Graces and grantings 2007

Thanksgivings for a new job and for little graces

In October 2006 I was talking to a friend B. Who complained about her job, bad salary and bad human relations. I remember I told her not to worry because I would pray for her to the blessed Ivan Merz to get a job that suits her and that she deserves. I prayed a novena in November, we met several times, she said she was applying for a new job but there was no answer. And then, early in 2007, she called me from the train, she said she had got a job and could not believe it, such good things were happening to her as if she was led by an invisible hand! She got a job – in the previous job she had 2000 kuna salary, in the new job she had 5400 kuna and had even become a shift leader. She was delighted both with the job and with her colleagues, and with her new salary! Thank you, Ivan Merz, for answering my prayer, and also for some little things you have done for me.

Đurđenovac, 10. 1. 2007 Zvonimir

Help came when most needed

Blessed Ivan! Thank you for coming into my life and for helping me when I needed help most… Thank you for answering my prayers in the novena and the songs dedicated to you… Thank you for my job and for the people I work with… I know you will be with me and accompany my on my life path – the path you have shown me!

Osijek-Vukovar, 15.1.2007 Krešimir

Thanks for the health

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for the recovery, no oains in the belly and for the wonderful experience in Germany.

18.1.2007 N.N.

Husband healed and help for a young person

This letter is to testify that the blessed Ivan Merz is sitting at the Lamb’s feast. At the time of sore trial I turned to the blessed Ivan and he saw my tears and intervened for me with the Lord for healing my sick husband Nedeljko. The doctors did the best they could and gave up, but you, blessed Ivan, you did not give up. As much as I prayed to you and hoped for help, you prayed the Lord for us. – I made a vow to you for a young person who tired of life problems and had no one to support her and talk to her. Now this person, helped by you, has risen out of all problems and is bravely fighting for life. I would also thank the priest who recommended you to advocate for us.

And in your hands, blessed Ivan, I put myself and my family fro the grace you have shown by healing my husband Nedeljko. Thank you and glory to the Lord!

P.S. Attached are medical documents on healing my husband Nedeljko.

Dugo Selo, 30.1.2007 Ana Katić

Thanksgivings for a job in my profession and a happy marriage

In the last two years I have had an opportunity and grace to get better acquainted with the life and work of the blessed Ivan Merz. Little by little I became fascinated by his personality and even more by his dedication to the Almighty. With his life he proved it was possible to be a top intellectual and live a saintly life at the same time and praying several hours a day. This realization probably mostly influenced me to pray and work in ‘the Lord’s vineyard’. I realized that by dedication my life completely to God who loves me unconditionally and knows what I need in this life, I can safely walk through life from day to day. This is just what the blessed Merz realized, when he was in the turmoil of the First world war, looking death in the eye and only trusting his Creator, and he managed to survive all the afflictions, patiently carrying his cross until his death, dedicating his life for the Croatian youth. I believe this sacrifice was also performed for me. I started praying novenas to the blessed Ivan to intervene for me. I also frequently visited his tomb, and went for confession and the holy mass. And indeed, my prayers were answered. God has answered my prayers by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I got a fiancé, and recently got married. Equally ardent was my prayer to get a job in my profession, after three years of praying for one. (if you know a door shall open”). In my work so far and in the cooperation with the blessed Merz postulature I have experienced Ivan Merz as a parson close to me, and every time life was difficult I turned to him as my heavenly advocate and protector. Thank you, blessed Ivan, for always intervening for me.

Zagreb, 15.2.2007 Zrinka J.

