Graces and grantings 2010

Prayer granted on the third day of the novena – job found

Several days after a visit to the postulator who advised me to pray to the blessed Ivan to find a job, I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. I started the novena on Saturday, 3.10.2009. Already on the third day the prayer was granted. I got an unexpected call for the job I had been looking for for a year. In this way I became one of the witnesses of a miraculous granting by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. At the beginning of November I started working as a bookkeeper in a production company. Since the bookkeeping of production is the most demanding sort of bookkeeping, I have had two hard months adapting to the requirements of the job. In spite of the initial difficulties I never doubted the providence and the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz to whom I am grateful for the prayers granted.

Zagreb, 13. 1. 2010.Branimir Šufflay

Grace received

Blassed Ivan Merz, thank you for the grace received, be with me in the future and take me on the right path. Thankful….

17.1.2010. Tina

Job found in the profession

Blessed Ivan Merz, in your life you realized a close friendship with Jesus. You wanted to pass this experience to all, especially to young people who are looking for authentic ideals. In you they have recognized a man who is consistently living his faith and faithfulness to his ideals. You are a guidance how to best live our faith also in the lay profession. Than you for your intercession which provided me with a job where, like you, I will be able to educate young people for true values. Help me to persistently announce Him which said for himself that he is the way, the truth and the life.

Virovitica, 18.1.2010.M.O.

Prayer granted

Thank you for the granting the prayer I sent up to you, thank you for hearing us and taking our prayers to god. I will continue recommending me and my family. Thank you my protector!

26.1.2010. Marina J.

Job found twice and life saved from suicide

I would like to than the blessed Ivan Merz and publicly witness that he has granted my prayers and stayed with me in the most difficult moments. Several years ago my husband brought home several booklets about the blessed Ivan Merz. Until then I did not know anything about him. Reading the booklets I felt him to be a dear and close to me. We started praying novenae to find me a job which I had not been able to find for years. I found the job soon. But praying, I felt my faith growing, I became different.

But something terrible happened on 10 May 2007. My father who lives in another town decided to take his life by hanging himself. After an unsuccessful attempt, by wonder and God’s grace he showed signs of life. He was in a coma and nobody could say what was going to happen. How long had his brain been without oxygen? It was hard and uncertain. We prayed a lot for his recovery. In shock I had not realized that the day when it happened was the feast day of the blessed Ivan Merz. And I know why the miracle happened, why my Dad survived and why he is alive now, without any consequences. The blessed man did not forget my prayers and stayed with me. Last year, at the beginning of May I cried and prayed the blessed Ivan to help me. I urgently needed a new job. In a week my prayer was granted. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

28.1.2010. Ljiljana

Thank you for everything

God, thank you for everything! God, thank you fro the blessed Ivan Merz, thank you for the postulator, thank you for Banja Luka, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, thank you for the Catholic society of teachers!

Petrinja, 4.2.2010. Mirko Dijanek

All jitters and fright before the exam gone

I am nineteen and a student at the Faculty of electrical and mechanical engineering and shipbuilding at Split University. Last year I was scared stiff before the exams and tests, and because of this I did not perform as well as I could. However, after the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz to whom I recommended myself, I feel relieved and the fright is gone. First time this was last year and now I regularly pray for his intercession before the exams. The effect is the same every time, and I can show my knowledge at the exams and terminal exams without a problem. After the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, all jitters and fright is gone. I have felt on my own example that the blessed Ivan Merz is indeed the protector of pupils and students.

Split, 11.2.2010.  Ivan Jurić

My son passed his exams

Novena to the blessed Ivan Merz granted. My son has passed his exams! Thank you, blessed Ivan!

16.2.2010. M.H.

Prayer granted

I thank the blessed Ivan for the prayer granted. I will continue recommending myself and my family to pray for us in our needs. Thank you, my protector!

26.2.2010 Marina

Thanks for all the graces received

I want to make it know to all that I express my gratitude to the blessed Ivan Merz for his help in many situations. He has become my eternal friend and companion in life. Thank you again!

Kl. Ivanić, 22.2.2010.   Student Antonija P.

