Graces and grantings 2005

Thanksgiving for the job

For the second time the blessed Ivan has answered by ardent prayer. This time I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for the job. Only six weeks after graduation and several novenas the blessed Ivan has answered my prayer and I got a job in a good firm. Ivan, thank you!

3 January 2005 Tomislav Š., Zaprešić

A baby by the intercession of the blessed Ivan

I would like to write a few words on my prayer granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. My husband and I were unable to have a baby for years. When our relatives visited us for Christmas 2002, we got a booklet and a picture with the prayer to the blessed Ivan Merz, which I read on the same day. After that I became increasingly interested in his life and work. After that I visited the Sacred Heart basilica in Zagreb and his tomb. I will never forget the warmth I felt looking at the gentle light coming through the window, certain that the blessed Ivan Merz would help me. I imagined him coming daily to the same church and praying. On my second day I started a novena. During the novena I managed to conceive. The most interesting thing was that the baby was due on Ivan Merz’s birthday (14 December 2004). However, a few days later I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Since then I am sure that the blessed Ivan is my hope and help throughout my life. Thank you, Ivan!

Grateful family from Zagreb (data know by the Postulature)

Help in sickness and on other occasions

I consider it my duty to write a few sentences to thank the blessed Ivan Merz and contribute to his canonization.

I prayed to him for the health of my family and for my health which was seriously ruined. A serious disease was diagnosed. After the operation, by God’s grace and the intercession of the blessed Ivan, the findings were all right. This is not the first time in my life – and I am 45 – that I have been convinced in God’s grace which I got in the most difficult moments of my life. Inspired by the idea of the blessed Ivan’s Christian life. I thank him immensely for the Divine love and grace, for the help of our dear Saviour and the blessed Virgin Mary, who have filled my life with light and made it possible for me to feel the moments when tears turn into joy. I continue recommending my family and myself to the blessed Ivan.

21 February 2005 Ruža Stošić, Zagreb

Help in studies and spiritual orientation

I want to share the wonderful experience and thus profess the glory of the Lord who has answered my prayer by the intercession of his servant, the blessed Ivan Merz.

At the start of my studies my mother prayed to the blessed Ivan for my entrance exam which I passed in spite of difficulties.

My mother often repeated and reminded me of this powerful blessed man. As January was coming to a close, exams were approaching. I felt lost, helpless, sad in every respect in the huge bleak city. Light shone in the basilica where I was praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. I got more information about him, and this year I also got his calendar. I knew he was taking care of the young people I I firmly believed I could rely on him. All the time he strengthened my weakness, filling me with hope and optimism. Now that everything is over, when I have passed all the exams, when I have found myself in this city, when I have found the dear merciful God, the only thing I can say is: thank you and glory to the Lord who never forsakes anyone.

February 2005 N.N:. Zagreb

Admission to University

I would like to thank the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayers because my grandson was admitted to the University in 2004.

February 2005 J.B.. Zagreb

Various grantings

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for various grantings.

February 2005 Marta, Podravina

Blessed Ivan helped in healing

Many years ago I suffered from frequent and protracted inflammations of the urinary and genital tract, and had to take a lot of antibiotics which did not agree with me. Whatever antibiotic a doctor prescribed, it made me sick, and the inflammation could not be treated. In this great distress I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for help. I prayed novenas, visited his grave. My prayers were answered. Much to my surprise, I started to tolerate the antibiotics to which I had previously been allergic, and my pains stopped. I keep visiting Ivan’s tomb, remembering with joy and gratitude that my prayers were answered. (Contribution for canonization)

5 March 2005 V.M., Ogulin

When it seemed that nobody could help, the blessed Ivan helped me – thank him!

