keep praying for me.

My message as a witness is to see the blessed Ivan as a friend and to pray to him and treat him as a friend, believing that the wishes they pray to the Lord will come true. And don’t forget to say thank you every day for yourself and for the others.

15 May, 2004

Osijek, Danijela Z. 28

Blessed Ivan’s intercession relieved from long lasting illness

Twenty five years ago I felt intensive pains in my knees. Any attempt to move my legs cause an even greater pain. The doctor said it was arthrosis of the joints. He prescribed some new medicines which are rather expensive for me. I also tried some folk remedies, but without a significant result. The pains spread to my shoulders, and getting up or walking up and down the stairs was accompanied with terrible pains. On the feast of the Sacred Heart, 27 June 2003, I went to the Sacred Heart basilica and started praying a novena for my health. Somewhere In the midst of the novena I went there again and, praying, I found I could no longer feel pain. I finished the novena and paid for a holy mass to be said. All too happy I thank the Lord for relieving me of my pains by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Practically every day I thank the blessed Ivan Merz with a short prayer, and also recommend myself to him in various needs, especially for my children and for their needs. Blessed Ivan Merz, may your name be praised in the host of the saints.

5 April, 2004

Veronika Šoštenić-Jukić, Zagreb

Medical phenomenon

For some time I have been praying to the blessed Ivan, and recently I have prayed a novena for my niece. The doctors found something hard near her stomach, she could even feel it, and she also had pains. When she visited the doctors again, there were no more problems or pains. Then she was told she was a medical phenomenon. MANY THANKS TO THE BLESSED IVAN!

10 May, 2004

Ivanka, Zagreb

Speedy granting in an important matter

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for speedy granting in an important matter. I do not normally pray to the saints, I prefer praying directly to Jesus and Mary. This time I had an inner urge to pray to the blessed Ivan, and he very quickly answered my prayer. I thank him.

S. Anamarija, Karmel, Đakovačka Breznica

Thanksgiving for enrollment to the University

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz and the blessed Alojzije Stepinac for enrollment to the University and for passing all the exams at the first try.

Marija, 4th year medical student, Osijek

Help in illness

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the help in my two sons’ illnesses. I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan and made several pilgrimages to his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica in Palmotićeva street in Zagreb. For one son the doctor said it was a miracle he was healed so quickly because it normally takes four years to be healed. He has also helped by in healing my leg and healing my other son. All thanks and glory to the Lord who has acted through the blessed Ivan Merz.

Mother Marijana Č., Savska Opatovina

Blessed Ivan helps with studies and in other fields

All this started with our Holy Father coming to Banja Luka. It was only then that I heard about the blessed Ivan Merz and immediately wanted to learn more about him. So I started praying and asking for his intercession to help me prepare and pass a difficult exam. I prayed during my studies. And I did pass well at the second try, and it was almost unbelievable. This was last year, in July, after Ivan’s beatification. He is also helping me in other areas. I have his picture in my car and constantly pray for his intercession. I also thank him for all the graces I have received so far.

Robert, student, Zagreb

Family conversion

My heartfelt thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for the conversion of my family. I recommend myself to his intercession in the future.

Grateful Kata R., Rovinj

Help in getting a job

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for hearing my plea and granting my prayer, thus helping my sister get a job after long waiting for one at the Labour Exchange and living in a rented flat. This smiling blessed man gives us strength to go on. Thank you, Ivan, you have granted my great wish. Our companionship has only started.

Danica V., Zagreb

P.S. I have made a picture, water colour on silk, for his beatification, and presented it to the Holy Father who took it to Rome.

Help in building the house

By his intercession, the blessed Ivan Merz has provided my family with building our house. The works were completed on his feast day. This is a sign that his blessing is always with us. My husband, I and our three-year-old daughter were praying a novena, and the help came. Thank you, blessed Ivan, our great friend.

Family Oršolić, Tolisa, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Blessed Ivan provided for the conversion and job

My son was in a very bad company (drugs, alcohol, immorality). For ten months I was praying to Ivan Merz. Now my son attends church regularly, sings and plays in the church youth choir. I will never thank enough to Jesus, Our Lady and the blessed Ivan Merz for my son’s conversion. And not only this: With the blessed Ivan’s intercession my son managed to get a job in a very short time. Many thanks.