Blessed Ivan saved the house from demolition

-I remember it like it was yesterday: They said that houses illegally built on the islands would be pulled down. It was the turn for the houses on the island of Vir. I just could not believe it. The local authorities kept promising everything would be sorted out, and now it all came to nothing. I was deeply grieved to hear my friends’ house would be pulled down because it was not on the list. They had not been officially informed or warned about it like some other people, and now they had to move out and – you know! Just for some other reasons or people their house was later put on the list. They had become sacrificial lambs. Injustice! I shouted, I cried, I was terribly sad. One would have cursed everyone guilty of it. Why didn’t it pull down at the start when they started to build thirty years ago? In this anger, sadness and helplessness I said to myself: “But I am a believer. Every day I pray ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us’. What am I to do? To thank in the good, to pray the Lord in grief and distress. That moment, still in tears, I started praying:

Lord, our Father Almighty, I am weak and sinful, but our dear blessed Ivan Merz, whom I admire, is not. By his intercession you will perform a miracle.

-I started praying the blessed Ivan Merz, day and night: Blessed Ivan, I pray and will keep praying as long as I live. Many a miracle has happened thanks to your intercession. I trust and believe, a miracle will happen. Our good father in heaven will grant my ardent prayers. I kept repeating:

I believe! I believe!…I believe, Lord, You will stop the demolition of my dear friends who had had to leave their home in Bosnia, and take refuge in Croatia and who built this house with their own hands.

-I was informed the machines – dredgers had already come to the house, and would pull it down the following day. I kept praying even more:

Blessed Ivan, please help!

I was awake that night, praying. In that prayer I seemed to hear a voice:

“Your prayer has been granted.”

-I called my friends and told them:

Your house is not going to be pulled down.

-They answered:

-You must be crazy. They are coming to pull it down any moment now.

No, they aren’t! Trust and pray! – I kept saying, quite certain.

-And indeed, several hours later I got the news:

They (the dredgers) are leaving Vir! I sighed with relief. I was overwhelmed with joy. The house was unharmed. What wonder!

See, ardent prayer and trust in the powerful intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz has made another miracle. So I will even more praise our Father in heaven, Jesus Christ and will perform small sacrifices for the great deeds done by the Almighty.

That you, Ivan, thank you Holy Trinity and Blessed Virgin Mary. In the whole world. Amen.

Nice, France, 25.2.2007 Marija Špoljar-Barundić

Help in studies

With the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz I have passed a difficult exam without any difficulties or problems. I still have to do my final exam. I believe I will pass it with the intercession of the blessed man. I will keep praying and thank the blessed Ivan for the exam passed.

Topusko, 26.2.2007. Ankica

Successful graduation

We would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his help about passing one of the most difficult exams at the University (in September last year). After praying to the blessed Ivan, we not only passed the exam but did so with flying colours, which is very rare regardless of the effort we put into it and the knowledge displayed. Although passing an exam, even a most difficult one, may seem a usual and trivial thing, we thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his help on this occasion to realize God is really is the loving God, He whose kindness accompanies us in everyday life and “ordinary” problems. We pray for his intercession in the future.

Zagreb, 27.2.2007 Grateful graduates VM and VS

Operation not necessary after the novena

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for answering my prayer for my father’s health, so he does not have to go for an operation. My prayer was answered three days after the novena.

Zagreb, 28.2.2007 Irena

Final exam passed

I recently passed the final exam at the University. Since I had had problems with that exam before and had not passed it, this time I prepared and also prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, and on the examination day I promised I would visit his tomb the following Sunday in case I passed. I did pass, without a problem. I continue praying to him to intercede for me and for the other people who needed help.

Rijeka, 4.3.2007 Višeslav R.

Obligatory exam passed after persistently praying to the blessed Ivan

In order to pass one of the last exams before my final exam I had to take a week off my annual holiday and I studied every day. Two days before the exam, at the Sunday mass, I bought the booklet ‘Thoughts’ by the blessed Ivan Merz, and the novena which I prayed for a successful exam. At the examination day I went to the Stone Gate and prayed a rosary to our Lady and on the way to the exam I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz.

