Graces and grantings 2008

Boy recovered on the Philippines

On the Philippines there is the dangerous “dengue” fever, killing a lot of children. One of our acolytes, Kevin, got it before Christmas 2007. I and the other acolytes started praying to the blessed Ivan Merz and ask his help for Kevin. And really he got well soon and for Christmas he was at home and could take part in the Christmas service. Normally, unless the child dies, it takes at least two weeks to get well. With Kevin it took only several days and he got well thanks to the help of the blessed Ivan Merz who is increasingly revered with us on the Philippines.

Quezon City, the Philippines, 3 January 2008. Dave dela Cruz


Thanks to the blessed Ivan for the recovery!

28 1. 2008. Pero Toksić

Different benefactions

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for absolutely wonderful holidays, super time during skiing with my family and for my brother returning from Germany.


5.2.2008. Filip Brebrić

Instant help in financial difficulties

I would like to witness that my prayers were answered by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. All of them were for help in financial troubles. Two of them were answered on the same day, while the third was answered after four months, but in a really unbelievable way.

Zagreb, 8.2.2008. S.G.

Happy marriage after solving financial problems

We have obtained grace by the intercession of God’s servant Ivan Merz. We were going steady for three years and were waiting for better times to get married. My husband is still studying law and also had to provide financial help to his parents. His father had a very small pension and his mother had to pay off the loan for the person who cheated her. I was employed but was paying the loan for the car. Anyway, there was no possibility for getting married. Then we put our wish for the marriage or a solution of our problems to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. We said a prayer to him every day, fasted once a month, went to the mass to the Sacred Heart basilica and to Merz’s tomb. After a short time EVERYTHING was solved. We found that the person whose loan my fiancé’s mother was paying off was employed and returned all the money to my fiancé’s mother as the result of a court ruling. We got married and are now paying for a rented flat, because my husband does not have to help his parents now. And soon after the wedding I became pregnant. Blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for your intercession.

Zaprešić, 11.2. 2008. Kristina and Krešimir P.

Court ruling after the novena

I would like to thank for the grace given by the Lord after the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I submitted an application for a court ruling connected with my flat and was told at the court I would have to wait for a year, but if I was lucky it would be only six months, but if I was to receive it in four month this would be a wonder. I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan whom I have been revering since I was a small boy, to intercede for me. On the last day of the novena I visited the tomb of the blessed Ivan, received the Holy Communion and went back home. Two hours later the postman came and brought me the ruling. It was only nine days after I had submitted my application, just as long as I prayed the novena. To make it even more wonderful, it was signed by a clerk whose surname was Merc. Certain of the intercession of the blessed Ivan, I have decided to speak about him everywhere.

Zagreb, 13.2. 2008. Zlatko L.

Mother thanks for help to her son

After I had attended mass in the church at Knežija in Zagreb and touched the relics of the blessed Ivan Merz and bought the prayers for his novena, my son passed two difficult exams in two days. I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayers and I continue praying for his intercession for my son.

Osijek, 6.3.2008. Grateful mother

Son passed his class successfully, mother started walking again

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, God Almighty has granted me great graces. By his intercession my mother has started walking again and has recovered several times from serious health problems. My son has also had a grace: he passed his class successfully which was of exceptional importance to him. I would like to thank the blessed Merz for all the graces and the strength he gives to my soul, thus helping me to endure everything in this world.

Zagreb, 14.3.2006. Jasminka Bajić

Healed foot and hand

I first had problems with my foot in 1992, and it lasted for about a month, but then it got better, thank God. However, this repeated in 2001. Then the pains lasted longer, two years. On 20 June 2008, just before the beatification of Ivan Merz where I definitely wanted to go, I hit that leg so much that my condition grew worse. I called the doctor, he gave me some advice, but the pain did not stop. And then I remembered the Servant of God Ivan Merz. I said to him:” Servant of God, Ivan Merz! Please ask Jesus for the grace for my foot to heal. You can do it, because you are with the Lord. I know I cannot go to Banja Luka for your beatification and I am very sorry, and I would so much like to go. But please ask the Lord to stop these pains so I can sleep tonight. And I promise I will write this in my diary and will tell about it wherever I can!”

And I suddenly felt something in my leg. There was no pain! And I was able to fall asleep that night and wake up in time. It was Saturday, 23 June 2003. The doctor looked at my leg. It was no longer swollen. I tell him how it was. He examined me, took my blood sample and said after the examination: “You can go to Banja Luka tomorrow.” “This is thanks to Ivan Merz!” I said quietly. Oh, thank you, Ivan. And really: the next day, on the Sunday, 22 June 2003, I went to the beatification of Ivan Merz, I endured the pilgrimage, and had no trouble with my foot. Thanks to the Lord and to the blessed Ivan Merz, I never had any more trouble with my foot. It is the same today.