I heard of Ivan Merz even before 1999. However, I found more about him in Rome when I made a pilgrimage to Rome and stayed at the “Dr Ivan Merz Croatian pilgrims’ home”. During the morning Mass in the chapel I first prayed to the Lord for Ivan to be canonized. This was the beginning of our friendship! Now, five years after the encounter in Rome, I can say that Ivan has taught me how to open my heart to the Lord. My prayer has become more sincere and more emotional. Ivan has credit for the first time I prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for nine first Fridays. I prayed a lot of novenas to the blessed Ivan and nearly every day I prayed his prayer and repeated his testament. Praying to the blessed Ivan gave me great peace and a lot of strength in my daily life. When it seemed that nobody could help, the blessed Ivan helped. But any help provided by him is great. The blessed Ivan is my protector saint every day, he is the path I strive to follow. Ivan’s “Thoughts” are always with me, I never go without them and I often find answers there. I will continue praying for out blessed man to be canonized as soon as possible. And I hope he will be proclaimed a church teacher because all his texts are full of message and so relevant at any moment. Blessed Ivan has been my consolation and resource and has provided strength in all life situations. He is with me even when I am happy! And thank him so much!

11 March, 2005 Darija Pancirov, Zagreb

Blessed Ivan mediated in paying the electricity bill

This letter is to testify that I have turned to the blessed Ivan Merz, asking him to help me. About 18 months ago I found myself in a trouble, not having paid the electricity bill. And it was a wonder, because the lady whose house I am looking after, who lives in America, paid, without me mentioning it. Thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz I had promised, if my plea was granted, I would witness to it, and this is what I am doing now.

25 March, 2005 Gordana Grgurović, Crno-Zadar

Child healed from epilepsy by the intercession of the blessed Ivan

I did not know much about Ivan Merz. Practically nothing. I was informed about him by a retired teacher who told me simply: “Turn to Ivan Merz, he has helped me a lot, he will help you too!” She said that so convincingly as if she was directing me to her best friend on earth. It seemed almost inappropriate and ungrateful that I did not know or that I doubted it or anything like that, which reflected my initial thoughts. After some time I said to myself: “Why not, I’ll accept it simply as I was told, go to him and just ask him to help.” My young son, only three and a half years old, got epilepsy. We treated him for three years, but there was still a danger of developing permanent epilepsy. I turned to Ivan Merz and asked for a grace. I prayed novenas for six months and gave monthly contributions. I really started believing that my son would be healed and stop taking therapy. Exactly six months, just before Christmas 2003, the doctor stopped the therapy because it was no longer necessary. This was the best Christmas present we could get. After a year and another check, the child is clinically all right, without the medicines he was taking. I would like to thank the all-merciful God and the blessed Ivan Merz who prayed for the grace with me. I am forever indebted and recommend my son in my prayers.

1 April, 2005 Božica S., Zagreb

Blessed Ivan helped when it was most difficult

Thank you, dear Ivan, for helping me in school, thank you for being with me to pass when it was most difficult. Also, thank you for passing the driving test.

15 April, 2005 Tomislav, Novigrad

Grace received

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace I received by his intercession.

15 April, 2005 N.N. Zagreb

Blessed Ivan helped in finding a job

I spent a long time looking for my first job. I sent a lot of applications to different advertisements, but always got a negative answer. One Sunday I got a brochure about the blessed Ivan Merz in my church (and even before that I heard a short lecture on him). Based on this brochure I decided to pray a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to find a job. I started the novena on Monday, 21 February and finished on Tuesday, 1 March. In that period I visited Merz’s tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica several times. While I was praying the novena, I got an invitation for a job interview, and two days later I was informed I should start working from Monday, 7 March. Thank you, Ivan Merz and God Almighty.

17 April, 2005 Nikolina N., Zaprešić

Blessed Ivan’s help in passing exams

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz I passed two exams successfully. I am facing a new challenge, and I regularly pray and hope my prayers will be granted by his intercession with the Lord.

22 April, 2005 Ankica, Novi Vinodolski

I would like to thank Ivan Merz, the Servant of God for the grace of answering my prayers. I pray to him every day to thank him for my successful job, the jobs of my children, my husband – all my family. With the help of the blessed Ivan Merz, both my son and my husband got the jobs they wanted. This is why I thank him very much. “Thank you, the Eagle of Christ, for showing us the way to the Sun”.

17 April, 2005 Luca Petrović, parish of Gradačac, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Prayers answered

Many thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for the great grace received.