Converted thief provided help in need

When the way takes me to Zagreb, I like to visit the Sacred Heart basilica. I especially pray to the blessed Ivan Merz, my great protector and model in my devotion to the Most Sacred heart of Jesus! I would like to testify on a special grace the blessed Ivan has done for me in a rather unpleasant situation!

Some five years ago, one Saturday in spring I went to the Sacred Heart basilica. I parked my car in the back yard and happily and slightly hurriedly left the car wishing to enter the church. And I left the car key in the car without even being aware of that. After a long stay in the church where I said my prayers and of course prayed at the tomb of the blessed Ivan, I went beck to my car. I could not find the key in my pockets, and it was not there. I noticed the car in the lock, and the car door had locked automatically when I left the car. How shall I retrieve the key? I thought “St Ivan Merz, I humbly ask you to ask God to help me open the car door!” And I took the holy rosary from my pocket and started praying the sorrowful mysteries, walking round the car and invoking the blessed Ivan…

Some ten minutes later a white minivan came into the yard. Two workmen came out. I said hello to them, they answered and I told them about my trouble. One of them, tall and slim, smiled and said, “You know, I am a convert. And before that I used to break into cars. We’ll help you now!” He went to the van, took a lead, put it in the car lock. A short time after that the car window opened, he took the key from the lock, gave it to me and said, “You see, there was no problem!” Grateful for the help I asked him how to repay him for the good deed. . He just said, “Pray to God for me!” I gladly promised I would! During my return journey I long prayed for the good man whose name I regretfully do not know, but later I met him again on business and we had a pleasant talk!

Thank you again, blessed Ivan, for your help, and I humbly implore you to intercede for all of us who invoke you by the throne of the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven!

Benkovac Petrovski, 3.3.2010. Branimir Hržek

Gratitude for the test

I just want to thank the blessed Ivan for helping me not to fail in the test. Thank you Ivan for always being with me and I immensely appreciate your help. THANK YOU!

Zagreb, 7.3. 2010. Filip

Gratitude for the exams and happy marriage

I am a young woman, who, surfing on the Internet, quite accidentally found a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz about two years ago. At that time I still had nine exams to pass in a very difficult study, and the time left was very limited. I did not believe I would be able to graduate in time. In the next two ears I did graduate, successfully. I had prayed novenae for each exam, and for my graduation thesis, and passed each of them without any difficulties. And some months ago my heavenly friend also helped me in solving my seemingly hopeless love problem, and in six months I am getting married to a good-hearted man. My life would not have gone so well without the help of the blessed Ivan! I immensely believe in his intercession with the Lord. Just because he had made so many sacrifices in his short life, we can now, with a bent head and in spite of all our sins and trespasses, expect god’s help with all our hearts. I am writing this on the first day of the novena, with a great intent, very important for life, not just mine, but the lives of my nearest and dearest, and I know I can already raise my eyes to the heaven and say, “Thank you my friend!”

Germany, 5.4.2010.  Gabrijela

Thank you for always being with me!

Blessed Ivan, thank you for granting another prayer for a good mark in a test. Your help and the fact that you are always with me mean very much. Thank you so much!

Zagreb, 15.4.2010. Filip

After praying to the blessed Ivan Merz found a job twice

Since I went into disability retirement relatively early because I found it difficult to work with people, I was forced to find temporary jobs due to the low pension and also for social contacts that I need. Until 2009 I could find jobs as cleaning lady, helping with the housekeeping etc. but with the recession of 2009 there are no jobs at all….

I decided to pray to the blessed Ivan Merz. Why to him? Knowing his life and work, I know that the ‘working class youth’ was the major field of his apostolic work. And so, after falling into despair I decided to pray a novena to the blessed Ivan. On the same day, after having made the decision, I received a call to contact a certain person who would be able to provide a temporary job for me. I started to cry because I got a job a couple of hours after I had made the decision to pray the novena.