Marija I., Nuštar

Exams well passed

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz because his intercession helped me pass two exams at the University, both at the first try. Whenever it is difficult and I don’t understand why it has to be so, I pray and it gives me strength. My model is the blessed Ivan Merz, because the courage, perseverance and the trust in Christ that he had shows us all how to live in harmony with the Lord’s will and His plan for us. Many of the reasons are hidden to us and all we need is to believe and pray. God never forsakes us. I am sure the novena I prayed before the exam helped me because Ivan was praying for me in the Heaven…. I recommend everyone to pray and his intercession with the Lord will helps.

M.B., Zaprešić

Healed from addiction

Blessed Ivan, light from the Heaven! Thank you for granting my prayer and healing my son from addiction by your intercession.

5 June, 2004

Grateful mother, Osijek

Prayers granted

Blessed Ivan Merz! Thank you for granting our prayers. We recommend ourselves for your intercession with our Lord.

Grateful M. and T.B. (Framed letter of thanks put on the blessed Ivan’s tomb)

Enrolled to University

Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz because your intercession with the Lord has helped me enroll to University

Josipa, Split

Grandson gave up smoking

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayer and my grandson has given up smoking.

Manda K., Pula

Satisfaction in job

After graduation from the University where I had worked hard, I hoped to find a good job and be successful. But no luck… I prayed and got a job in an insignificant company, and was disappointed with everything. I worked for about two weeks and every day I wanted to give notice because I did not like being there. But I always thought that the Lord was sending me where I had to be, that there was a reason, that it would be of some use although it seemed a complete disaster. I was even ashamed to say where I was working. A lady at work to whom I confided told me about the Sacred Heart basilica and the Jesuit fathers in Zagreb. I went there and heard about the blessed Ivan Merz and got a copy of the novena. I prayed and asked to be happy and satisfied with what I had. And my prayer was granted. I am happy and content, I don’t find it hard, I have found myself in that job. I am not afraid, I have left all my troubles to the Lord. I know I am going to stay there or get additional education and find another job. The important thing is I am happy with what I have and with what I had prayed for. I thank the Lord and the blessed Ivan Merz for granting my prayer and for my life, because he is with me and takes care of me.

Adrijan, Osijek

Thanksgivings to the blessed Ivan who has helped my find a job after a novena

I first heard of Ivan Merz a year before he was officially beatified. My friend at work gave me his book “Love and purity”. I could not stop reading, I was delighted with this way of thinking, his yearning and hunger for God. Each sentence of his Diary radiated living God, Jesus Christ. After this I collected and read his numerous other texts. I discovered his internet site. When I read all those published testimonies on grantings, I thought: God, I believe this all to be true. I started to contact Merz in prayer and talk to his like to a friend.

When my friend at work and I found ourselves in serious problems I knew where to turn for help. Practically at the same time we lost our jobs in the firm where we were both working. The situation was bad, both of us tried in different ways, knocked at many doors, but two months passed and there was no sign of a job. Then we decided to start jointly a novena to Ivan Merz. This was in April, this year, 2004. We agreed to attend the mass every morning for 9 days, and to pray a prayer after that. Nothing happened for some 15 days after the novena. And then, within 20 days, a great change came. We both got jobs in good firms (both foreign, and the same field of work). After so many unsuccessful attempts and interviews, this happened so quickly as if someone had said ‘these are the jobs for those young men, they are going to work here’. We both believe this is due to Ivan Merz’s intercession. We thank him from all our hearts and continue praying to him.

Marko and Vlado, Zagreb

Thanksgivings for the graces received

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz, protector of the young people, for the graces received and for his intercession for my children, nephews and their friends, and continue placing them under his intercession and ask for the Lord’s blessing by our blessed man’s intercession.

28 July, 2004

Grateful mother Lorinda Tolić, Zadar

Blessed Ivan helped with lazy learning

I feel it my duty to report on the grace received by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. One of my children, very able, was very lazy and did not want to learn. Fearing for his future I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz. Suddenly the situation completely changed. The child started learning, graduated from school and is now studying at the University.

Grateful mother T.M., Zagreb

Thanksgiving to the blessed Ivan Merz for help with studies

I am writing you about a granting. It was about help in studies. I prayed the blessed I. Merz for intercession about passing very difficult exams for which I did not have very much time to prepare. I passed BOTH! Thank you, blessed Ivan.