5 May, 2005 Katica B., Ogulin

Son got a job

My son graduated in economics and was unable to get a job for three years in his profession. A gentleman suggested we apply for a job. We waited for an answer for a long time, first for five months, then for another three months. We were desperate and hopeless. I continued praying to Jesus and asked the blessed Ivan Merz for his intercession. I prayed ardently like never before. On the same day, 10 December, we were informed he had got the job. I believe that my prayer to the blessed Ivan Merz and his intercession helped by son to get the job. I made a pilgrimage to Zagreb and went to the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz and thanked him for the grace. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit.

9 May, 2005 N.N., Split

Husband stopped drinking by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz

At Easter this year it was two years since my husband stopped drinking – a grace by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. He had been drinking for a long time, especially in the last four years. He got drunk at least once a week, and it lasted for two or three days. After that he was sick in bed for a day, in a sort of depression. After that he was restless, feeling a need to do everything quickly, and then he was in a tavern again, for another round of drinking. He went to different taverns which were described in the papers as places visited by ‘semi-respectable and suspicious people’, smashing things, insulting people, wasting money… Then, after my prayer and the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, everything suddenly changed, without any medical treatment of a talk with me. Now he behaves not like an abstinent or an ex-alcoholic, but as a man who had never had the problem. At lunch he sometimes drinks a glass or two of wine, and then closes the bottle and puts it away, which could not have happened before. I am sure that this change could have happened only by the will of God, by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I promised to write about it after two years, and am doing it now. My three children and I are immensely grateful to the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace provided and continue praying for his protection. Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you!

9 May, 2005 Zdenka D., Zagreb

Blessed Ivan Merz helps in apparently little things

I became interested in the blessed Ivan Merz when I first saw his image. I like him specially and this is why I pray to him. I know you have received many testimonies about the wonders done by the Lord by the intercession of the blessed Ivan. I am also praying for something great and am waiting patiently… But while I am waiting, some little wishes are realized… I had two terminal exams at the University and prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to pass well. And indeed, I got top marks! This may not be a great miracle, but I believe I had Ivan’s intercession. I am aware of the fact that this granting is not going to impress anyone, but I wanted you to know that Ivan Merz’s intercession is equally important and powerful in great things, as well as in those less great, possibly insignificant ones.

15 May, 2005 Marijana M., Zagreb

Grace received after prayer

I would like to thank for the grace in my family which I received after praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz.

20 May, 2005 Drago Jović (aged 14), Kopanice, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Business problems solved by the intercession of the blessed Ivan

Several years ago, the postulator, p. Božidar said the Mass in the Elevation of the Holy Cross parish Retfala – Osijek. After the mass there was talk on the blessed Ivan Merz, accompanied by the sale of booklets and icons. Truly, I did not know much about this blessed man, so I took a couple of books out of curiosity. And quite forgot about them. However, last year, in 2004, we had business problems. Namely, our small firm was sued because of some unpaid bills, and there were other factors as well, so I was afraid for my husband and children, but there was nothing I could do, although everything was in accordance with the law; but we were afraid. Then I happened to take the forgotten book about the blessed Ivan Merz and started reading. I started understanding his thoughts even deeper, I understood the essence of our existence, property, knowledge and abilities. I asked Ivan Merz sincerely to help us get out of the problem and vowed to say a novena. – Thanks to the Lord and the blessed Ivan Merz our problem was successfully solved before Easter. I went to Ivan Merz’s tomb, thanked him for the intercession and help, and I recommend my family to his intercession with Jesus and his dear Mother.

22 May, 2005 Kata J., Osijek

Blessed Ivan Merz helps in sickness

My sister Jela, born at Zalužan, living in Australia now, had bone cancer. I recommended she pray to the blessed Ivan Merz and sent her a prayer book in August 2004. In summer last year I visited his tomb with my son and prayed for her health. The doctors said she had only four more months to live. She went for a check in September and the doctors told her that the cancer had stopped spreading. On the next check in October they said the cancer had stopped and they did not know what was going on. She goes for checks every month. A year has passed and she is still alive and is grateful for each day in her life, and is completely committed to God’s will.