I left the job a month later because of a health problem for which I needed the hospital treatment. A month later I recovered, but there was the same old problem again. I had to find a new job. I did not think long. The novena to the blessed Ivan and the repetition of the words “working class youth” – “working class youth”. The working class youth works!!! I have to work too! And this is where the blessed Ivan Merz will help me.  Two days after finishing the novena I got a call to contact a lady whose father was still alive and who knew Merz personally. Tears of joy again. Do we need spectacular wonders to believe? Is this not a wonder?!  I spent six weeks with that family. The gentleman who had known Ivan and who had led a saintly life passed away. I lost a job again! This time I am just sending my pleas to the blessed Ivan, believing he can “see my trouble” and that my please will be enough for him to help me. But, writing these thanks and this evidence, I have decided to start a novena to the blessed Ivan and attend the holy mass in the Sacred Heart basilica in Palmotićeva street and visit his tomb. With the prayers to God and to the blessed Ivan to intercede for me with the Lord, I believe I will be again be “commanded” to report to a certain person who will provide a job for me. And after that I will thank for the God’s visitation with tears in my eyes.

Zagreb, 19.4.2010. Retired person

Help in various life situations

Most sincere thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for selfless help in various life situations, especially for his help to find a job. Prayer to the blessed Ivan has become a part of my daily life and gives me the necessary spiritual and physical strength. I continue recommending my family and myself to his powerful intercession. “Thank you, eagle of Christ for having shown us Way to the Sun.”

10.5.2010. Vildana

To general satisfaction the blessed Ivan solved a complicated issue of inheritance

Today, 10 May, the feast of the blessed Ivan Merz, I would like to thank for the numerous graces I have received by his intercession since 2004 until today.

The blessed Ivan Merz miraculously helped solve a complicated issue of inheritance involving several families, known and unknown, so that everyone was satisfied. Something that really seemed could not be solved and achieved for many years, as it often happens with property issues, suddenly ‘clicked out of the blue’ in a couple of months, and it involved several removals of complete families and nobody was harmed in any way. Everything went smoothly, peacefully, without any obstacles. I had started praying the blessed Ivan Merz years before that, though not for that problem but rather for inner peace. In time the prayer acquired the following wording: “You were walking these streets and lived here. You can see from above and you know best what is good for each of us in God’s eyes in the long term. Please make it so.” I must admit it was not easy to start praying for the people I could not stand, but when I overcame it, it was much easier for me. So much easier that I was surprised when things started sorting out. A lot of time has passed since. Of course, life went on, with new, greater problems, and it is not easy at all. It is easier for me because I know how to pray better, and I also have an excellent mediator. I would also like to add that this is just one of the graces granted and is by no means the most important one, but it is the one easiest to describe because it concerns property. Thank you, Ivan!

Zagreb, 10.5.2010. Dubravka

“Angels told me my baby brother’s name was going to be Ivan!”

I feel obliged to inform you on my prayers granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, as follows:

When my grandmother was only fifteen days old, she became so weak that she had to be taken to hospital unconscious and had an infusion. The following days was a Sunday and in our church of Mary’s Assumption in Stenjevec, Zagreb they informed us about the brave deeds of the blessed Ivan Merz and how he had sacrificed his life for the defence of our church. They recommended we should pray to the blessed Ivan for his intercession. As I was very sad because of my newly born granddaughter, I prayed ardently to the blessed Ivan for his intercession with God for my granddaughter’s health. During the prayer I felt something special and tears came down my face. Already then I believed that my granddaughter was going to get well. And indeed, two days after that she started to eat and get getter. When my daughter was pregnant again with her second child, Matea was nearly two years old. We asked her if she knew who she would get and she said it was going to be a baby brother and his name was going to be Ivan. We were all in wonder. Her dad Ante asked: “Who told you the baby brother’s name was going to be Ivan?” She just answered: “Angels told me”. And it really was a baby boy and we named him Ivan after the blessed Ivan Merz. Both children are doing well, thank God, and we constantly thank God and the blessed Ivan Merz for their health. My daughter and son-in-law regularly attend the masses, and on their wall they have a framed picture of the blessed Ivan Merz.