Marić, Osijek

I felt blessed Ivan Merz’s help many times; he has helped me fight insomnia

Praised be Jesus and Mary! This is written by a believer from Donji Miholjac, my name is not important… For several years, when we first heard about the servant of God Ivan Merz, and when a priest from Zagreb came to our church and spoke about Ivan, I had a strange feeling. Then I decided not to pray a novena, but to pray every day for his beatification. We got an icon with his picture and a prayer, and it is still in my wallet. From that day I pray a part of the Rosary and the prayer:” God Almighty, you have given us a wonderful example in Ivan Merz….” This was primarily for him, hoping his hand accompanies me and gives me strength in problems.

Time came when he was beatified, but I still keep praying for him. I have felt the power of his intercession many times. Many initial problems finished so well that I could not realize it. Six months ago I started praying for some sleep because insomnia started becoming a problem. Since then, there was hardly an evening when I did not fall asleep half way through the prayer, although I do my duties during the day, but in the evening when I have prayed I always fall asleep; true it is not all night, but it is much, much better. I feel his help is with my family. Best regards, with the lord’s blessing to the person who reads this!

N.N:. Donji Miholjac

Job found

I feel it my duty and am glad to express my thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz to whom I prayed ardently for nine days and more to get a job. My cousin accompanied me in the prayer. I had been unemployed for a year. I got a job and would like to thank the blessed Ivan for his intercession.

22 September, 2004

Jasminka Zorić, Umag

Granting after a novena

I give thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for the prayer granted during a novena for the blessed Ivan Merz.

29 September, 2004

Grateful Vlado Matić with family, Zagreb

Thanksgiving for help with studies

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his help in completing my studies, for which I prayed every day.

1 October, 2004

Dr Margareta U., Osijek

Blessed Ivan Merz interceded in getting various graces

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for all the graces I have received with this intercession: for successful treatment of my teeth and sinuses, for financial help and providing a possibility of making a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, as well as for other graces I have received for other people. Thank him from all my heart. I am also grateful for other graces I am going to receive in the future by his intercession. Thank you, Lord, for his beatification.

October, 2004

Grateful believer N.N., Karlovac

Conversion achieved by power of prayer

In the course of life there are a lot of ups and downs and frame-ups, and when the clouds of moral darkness gather, there is a waste of life!!! In such an atmosphere black clouds loomed over me. In the hopelessness of moral and material crisis I cast my look to Christ and the blessed Ivan Merz. Twisted in despair I pray ardently – days pass and a miracle happens – a great change! The man who was the cause of all my moral and material tragedy, an intellectual, comes smiling out of the church and says, “Sister in God, Jesus be praised!” Full of tears of joy I thank him, and he continues with new emotions about God and with God. Note, our prayers are the strongest weapon of this world.

4 October, 2004

B.V. Osijek

Son stopped smoking due to the blessed Ivan’s intercession

With the will of God and the assistance of the blessed Ivan Merz and innumerable prayers a mother’s wish was has been granted. Her son stopped smoking. I recommend the believers to pray to the blessed Ivan Merz in such and similar situations and life difficulties .

5 October, 2004

Grateful mother J.B., Osijek

Improvement in illness

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his intercession because after the prayer I have felt considerable improvement in my disease.

15 October, 2004

Vlasta Novak, Varaždin

Child healed from heavy bronchitis

Eighteen months ago my little son spent nine days in hospital with the diagnosis of bronchitis obstructive. The symptoms were heavy cough and choking. He was diagnosed as being allergic and I was sent to a parents’ meeting of asthmatic children. Not wishing to accept the situation I turned to Ivan Merz with a novena for my child’s health. After several days of prayer I felt peace and was sure my prayers would be answered. I also promised to contact the Postulator. The symptoms lasted for about a month and I forgot my promise after that. It turned out that my child was healthy, without any symptoms for eighteen months. Lately he had a throat infection which reminded me of my promise. To have peace at home, peaceful nights when you know your child sleeps and breathes without a trouble may not be a miracle by definition. But it certainly is a grace, love and goodness received, granted.

20 October, 2004

Grateful mother Sandra, Osijek

Thanksgiving for extended employment contract

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for miraculously helping me to extend my employment contract at the last moment before it expired.

I.J., Paris, France

Employment after the novena

I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for my two sons to be employed. Soon after the novena both of them got jobs. I thank the blessed Ivan for his help.