The exam started at three in the afternoon, and my group’s turn was only at half past eight in the evening. As time passed, my self confidence waned and I had the feeling I had forgotten everything and that I did not know anything. I was sad, hungry, tired, and discouraged. I still kept praying to the blessed Ivan Merz. Shortly before I was due to come in I prayed again to get the question I knew. I went into the cabinet, there were six of us, and I was the fourth. There was a young man sitting next to me and when it was his turn the professor asked him ‘my’ question. At that moment I was lost. The young man hesitated for a time and the professor concluded he did not know the answer. When I realized it was my turn and that there was a possibility of getting that question, I started to quiver. The professor said to me: “Please answer this question”. I concentrated, answered and passed the exam very well. Delighted that the blessed Merz had answered my prayer, I was so happy I wanted to tell everyone. Since I want everyone, especially young people, to recognize the blessed Ivan Merz as a wonderful protector and a friend in need, I am sending this letter as a testimony to show how much God loves us through our holy protectors.

Zagreb, 5.3.2007 Sandra B.

Successful prayer to the blessed Ivan for another person

I recently called a friend to ask how she was. It was just nine days before she sat for the state exam. She said she was terribly afraid of the exam, that she had had a lot of problems, she did not know anything and was afraid she would not pass. I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for her. She passed the exam successfully and now we have a brilliant lawyer. I thank the blessed Ivan for his help.

Đurđenovac, 6.3.2007 Zvonimir

Blessed Ivan’s intercession helped with studies

My prayers to the blessed Ivan have been answered. My son has successfully passed every exam that I prayed for. Blessed Ivan is a protector of young people and of people of all ages. I hope this communication will contribute to his popularity and that it will be another proof of miraculousness and kindness in the Lord our Saviour who is in him. Thank you, blessed Ivan, for answering my prayer, thank the Lord who answers our prayers!

Pula, 24.5.2007 Ana

Exams well passed

I first heard about the blessed Ivan Merz in 2006 in our parish church when the postulator had a homily on the blessed Ivan, his beatification and possible canonization. Then I bought the prayer book “With the blessed Ivan on Christ’s path” in order to learn more about him so I could pray to him and contribute to his canonization. I am employed but I also attend a postgraduate course. In three days in December 2006 there were three exams. I prayed two novenas to the blessed Ivan. I also went for confession, communion and visited his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica, as suggested in the prayer book. And I passed all the exams although I had feared I would not manage to pass them. I thank the blessed Ivan for his help. I have acquired a new friend who helps me survive difficult moments in life.

Zagreb, 24.5.2007 Katarina K.

Help in studies

I have passed the exam after the intercession of the Blessed Ivan. Blessed Ivan, thank you from all my heart!

27.6.2007 N.N.

Enrolled in University

I have enrolled in University after the intercession of the Blessed Ivan. Blessed Ivan, thank you from all my heart!

Rijeka, 11.7.2007 N.N.

Help in different life situations

One can do nothing without the Lord’s help. In life situations, in illness, both personal and of members of my family, I prayed for the intercession of our Blessed Ivan Merz. He has answered my prayers for the health of my brother, several times for my mother whose health is very frail. My prayers have been answered several times in solving difficult problems in life and in working with people. I keep praying in all my needs and am grateful that my prayers have been answered through the intercession of our Blessed man. I am praying to the Lord for his canonization.

Zagreb, 15.7.2007 Marija Filipović

Quick assistance in disease

I feel it my duty to testify on the help I received in serious disease on 21 February 2006. A week before that I fell ill, but it was nothing special and I was sure I was all right when I suddenly got intensive fits of coughing. The fits repeated nearly every minute, the whole afternoon, and nearly the whole night (I fell asleep only at 4 a.m. and slept for only an hour). The moment I woke up, the cough continued as intensively as before. I no longer had any analgetics, and since I live alone, I did not dare to go to the pharmacy or the doctor because I was completely exhausted and unable to drive. In such pains I prayed Jesus for help. And there was a slight relief with every breath when I said the word Jesus. I could not eat anything. It was about 6 p.m., the room was hot, and I was turning in bed and coughing. In the prayer I suddenly thought why not ask a saint for help. At that moment (and I can’t explain that) I saw vividly the picture of the blessed Ivan Merz, and I started praying for his intercession. And then it happened. IMMEDIATELY. I became pleasantly cool, the cough stopped, I spent the next two hours in pleasant peace like in heaven. I thanked the blessed Ivan, praised Jesus and felt the power of Divine love.