My colleague at work also had a granddaughter, but the delivery was complicated and the baby’s lungs were damaged and she spent months on the respirator. When I heard about it, I immediately gave her a book about the blessed Ivan Merz and his picture, and paid a mass in the Sacred Heart church in Zagreb. I asked the child’s mother to pray to the blessed Ivan Merz. The girl was named Iva even before she was born. After several months Iva got well.

This year, on the blessed Ivan Merz’s feast day, 10 May, riding her bike, the little Iva hit a concrete wall with her head, and was taken to hospital unconscious. I learned about the accident only the day after, and called her grandmother and asked her if she knew what feats day it was when the little Ivan had the accident. Since she did not know, I told her it was the feast day of the blessed Ivan Merz. She immediately remembered me giving her the book about the blessed Ivan, and said she was sure God had saved Iva from a certain death. Thank God and the blessed Ivan Merz, the little one has regained consciousness, she is still in hospital, but we hope to God she will be fine.

Zagreb, 12.5.2010.Zorka B.

Singing the song “Uresu divni” (Wonderful ornament) provided immediate help at trip

Here is a testimony how the blessed Ivan helped me on a trip to Zadar to the meeting of the Croatian Catholic youth, 8 and 9 May. We left for Zadar at 4 a.m. After two hours I was sick (this has not happened for a long time). I was completely dazed. After a short stop I was still sick and I though this was the end…And now the key moment happened: spontaneously without a premeditation I started singing to myself the song “Uresu divni” (Wonderful ornament of Croatian people, dear model full of shine – the latest song about the blessed Ivan) and at the same moment I was a new person, all signs of sickness were completely gone. And this was the seventh day of the novena I was praying and I am absolutely certain it was the blessed Ivan’s intercession that helped me. Thank you, blessed Ivan for the help which came when I expected it least.

Osijek, 12.5.2010. Krešimir J.

Encounter with the thoughts of the blessed Ivan brings inner peace and joy

I want to share my testimony relating to the blessed Ivan Merz. I had heard of him before, but the only thing I knew was that he was a blessed. I never heard more until some two or three months ago when I happened to find a small book with his biography in my room. I started reading it out of curiosity. It aroused different feelings of admiration, respect, wonder, shame. I was most moved that he had dedicated his life and death as a sacrifice for the Croatian youth. I immediately heard a voice: “You too belong to this youth!” Whenever I think of his life or when I read something about him, and I have read is “Flame on high”, I get such peace I can not even describe. I have a feeling the blessed Ivan Merz is now her with me at this moment. I cannot describe it in words. Often, when I fall asleep with a book with his biography, I sleep so peacefully and have no bad dreams. I would like to learn much more from him, because he is a model and a witness of the Gospel for me. I feel great admiration for this man who is a saint for me, because he has given himself up to God’s plan which God had intended for him. I am impressed by his words: “I see I am very far from perfection…It hurts a lot. I imagine my good example and can see I am a Christian in word only, but not in deeds. Christianity is not in my blood yet. There is nothing more difficult than to be a good Christian…” (Diary, 28.1.1916). Theses words echoed in me so much that I asked myself innumerable questions. As if someone had wanted me to study his life and read about him. I think there is nothing accidental in life, and thank God for opening my eyes and heart through this holy man. I would like to study his life even deeper.

12.5.2010 Kristina Žura

Problems of job and flat

I prayed for my sons and their problems. My younger son had lost his job; I prayer to the blessed Ivan. He soon got another job which was much better compared to his previous jobs. The other son put his flat up for sale and there were no offers in the first three months. Then I said a short prayer to the blessed Ivan Merz, and three offers cane in four days, and each was better than the previous one. I believe this happened by the intercession of the blessed Ivan, and I thank him for it.

Vancouver, Canada, 14.5.2010 Vera Valčić

News of employment on the ninth day of the novena

A short time ago our priest gave us booklets about the blessed Ivan Merz, by which we can pray a novena in his honour. After twelve years of work my daughter was made redundant and lost her job. I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to give her strength and survive with numerous loans she had, although the outlook was slight. It was the ninth day of the novena and my daughter got news about a temporary job. The blessed Ivan Merz interceded for me with God and a miracle happened! Thank him!