13 June, 2005 Lucija D., Velika Gorica

Blessed Ivan’s intercession saved hand

My son Mladen lives and works abroad. He had an accident at work. The machine crushed his hand. He went to see the doctors. They tried to help. I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz. and his hand is all right now. So, by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz he did not become an invalid but is working now. Whenever he comes to Zagreb, especially during the holidays, he regularly visits the tomb of Ivan Merz and thanks him for the help. Since 2003, as soon as we learned about Ivan Merz, we made a vow to him, gave everyone his pictures and prayed to him.

13 June, 2005. Lucija D., Velika Gorica

Blessed Ivan helped overcome the tragic consequences of the war, interceded in getting a job, provided spiritual consolation

I would like to witness on the graces I obtained after praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. I live at Vareš, I am retired, a widow with a modest salary. I have three children who are married. We were displaced in the last war and lost everything, so we were badly off. When the blessed Ivan Merz was beatified in Banja Luka, I started praying novenas to the blessed Ivan Merz for his intercession with the Lord to help me in my affliction. I did not wait long for the Divine grace, I soon got an additional job, and so did my children. So, beside the extra money, we also got spiritual relief and stronger faith and incentive to pray even more and thank the Lord. I take care of the elderly. God gives me strength to stand all the difficulties in the job. Since I am not young either, I take resource in Christ’s suffering and thank him for the necessary strength, both spiritual and physical. I thank the Lord for the blessed Ivan Merz and his intercession.

17 June, 2005 Terezija R., Vareš, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blessed Ivan’s intercession helps with studies and exams

I am completing my studies at the Teachers’ college and these days I am preparing to present my degree dissertation. Before each exam I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz and the blessed Aloysius Stepinac for their intercession with God Almighty, and passed each exam at first go. Before one exam I said, “Dear God, I know you are almighty and can do everything, I know you can make me pass the exam, not to get the question I don’t know, but the question is: have I deserved this grace.” I wrote the paper so well that I was exempt from the orals, which had not happened for years and the professor said it himself.

I believe that all the graces and many more I have received are due to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, blessed Aloysius Stepinac and sometimes the holy Leopold Mandić. I recommend myself to them in my prayers, especially now that I am at the crossroads in finding a job, starting a family….

17 June, 2005 Anita, Vrbovec

Thanksgivings for enrollment to the University

I would like to thank God Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayers, My grandson was enrolled at the University in 2004.

1 July, 2005 I.B., Novi Zagreb, Siget

Blessed Ivan has helped with getting a job after ardent prayer

My son graduated in economics and was unable to get a job in his profession for three years. A wonderful gentleman promised him a job, but we waited for a long time. When, advised by the gentleman, he applied for the job, we waited for three months, and on 10 December we were desperate, without any hope On that day I prayed like I had ever prayed before. I believe that in my invocations to Jesus Christ and to the blessed I. Merz, on the same day my son got information about getting the job. Glory be to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

5 July, 2007 N.N., Split

Got a job by the intercession of the blessed Ivan

We thank the blessed Ivan Merz because our two sons got jobs by his intercession.

19 July, 2005 Vita Bulat, Osijek

Enrolment in the University and getting a grant after a novena

I would like to share our great joy which happened in our family by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Our daughter Ana enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Nowadays enrolment in the University is a stress both for the young person and for the whole family. When the classification exams were close, I was at the Sunday mass in St Michael’s parish in Dubrava, just when the postulator was there and spoke about the blessed man. At the end of the mass I came to the reliquary and prayed for help with all my heart. I took Ana’s photo and prayed through tears, aware that this blessed man, educated as he was, could get most grace from the Lord. Then I immediately started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. At the end of the novena there were classification exams. About 4000 people applied. Three days later we got the results. Our daughter had passed! But immediately after that there was an even greater surprise in the faculty hall. Of the three places financed by the Ministry of Education and Sports, one was given to our Ana. Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you very much! Please continue helping us in our needs!

28 July, 2005 Grateful mother Marija F., Zagreb-Dubrava

Thanksgiving for a better job

For the third time: Ivan, thank you! After the blessed Ivan had found a good job for me, only three months later I got the chance of an even better job. This is the job I like and which I originally wanted to get. Ivan, thank you!