30 October 2004

Dorinka Vranješ, Tihaljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Exams well passed for the continuation of studies

In September 2004, there was a presentation about the blessed Ivan Merz, during the evening Mass. At that time I was greatly worried whether my children, my daughter, a second-year student and my son, a third-year student, would be able to pass their exams and register for the next year of studies. After I had heard the presentation I recognized the blessed man whom I could pray for intercession. This is what I did. I prayed a novena. Now that my prayer has been answered I am a grateful. mother who would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz with all my heart.

3 November, 2004

Grateful mother, Đakovo

Blessed Ivan Merz helps quickly when we pray sincerely and constantly – Thanksgiving for the job

I would like to witness on the graces obtained by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz in getting a permanent job. During her pilgrimage to Medjugorje my friend got a brochure about the blessed Ivan Merz. After her return to Zagreb she informed me about the life of the blessed man, the web site, grantings and the novena. She knew I had been looking for a job for a long time, and she gave me the text of the three-day prayer , novena, Ivan Merz’s thoughts and advised me to dedicate myself to this divine protector. So I started praying to the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace to get a job. In the middle of the novena I visited his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica in Zagreb. Three days after the three-day prayer and the novena I got an invitation for an interview in the state administration. After two interviews I was offered a job by a miracle grace, without any additional difficulties or complications. I believe I was given this great grace by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz and Marica Stanković (for whose beatification I pray daily). I am immensely grateful for my prayers answered. From now on the blessed Ivan Merz will be my protector and friend, and I will spread the veneration of this powerful advocate. After all these, I visited Ivan Merz’s web site and read that my parish priest (msgr Željko Jurak, St Paul’s parish in Retkovec, Zagreb) is also a great promoter of the veneration of the blessed Ivan Merz, and we recently got a big picture of the blessed man in our church. I am happy I have learned about his great, holy and pure life by reading his books and his thoughts, and am especially happy I was able to share this experience with you. The blessed Ivan Merz helps miraculously quickly when we pray sincerely and constantly. May the Lord bless our Catholic youth, multiply its faith, strengthen its trust and give it effective love, perseverance in prayer, with the blessed Ivan Merz to accompany them in their professional and private life. May they work to the greater love of the Lord and the welfare of each man.

3 November, 2004

Nada T., 26, Zagreb

A job and a present of the blessed Ivan Merz for wedding

I was out of work for a long time. My wife and I prayed for my employment. There was a possibility of permanent employment but it soon disappeared. After disappointment about this job, my wife suggested I pray to Ivan Merz who had not yet been beatified. I prayed and I soon got a permanent job where I have been for four years now. Since then I have been permanently praying to Ivan Merz to help me in life. I also prayed for my daughter to be employed. And two days before her wedding she got a job which was a great wedding gift from the blessed Ivan Merz. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayers and I recommend myself to him in the future.

20 November, 2004

Gerard J., Frenchman, St Ouen, France

Thanksgivings for the exams passed

In September 2004 our daughter had difficult exams at the University, which were the pre-condition to study in the second year at the Faculty of Architecture. We prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, and our daughter also attended the Mass every day at the Sacred Heart basilica and visited his tomb daily to pray there. We had not yet finished the novena, and she passed all the difficult exams. We still hope for the blessed Ivan Merz’s intercession because he has become our great friend, and we visit his tomb whenever we can.

21 November, 2004

Family from Dubrovnik

Registration for the next study year

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz, protector of the young people, for the grace which enabled my son to register in the third year of study, and to bless my children, and I continue putting them under his protection.

25 November, 2004

Lorinda T., Zadar

Thank you, Ivan Merz

(Framed and decorated inscription left on the blessed Ivan’s tomb)

26 November, 2004

D. Vukelić, Zagreb

Help at work

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for help. Between September and the end of November this year I and my family have received a number of graces. One is that my husband has kept his job and I have been promoted in my job.

29 November, 2004


Thanksgiving for help

Thank you, blessed Ivan for your help and intercession. I recommend myself to you for Lord’s peace and blessing.

30 November, 2004

C.P.M. (framed note of thanks left on the blessed Ivan’s tomb)

Speedy granting

Thank you, blessed Ivan for answering a part of my prayer on the second day of the novena which I started praying in his honour.

30 November, 2004

K. Kuprešak

Enrollment to University

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for help when my granddaughter was enrolled to University.

Ilija B., Zagreb

Improvement in health

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz because after praying for his intercession I felt considerable improvement in my health.