Gospić. 16.5.2010.Marija Uzelac

Success at exams and deeper dedication to God inspired by the blessed Ivan

I would like to testify on a prayer granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I discovered him as an intercessor with the Lord only recently and started praying for his intercession. I know he intercedes for students, pupils and intellectuals, so I started praying for his intercession to pass exams for a tourist guide. With the job I am doing now this is practically impossible. I am busy all day and did not have much time to study, but I thought: I will attend Mass on his day and believe he has already prayed for this with the Lord. Still, I started to doubt because I wrote one test really bad. When I recognized that my doubts were hindering the blessing, and that disbelief and doubt are fatal for getting a prayer granted, in the name of Jesus I renounced all disbelief and doubt. And, of course, I failed that one exam, but I continued believing that my prayer would be granted, and I did not deviate from it. Finally the professor gave me an extra chance to sit for the exam, and I managed to solve everything incredibly well: everything was faster and easier than I had expected, but all the time I had to believe that Ivan’s intercession had borne fruit.  But it was not just passing the exam, but it was something deeper that moved me to believe in the powerful intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz: it is his complete and perfect dedication to God, his perseverance in chastity, his love for man, the Catholic youth and the Catholic Church. He inspired me to dedicate myself to the Lord even stronger, more completely and more perfectly, and to put my whole life at his disposal. And I will continue praying for his intercession to follow his steps on the way to Christ.

16.5.2010 Karolina B.

By praying to the blessed Ivan, all difficulties were overcome and the study was successfully completed

My son’s schooling was nearing the end; he had just one more exam left. The material for this exam was extensive. Since his study lasted longer for objective reasons, he became sick and tired of it. Besides, he was scared stiff of the professor whose treatment of the students was unfair when they did not know something. He did not pass the written part of the exam. He continued learning, but he was totally blocked. He kept saying: “I will never pass this exam.” I understood the situation was hopeless. All suggestions and incentives of the parents were fruitless. I knew that without a professional education, just with a completed secondary school, he would have a problem to find a job.

I decided to pray for help to the blessed Ivan Merz. My sister and cousins prayed with me. When we finished one, we continued praying another, and I decided to pray until my son graduated. I would lock myself up in the room and pray for help on my knees, and then, full of hope for the good outcome, I would thank the Blessed Ivan who saw and understood student problems.

And then things started moving in a positive direction. While my son was preparing for his finals, he did the practical part of his final exam and wrote the thesis. In the meantime his professor retired and was replaced by another professor who let my son take the exam in two parts. It was not easy because she worked by a different curriculum and my son had to learn new things. But, things started moving: he studied, went for consultations, passed the written part, thn the first part of his oral, the second part of his oral, the final exam. We were overjoyed. The blessed Ivan heard and answered our prayers. Even today I cry with joy and gratitude when I remember those days. Now my son is working in his profession and is happy.

Sceptics will say this is no miracle, because things would have developed this way even if I had not prayed. But I, who went through all this, know that everything was led by a supernatural hand. In this my faith grew immensely. Blessed Ivan, thank you!

Zagreb, 20.5.2010 Grateful mother

Got a job and found a husband

I am writing to witness the graces obtained by praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. For eighteen months in 2003 and 2004 I prayed a novena daily to gat the job I wanted. In that period I was doing a job I did not like and for which I was not trained. In March 2005, with the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz I was accepted as a scientific apprentice at an institute in Zagreb. After that I prayed movenae to find a husband I would respect and love. In March this year I married the man I love and respect. My prayers were granted and I vowed to witness the graces I obtained. At the moment I am writing a thesis and I often lack motivation and inspiration, so I am again praying to the blessed man who is a model for Catholic intellectuals.

Zagreb, 22.6.10. 0.Ivana

All novenae granted

Thank you, blessed Ivan for granting all my novenae.

27.7.2010. Maja

Finished class in the best possible way

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for helping me to finish school in the best possible way. With his help I managed to do tests in most subjects and am immensely grateful for that. Thank you, blessed Ivan, I would not have managed without you. Thank you again!