I had a similar problem with my right hand which started aching in 1998. It was especially bad in 2006. I was not able to sleep for the pain, I had difficulty in driving the car and doing other errands, and I even had problems during the holy mass. And so one night in October when I was not able to sleep for the pain I remembered the blessed Ivan Merz. I called him quietly with these words: “Blessed Ivan! I was invoking Our Lady and all the saints to heal my foot but it did not work until I called you. And I was invoking them for my hand but it did not help. I am sure Jesus wants me to call you to intercede with him for me. If this is so, please, blessed Ivan Merz, intercede for me with Jesus to heal my right hand so I don’t have pains and can sleep, so I can say the holy mass and preach with joy, which I cannot because of the pain, and I don’t want to frown when announcing the Lord’s word. Please intercede for me with the dear Jesus to heal my hand. I promise I will pray your rosary every day (10 Our Fathers, 10 Hail Marys, 10 Glory be to the Father, and ‘I believe’) for your canonization!” This is what I said. I soon fell asleep. In the morning I woke up lying on my right hip which I had not done for a long time. I thanked Jesus and the blessed Ivan Merz for this great grace. I still do it because I do not have pains in my hand now and I can sleep normally, and no longer have troubles in my hand when celebrating the holy mass, or when writing or driving.

I waited for a year before putting this on paper and giving this testimony. A year has passed since my hand has been healed, and over four years since my foot has been healed.

The blessed Ivan Merz has also helped me in some smaller needs which I have had in the meantime.

I would like to thank God and the blessed Ivan Merz for all these. I am somehow convinced that God has wanted to help me by the intercession of this Blessed man, as if he has been waiting for me to pray to him. By putting this on paper and by my signature I testify that all this was just as I have written.

Čuklić, 17. November 2007, sent 27 March 2008.
Fr. Ćiril Lovrić, parish vicar and military chaplain

Granny Anka thanks

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the graces received and the prayers granted. I recommend myself to him in the future. I always pray to him and will pray as long as I live.

Sibinj-Bartolovci, 3.4.2008. Grateful grandmother Anka Jandrilović

Granted prayers for grandchildren

I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for the intentions of my grandchildren and he has granted my prayers and everything has been realized. I would like to thank him publicly in this way.

Zagreb, 28.4.2008. Manda J.

Both nephews got a job after the novena

I have two nephews, one is deaf and dumb, and the other has impaired hearing. After finishing secondary education, they finally got a job in their profession. But many prayers before that were directed to the Almighty, and then one Sunday I got an idea to ask someone to intercede and pray for their employment. And I got the light from the blessed Ivan Merz whom I had prayed several times before and my payers were always granted. Two days after praying the novena we got a telephone call asking the boys to report for work. And they have been working for six months now. I would like to thank the Almighty for the prayers granted which the blessed Ivan has forwarded to the Lord as I had asked. I thank him!

Zagreb, 23.4.2008. A.Z.

Eye healed

I had pains in my eye which watered. I tried to find help for a year, I went to four different doctors and none of them was able to help. After that I did not lose hope. I went to the Sacred Heart basilica and prayed at the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz. I made a vow and fasted for nine Wednesdays and kept going to the tomb to pray and gave a small contribution as much as I could. After that my eye was completely healed. Now I am sure I can testify to the truth and the power of the blessed Ivan Merz.

Zagreb – Dubrava, 5.5.2008. Iva K.

Many graces received

I call the blessed Ivan Merz “my dear friend”. I have received numerous graces by his intercession. Thank you, dear friend, thank our dear Lord!

Mostar, 9.5.2008. Anica M.

Help in finishing my studies

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for help. My prayer has been granted thanks to his intercession. During the preparation for my final exam at the study of architecture I prayed a novena all the time and prayed to the blessed Ivan for a successful completion and for strength and the crises I encountered. Thank him so much and I recommend myself to him in the future.

Zagreb, 7.5.2008. Lea D., B.A. (Architecture)

Solution of a hopeless financial situation

I would like to testify to the blessed Ivan Merz’s intercession for my hopeless problem. I needed a loan to pay for a distress for the overheads. But no bank wanted to give me a loan because they said I was not able to repay it. I contacted other sources but without a success. One Sunday the postulator of the blessed Ivan Merz came to our parish and told us about him. I learned a lot about him. I bought prayers for a novena and started praying immediately for a solution to my problem. And after two novenas I got a letter from the RBA bank to say I could get a loan because my name was drawn by a random choice of the computer. For this credit they did not look at credit worthiness, I just had to go to the bank with the letter and the loan would be realized immediately. This is how with the help and the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz I found a solution in a hopeless situation. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

Zagreb, 21.5.2008. J.O.

Great assistance in the preparation of difficult exams

I am writing because I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for helping me in practically passing three especially difficult exams, all of which were within six days. The blessed Ivan gave me strength to study as many as 16 hour a day which I had never been able to do before. Besides, I got so fond of him I can hardly wait for another day to start his novena. Sometimes I just take his picture and tell him about my troubles, and after that I am much happier and more at peace. THANK YOU, BLESSED IVAN!

Ljubuški, 16.6.2008. Ivana P.