29 July, 2005 Tomislav Š., Zaprešić

Help in several needs

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for several intentions I have prayed for.

1 August, 2005 Marta from Podravina

No more danger of sinning – the enemy has withdrawn

I would like to witness that from the first day of the novena to the blessed Ivan Merz I was given the grace to see that the possibility of danger and damage was removed, and it could have threatened the faith. This spiritual grace consisted in withdrawing from an enemy, and it was obviously accompanied with Divine help by increased Divine love.

16 August, 2005 Yann Ruiz, Chambery, France

Help in passing a difficult exam

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayer – I have passed a difficult exam.

I am a student at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. I heard about the blessed Ivan several years ago. Coming to Zagreb for my studies, I like coming to the Sacred Heart basilica. His tomb is there, this is where he often came to pray, he helped young people a lot (because he died young), he was a student like me, besides, he studied at my faculty, where he got his PhD in French. In the church by the tomb I got brochures about the blessed Ivan Merz, and decided to pray for his intercession. I prayed a novena for nine days, attended holy masses, went to confession, prayed for the professor, assistant teachers and for the colleagues who would sit for the same exam. I gave myself up to God with strong belief. I sat for the exam certain that my prayer would be answered. The exam took a long time, but I was patient. Finally, I passed the exam with a very good mark! And before that I had been unable to pass it. I thank, the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace he got from the Lord! This is to witness as I had promised. I pray that his prayers will accompany me all my life until I arrive to the eternal homeland. Glory to the God Almighty who is so wonderful in all His creatures, in the blessed Ivan Merz, Mary, our heavenly Mother and in his love for the man! I gladly bless the Lord with the psalmist: “Bless Yahweh, my soul, from the depths of my being, his holy name; bless Yahweh, my soul, never forget all his acts of kindness.” (Ps 103, 1-2)

20 September, 2005 Paula M., Goričan

Blessed Ivan’s intercession solves problems at work

My daughter got a temporary job. Young, without experience, she always had problems at work. My husband and I wanted her to return home because we stayed home alone (two of our daughters were married and we have seven grandchildren) be we did not want to influence her because she wanted to work. After 18 months she still had problems. Then I started praying to the blessed Ivan Merz and the Holy Spirit. I did not pray for anything specific, I just prayed for her to make the right decision. Before I finished the novena, she got a permanent job. And now she has been working for over fifty days, and everything is all right now. I am sure my prayer to the blessed Ivan Merz helped her solve her problems.

26 September, 2005 Grateful mother Marica from Slavonia

Help in studies

In spring, and then again in summer, I prayed in front of the blessed Ivan Merz’s tomb for my son who was doing the first year in economics. He is now doing the second year. I thank the blessed Ivan for his help.

1 October, 2005 Biserka K., Zagreb

Thanksgiving again for the grace obtained

Since my prayers to the blessed Ivan Merz were answered, I would like to thank again Ivan Merz for the graces obtained. Thank you very much, blessed Ivan Merz!

11 October, 2005 Grateful mother, Đakovo

Relief in disease

I would like to thank the Lord who has relieved my pains by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, and for being able to visit his tomb.

26 October, 2005 Goja Fapal, Solin

The blessed Ivan Merz helps in bringing up children

I too would like to witness how the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz is powerful and quick. For some time (about a year) I have been praying to the blessed Ivan for my children – Domagoj (17), Zrinka (14) and Lucija (8). I mostly pray for Domagoj who is in the middle of adolescence and who is giving us trouble about being late to school and marks. He was already reprimanded about being late and was threatened he would be expelled from school for being late to school in the morning. But this school year Domagoj decided he would not be late to school; he even said he wondered why he had been late to school in the years before that. And indeed, he has kept his word. I am sure it is all due to the blessed Ivan’s intercession, and am confident his marks will be better as well. Besides, he started attending the Sunday mass regularly, and he has recently started attending the RI classes in the parish (which I had earlier suggested, but without success). I am sure this is also due to the blessed Merz, because nothing special had happened at home to make this change in his behavior. Zrinka was also firmly refusing to attend the mass. She kept saying it was boring in the church. But since preparations for the holy confirmation started, she attends the mass regularly. When I asked her whether she would stop after the confirmation, she said, “No way!” She also wanted to attend the parish RI classes but she still has to wait. I also attribute this change to the intercession of the blessed Merz. As you see, I gave the blessed Merz a lot of tasks which he has completed very successfully.