Vlasta Novak, Varaždin

Job received even before the end of the novena

This is to witness my thanks to the Lord and the blessed Ivan Merz. My friend Katarina V. from Gunjevci, the parish of Zapolje complained her son was unable to get a job. She asked me to pray for the purpose. I immediately decided to pray a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz and advised her to do the same. We had not yet finished praying when her son got a job. Glory be to the Lord. I gratefully pray for other purposes.

1 December, 2004

s. Lovorka Klarić, Adžamovci

Blessed Ivan provided help to celebrate Easter

I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz to help me get out of the financial crisis we have been suffering for a long time, and Easter was approaching. It was hard looking at my children who were looking forward to Easter holidays where I would not be able to provide any presents. But, a miracle happened. Five days before Easter I got 100 Euro which made it possible for my children and me to have a proper Easter. There is no end for my joy for having had a ‘rich’ Easter. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz!

8 December, 2004

Ankica T., Fojnica

Miraculous healing of a child by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the miraculous healing of my seventh child, Ivan, born 10 March 2003. All these took place in the year of Merz’s beatification, 2003. Ten weeks after birth the doctors found a serious disease (reflux of urinary ducts). A day after the beatification I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan. While my child was in the hospital in Zagreb in May and June, I went to Merz’s tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica every day to pray for his health. The doctors were not able to improve his condition but made an appointment for an operation which was due on 25 August 2003. I came to the hospital on the day. The doctor made an additional check before the operation, was surprised and said: “There is nothing to be operated, the child is completely healthy!” I was overjoyed at the news and realized it was a miracle done by the blessed Ivan Merz. Since then, nearly eighteen months later, my child has been completely healthy and there are no more problems. I sincerely thank the blessed Ivan Merz for this miracle granting.

11 December, 2004

Jela Mandić, RI teacher, Petrinja

Exams well passed and practice started in a good firm

We would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering our prayers for our daughter who has passed exams well and found a good firm to do her practical work necessary to continue her studies. We recommend ourselves to his help and intercession in the future.

Rade Raič and family, Soicy sous Montmorency, France

The blessed man helped in financial crisis

This letter is written by a 12-year-old. God and Ivan Merz have answered my prayer. We do not have very much money and were wondering how to spend Christmas. I prayed the Lord and Ivan Merz to get my family out of the crisis. A day after my prayer my Dad was offered a job worth 1000 kuna. I think this is reason enough to declare Ivan Merz a saint.

22 December, 2004

Magdalena Ećimović, Zagreb


Ivan, thanks to you I have been receiving various presents from the Lord in my vocation among Croatian Catholics and other people I have met. Thanks to your intercession I have just received the permission to start the kindergarten in Bugojno called “FRAMA playroom of the blessed Ivan Merz”. Thank you and accompany me on my way!

10 May, 2004

Fr. Božo Blažević, parish priest of Bugojno

Holy Ivan, thank you for answering my prayer for my son Krešo. Please take care of my grandchildren Kristijan, Sebastijan and Florijan. Grant them spiritual and bodily health. May my son Dean rest in peace.

10 May, 2004

Đurđa Taldej

Dear blessed Ivan, thank you for your intercessions and your blessing from heaven for letting me pass my final exams at school.

1 June, 2004

Always yours, young acolyte Ivana Zdjelar

Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for answering my prayers and making it possible for my son to get a permit to emigrate to the USA among millions of candidates from the whole world who want to start a new life there. I would like to thank our dear Jesus Christ and all those who have helped my family after roaming the world for nearly ten years, from Banja Luka, to Italy, USA; Italy and Italy again. Sia lodatu Gesu Christo.

2 June, 2004


Ivan thank you for the job I got by your intercession. I continue praying to you. Be my advocate. Thank you again.

22 June, 2004

Ivana K.

Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for having kept my family together when it was most difficult. Please protect all members of my family and all people of good will. Answer their prayers and protect them from evil. Thank you!

24 June, 2004


Blessed man, thank you for all the good works you are doing for the Zeba family. Please answer our prayers.

24 June, 2004

Janja Zeba

Ivan, thank you for answering my prayer. We recommend ourselves to you in the future.

13 July, 2004

S. Matilda Čonević

Thank you, Lord, for all the graces received by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. All praise and glory to you, Jesus,

29 August, 2004

Slava Š.

Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz for the numerous graces you have done to me and to my Baloban family

7 October, 2004


Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz!

27 December, 2004

Alen Medardo

Original copies of these intercessions can be found In the blessed Ivan Merz Postulature archives Edited by p. Božidar Nagy, postulator