A continuous and daily prayer to the blessed man works wonders

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz. I do sports as a professional and am also a student at the university. It is really difficult to fit in both the training and the university studies. I don’t have much time to learn, especially since the new way of studying has been introduced. It was even an issue whether to give up one or the other. Then I decided to pray to the blessed Ivan Merz because I heard he had granted many prayers to students… So I started praying a novena every day. And I have been praying it for just over six months and I can say he has helped me a lot. He has miraculously saved me in sitting for a terminal exam. Everyone else failed and I was the only one that passed, but I was constantly praying to the blessed Ivan for his intercession. He has really helped me immensely, and I am constantly grateful to him. I felt the need to write and show the others that everything is possible with prayer! So, take your prayer book, and don’t ask for your prayers to be granted immediately. I also remember when I started praying a novena, I felt even worse. I studied, and yet I failed in terminal exams. But this was just a trial that God gave me to see whether I would give up. So don’t give up, pray even more and everything will be solved. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz!

Split, 28.6.2008. J.N.

Got a TV set in a prize draw on the Philippines, and got well

There was a prize draw in a shop. The main prize was a TV set. I prayed and invoked to the blessed Ivan Merz about whom I had learned only a short time before. And just after that my name was called and this is how I got a TV set! And after the prayer and putting his relics on my body he helped me in an unpleasant health trouble which the doctors had not been able to solve, and everything is all right now. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

Querzon City, the Philippines, 8.7.2008. Ms. Nilda

Financial problem solved in a miraculous way

I was asked to pay a fine in connection with the rent but this was not fair although it was not a big amount. I went to the office where I had to sort it out, and before entering the office I said a short prayer to the blessed Ivan to help me solve the problem. Next to me there was a lady with a similar problem. We talked a little and she agreed that it was not right I had to pay it so much later. And while she was dealing with her problem I tried to explain my case to another clerk. The lady finished and left and I was then told I did not have to explain because the lady had paid for me. I was shocked. The clerk then told me the lady had done so because she was convinced that I had been wronged and she had wanted to help me in a discreet way. I could not find the lady anywhere after that to thank her, but I started thinking how to explain that. The only explanation was that the blessed Ivan had shown me his help in this way. And this caused indescribable feelings with me: we know that God hears us and grants our prayers, and sometimes not, but this seemed so direct and so unusual and there is no other explanation but that the blessed Ivan had interceded,

Vancouver, Canada, 10.7.2008. Vera VB.

Thanksgiving in verses


(thanks to the friend for going home together)

On that day
We stopped in life
Thinking we had reached the bottom
Looking toward the heaven in spasm
Invoking your help

Those days, the nine days
We could not make another step
Paralyzed with fear
Humble, with our sins
Afraid to address the Lord

One word
Just one word of intercession with the Lord
We prayed
Ran to your tomb
Got to love you through a novena
Became your friends forever

On that day
You looked into our soul
Wiped our tears
Lead us to life again

On that day
We made the first step
The second one was much easier
We had started….

Thank you, Ivan, for loving us
And praying the Lord to answer our prayers

Zagreb, 23.7.2008. Kristina Nj.

Healing from a malign disease

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz to whom my sister Katarina was praying, I was healed from a malign disease. My heartfelt thanks to the blessed Ivan. We keep praying.

Varaždin, 1.8.2008. Marijan Đ.

Happy marriage realized by the intervention of the blessed Ivan

After a novena, the blessed Ivan granted my prayers for a very dear person. My friend has found her life companion and is now happily married thanks to the intercession of the blessed Ivan.

Zagreb, 12.8.2008. Danijela R.

Great help in bringing up children

My son had problems with studying and behaviour. We prayed together and went to the Sacred Heart basilica. In spite of numerous problems in the secondary school, he managed to finish it and started studying what he wanted. During his studies he also had problems. I prayed for him to the blessed Merz because my son’s name is also Ivan. There were hitches during his studies but the blessed Ivan managed to get him out of all. I kept praying for him to the blessed Ivan. And he graduated and is now working in his profession, he is successful and happy. Ever since he was a child with all sorts of problems to the successful young man he is now, he has been guided by our blessed Ivan Merz!

Convinced of the miracle he did with my son, I prayed to the blessed man to help me with my daughter. She was a good student but then got into a bad company which affected her studies and her normal behaviour. And when she got ill, her company left her and she was quite alone and broken, like a little plant, without a wish to live and without faith. One could not reach her heart. What remained for me was just to pray, which I did regularly. And, thanks to God, she managed to overcome the crisis and get out of the difficult situation, but still without a company, and, which is worse, without faith, just vegetating. I implored again to the blessed Merz to help her find God and faith. And this is just what happened. Not only had she become a good believer again, but she also managed to graduate from the university, and with her faith in God she got a faith in people and now has friends again and decent company. I and strongly convinced that this miracle has happened thanks to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, and I am publicly grateful to him.

Zagreb, 1.9.2008. V.B.

Help in studies

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for helping me and being with me when I thought there was no way out, when I thought I was going to fail in several exams, but thanks to him everything changed at the last moment and everything finished well. I am really immensely grateful and this is the least I can do, to thank him publicly!

18.12.2008. Filip