4 November, 2005 A.D.K., Zagreb

Prayer to the blessed Ivan helped three sick people

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his intercession in helping me and my children in health troubles. I had broken my leg, my daughter had bad medical findings, and my son got pneumonia; we prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz and everything sorted out well.

15 November, 2005 Irena Pavletić, Zagreb

Difficult exam passed

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz I managed to pass a difficult exam at the university without any difficulties and problems. I thank the blessed Ivan for his help.

8 December, 2005 Ankica, Topusko

Blessed Ivan’s intercession saved for impending evil

Seeing the beautiful booklet “Source of Life – blessed Ivan Merz and the Eucharist” I started praying to the blessed Ivan Merz. I had a terrible situation where an evil man demanded something and threatened to do something bad to me if I did not give him what he wanted. I prayed fervently and at the end of the day when I thought I hadn’t got a chance, a miracle happened and I solved the problem. I got help from a person close to me, in a very short time. I am convinced that this earthly help would not have helped without my prayer. I know that the help, grace and answer to my prayers were by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz.

20 December, 2005 Grateful R.S., Zagreb


Thank you for my prayers, for your blessing directed to the Dear Lord by your intercession

12 March, 2005 Ankica

I believe in you, because you have always answered my prayers for my grandchildren.

27 March, 2005 Grateful grandfather

Blessed Ivan Merz! Thank you for everything you did in your life for all the people on our Earth.

5 April, 2005 Grateful Orthodox man and family

Dear Ivan, thank you for everything you are doing for my family and for my presence here today, which is also your doing. Help everyone to create a new association, to the welfare of our people and the holy Church. Continue looking after us and do not allow the forces of evil to take us away from Christ’s path.

8 May, 2005 Romano Tripalo and family

Time may have been short but the wish was strong…and thank you for this… Thank you for having existed and with your life in the Catholic faith providing a model which you have left as a legacy for us.

10 May, 2005 M.M.

Blessed Ivan Merz! I would like to thank you for finishing my education. Please continue interceding with the good Lord with my prayers for me, my family and all my friends!

10 May, 2005 Ivanka

Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for your intercession in answering my prayers so I was able to come and visit this holy place. Bless this people and may your intercession help to grant all the prayers of this people and all people of good will.

11 June, 2005 Stjepan Šoeš, Čepin

Blessed Ivan, thank you for the grace you have prayed for us with God. Pray for us and we put ourselves under your intercession.

22 June, 2005 Sv Juraj Croatian Navy singing group

Thank you, Ivan

24 June, 2005 S.

Thank you, Lord, for all the graces we have received by Ivan’s intercession.

7 July, 2005 Anđa

Thank you, Ivan Merz for my daughter’s recovery.

29 July, 2005 Zdenka H.

Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz for all the graces you have granted my family.

18 August, 2005 Anamarija, Mate, Zdravko and Božena P.

Holy Ivan Merz, thank you. Your intercession prevented me from hearing deviation.

10 August, 2005 H. Zdenka

Thank you for your intercession for passing my exams!

11 October, 2005 I.

Blessed Ivan, keep interceding for my family with the Lord. Pray for our needs. I thank the Lord for all the graces obtained so far and in the future.

22 October, 2005 Ankica

Blessed Ivan, thank you for praying for my family.

26 October, 2005 Sugela from Mostar

Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for all the good you have done for me and I pray you for the health of my family.

26 October, 2005 N.N.

We thank the blessed Ivan M. for helping us.

1 November, 2005 A. Vulinović

Thank you, holy Ivan Merz for bringing my granddaughter Maja back from Germany where she had spent two months studying.

28 November, 2005 H.Z.

Original copies of these intercessions can be found In the blessed Ivan Merz Postulature archives Edited by p. Božidar Nagy, postulator