Zagreb, 30.6.2010Filip

Made up after two years

I would like to tell you about the prayers granted and the grace obtained after four novenae in the honour of the blessed Ivan Merz. I had a quarrel with somebody for two years. I said hello to the person but and tried to make up, but she kept turning her head. AS soon as I got the booklet with the novena I started to pray and for days later she invited me to her house. I am happy now and keep praying for myself and my folk who are in trouble. I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for granting my prayer and I was able to make up.

Rajić, 14.7.2010.Grateful Mara G.

Healed from meningitis

My nephew got meningitis when he was thirty. This was in 2003. He was in a coma for a month. The doctors thought he was not going to survive, and if he did, he was going to be bed-ridden for the rest of his life. During that time his parents and I prayed for his recovery to Ivan Merz who was going to be beatified that year. And the miracle happened. To everyone’s surprise, after a month in coma he came to life, completely recovered and his health is all right now. We thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the great grace of healing.

Pag, 24.7.2011 Anica Pastorčić

Thank you for all the graces granted

Blessed Ivan, thank you for all the prayers and graces granted. Continue praying for me, be my protector and my advocate in heaven.

Germany, 14.8.2010.  Immensely grateful Anđelka

Bad marks corrected

My son had four bad marks in maths. I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for him to learn and get a pass. Blessed Ivan granted my prayer and my son managed to get a pass. He himself said later it was God’s work.

25.8.2010 Žaklina. K

Child’s life saved in an accident

Since fifteen years ago when I was a member of the Crusader association, I dedicated and directed every evening prayer to our Ivan Merz. Since I have a family of my own now, I firstly pray for them, primarily for their health. Our baby son Marko was one year old recently and started to walk. Like every inquisitive baby, he must touch, hold, catch everything…A week ago something happened that I think took ten years of my and my wife’s life. At a split second when we were not looking, little Marko overturned a piece of furniture in the hall, a chest of drawers, and it fell on him. The scene was terrible, the about 30 kilo heavy chest of drawers fell on the 10-kilo child and completely covered him. We rushed the child to hospital, and after examinations and x-ray they said there was NOTHING WRONG with the child! Just a little bruise on the head, and that was all. Honestly, I think this is a MIRACLE because it did not seem harmless at all. I also believe that the blessed Ivan granted al my prayers and preserved the life and health of our child… I can constantly see the event before my eyes, and the only thing explaining the whole situation is IVAN’S MIRACLE! I therefore thank him from all my heart for preserving our child’s life.

Osijek, 3.9.2010Bruno Sanseović

Thanks for the job

After completing my university studies I started reading advertisements and look for a job. There were very few openings in my profession, and there were several scores of applications for each job. Since I prayed to God through the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, this time I also decided to pray a novena for getting a job. I started the novena with a confession, mass and visit to the tomb of the blessed Ivan. Two weeks after finishing the novena I cot a call from a school and told me I was accepted for a year to replace a colleague who was on maternity leave. 28 people had applied for the job, and some of them were experienced, with the state exam, none of which I had. Ivan Merz had intervened for me with the most sacred heart of Jesus, but on the same day my niece had passed a difficult exam in Hungarian language, which had made her lose a year of study, and now she was in the danger of leaving her studies. She passed the exam, with a good mark. Glory to God and thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for his help and intercession!

4.9.2010. Siniša

Well passed A-levels and enrolment into the wanted study

My wife and I prayed together a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, and I also visited his grave on all nine days of the prayer for our daughter’s A-levels and enrolment into the wanted study. Our daughter wanted to enrol into a study where only 45 people were accepted. We had great jitters. We prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz to help her pass the exams and enrol in the study which was best for her. She managed all right and she ranked tenth of the 45 students accepted.

Zagreb, 25.9.2010.Grateful parents and danghter Tena

Grandson put on the right track

We prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for our grandson who had strayed in life. Now he has found the right track and we attribute it to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, and we thank him this way.

Monchy-Cayeux, France, 26.9.2010. Family Goethals Vandendriessche

Test passed on the first try

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for helping me pass the First Aid test on the first try, as a part of my driving test. Thank you very much!