It was then that I realized why we need saints. Every saint, including the blessed Ivan Merz, is a great present of Divine grace, and the grace pours on whoever asks for it. I am not so humble like the blessed Ivan and that is why he has pledged his humility for me and thus built a canal to Jesus’ love which healed me immediately. Another way of saying it: as much as there is humility in me, so much is God in me!

The doctor later said it was virus bronchitis, prescribed antibiotics, but this was just ‘small potatoes’, the main thing was done by Jesus by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I promise I will keep praying for his canonization.

Nova Lipa-Vinica, Slovenia, 15.8.2007 Jože Juršinič

Mother’s prayer granted

This is to testify that the blessed Ivan Merz has helped my son who is attending secondary school. He had great difficulties and could not cope. I recommended him to the blessed Ivan and prayed during the whole school year. And a miracle happened. The blessed Ivan has interceded and sorted out everything, and I am most grateful. I have three more children and keep praying to the blessed Ivan and believe I will witness again.

Velika Gorica-Gradići, 5.9.2007 Grateful mother Jakica

Life is easier and more beautiful with the blessed Ivan

Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for everything, especially for all the good things that you have provided for me and all the prayers answered. Thank you for always being with me, making my life easier and more beautiful. Thank you again with all my heart.

22.10.2007. Filip B.

Help in getting a job

After graduation I looked for a job for eight months. I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan, and on the last day of the novena I was invited for a job I had never dreamt I would get. After the interview I was told I was accepted. I had prayed the blessed Ivan to provide me with a job The Lord wanted, and I couldn’t have imagined a better job. At that time I also got three other offers, but the blessed Ivan provided the right job for me. Thank you, blessed Ivan, thank you, Jesus!

Linz – Austria, 10.102007 Ljubica

Novenas answered

The three novenas I have prayed for myself and other people have been answered. Thank you, blessed Ivan.

Dugo Selo, 28.10.2007 Grateful Gordana K

Thanks for the help

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayer after a novena in a family dispute which was solved well by his intercession.

Zagreb, 29.10.2007 Katarina V.

Help with studies and work

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayers. The prayers I said for my daughter, her studies and work have been answered. I recommend myself to his intercession in the future.

Zagreb, 1.11.2007 Grateful Anđelka K.

Job found

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for answering my prayers and for the jobs of my children, son-in-law and daughter. I will keep praying for the needy that nobody prays for.

Zagreb, 2.11.2007 Ivana B.

Job obtained on the second day of the novena

This is to testify the love of the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayer. During my studies which went well I wanted to get a job as an assistant at the faculty where I studied. I also finished my postgraduate studies in record time and with flying colours. In the five years I kept applying for the job as an assistant, but was never accepted. My professors said it was difficult and advised me to give up as I had no chances. But I still believed I would realize my wish with God’s help. At the beginning of the last application I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. On the ninth day of the novena a miracle happened. They took one more person – me, although they had said they were not taking anyone else. And I got the job I had always wanted. Thank you, dear blessed Ivan, for answering my prayer. I promised I would testify on this granting and miracle to all my friends, and now I am doing it publicly.

Zagreb, 27.11.2007 N.N.

Two requests answered by blessed Ivan’s intercession

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan, praying a novena with my nearest and dearest ones, my two requests have been granted. God has helped a dear person who was then very sick. He has also helped me at the exam and with studying! Blessed Ivan is indeed light from heaven and prays for us, and I pray to him and thank him for all the benefactions! I am praying and will continue praying to the blessed Ivan and follow his way to Jesus! Thank you, blessed Ivan!

Kaštela, 5.12.2007 Sanja