Zagreb, 30.9.2010.Filip

Thanks for passing the driving test

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for another instance of his help, this time in passing the driving test. This was extremely important and he has helped me to finally pass it. THANK YOU IVAN FOR ALWAYS BEING WITH ME! THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART!

Zagreb, 11.10.2010. Filip

He met his child

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, I met my child for the first time, after eighteen years. I had prayed to te blessed ivan merz for two months and he granted my prayer (Communicated by phone)

12.10.2010. Mile

Winning at quiz

By the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, on whose tomb I had prayed, I won 90,000 kuna at the TV quiz One against 100. I bear witness in this way and declare the winning is due to Ivan Merz. I thank him for granting my prayer.

14.10.2010. Vikica

Got the wanted job

I would like to witness and thank because my prayers have been granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I was praying novenae and visiting his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica. A year later I got the job I wanted. I thank for the grace granted by God by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Thank you blessed Ivan for the grace and for the strength which invigorates my soul.

Zagreb, 17.10.2010.Ana V.

Financial problems solved after a novena

This is the third time I am writing. This time I am specially moved because something miraculous has happened. Namely, we had financial problems in the family, partly because of the crisis, and also because there are three students and a primary school pupil, and Dad is the only one employed. Every day my heart wrings when I ask myself how my parents are going to finance all of us because I know when they send money to us in Sarajevo, Mostar and Zagreb, there is hardly anything left for them. And I have been torturing myself with the thought for months. I knew, if we sold the flat where we are not living, it will be much easier. But month after month, nobody came to buy it. I had lost hope we would be able to sell it at all. There were no buyers, and even if someone was interested, they soon gave up. Then I remembered the blessed Ivan Merz. I started praying a novena. I went for confession, visited his tomb and prayed with all my heart. I finished the novena, several days passed. I knew the blessed Ivan had heard me and that he was going to grant my prayer, but I still waited. I thought an offer would come several weeks later. But only a few days after I had finished the novena my parents informed me that everything was solved and that the flat had been sold. My first thoughts when talking to them were; “”This is your doing, blessed Ivan!” I am so happy and will tell everyone about this miraculous granting… Indeed, the blessed Ivan helped me when I needed him most and when I had lost hope for a better future! Thank you, blessed Ivan!

Herzegovina, 28.10.2010. Ivana P.

His presence and protection are with me

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the novena granted; I passed two exams in the early exam term without any problems, I felt his presence and protection with me. And in the future, every time I sit for an exam, I will do it with the blessed Ivan and his intercession! Brother Ivan, thank you from your sister!

5.11.2010. Kristina

Job found

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for the job I got by your intercession. I recommend myself to your intercession in the future.

15.11.2010. Ana

Sons got employment

I got a booklet on how to pray a novena in the honour of the blessed Ivan Merz. Several years ago I prayed a novena for my elder son to get employment. And he did. His firm even sent him to study at the university where he graduated and got a job in his profession. I am grateful to God and to the blessed Ivan Merz for the prayer granted. I also have a younger son who cannot get a job in his profession. He is a railway engine driver. He was temping with a private person, but was made redundant. I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan for a job for my son. Five days after the novena he got y job with another private owner. The blessed Ivan intercede for his with God and a miracle happened. Thank him for the grace.

Kutina, 22.11.2010.Zlata P.

Desired marks realized

I just want to thank the blessed Ivan for helping me for the umpteenth time to get the marks I wanted in the school tests. Thank you, Ivan, for everything from all my heart!

6.12.2010. Filip

Numerous instances of help

I just want to thank the blessed Ivan for the innumerable times he helped me when I thought there was no way out, and I was able to pull myself out of a trouble I hade unwittingly made for myself. Thank you, Ivan, from all my heart for always being with me because I can always rely on you and on your charity.

Zagreb, 23.10.2010.  Filip

Thank you for a son

After I was told I was pregnant, I had some problems and I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan to help be through my pregnancy without problems or complications. In December I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz!

Korčula, 29.12.2010.Ivana O.