Graces and grantings 2011

Help with passing exams

The blessed Ivan Merz helped me pass my examinations, without his help I would not have passed difficult exams. That is why I thank him with all my heart.

3 January, 2011 Antonio

Loan granted

I would like to testify on the grace granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan. I was not able to get a bank loan. I decided to pray a novena to the blessed Ivan. During that time I was in Zagreb. It was a Saturday. I went to confession, the mass and prayed on the blessed one’s tomb. While I was praying, someone called me. I turned round and saw a lady praying, with a rosary in her hand. She asked me to give her some money to buy a medicine. I took a 50 kuna bill from my purse and gave it to her. I continued praying but something told me I had a bigger bill in my purse. I turned round and asked her to give me back the 50 kuna bill, which she did, and I gave her 200 kuna. She must have been surprised and that’s why she gave me her phone number and said she would give me the money back. I did not want to take the number. I went to communion and when I came back she was not there. I returned home and continued praying. On the last day of the novena I went to see which banks were not networked to grant me the loan. Then I saw the name of a bank that I had called before, but was told they were networked. In spite of that I called them and they told me they were not networked yet and that I could apply for the loan. I got the loan just in three days, and even the bank clerk was surprised how quickly the loan was approved. I thank the blessed Ivan for his intercession which helped solve our problem. I will continue praying to him.

Zadar, 4.1.2011. O.C.

She got a job on the ninth day

My relative Z.P. was praying a novena to the blessed Ivan for her sister M.P. to find a job because she had been unemployed for quite some time. That was in 2004. And on the ninth day of the novena my relative got a permanent job. This is to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his help.

Dubrovnik, 8.1.2011. sister Marija Celestina

Grace granted after the novena

I thank for the grace granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz after praying a novena from 1 January to 9 January 2011.

Subotica, 11.1.2011. Aleksandra V.

Successful graduation

I first heard of Ivan Merz two years ago when a priest informed us about his life during his sermon. Coming out of the church I bought a booklet with prayers for a novena. I have been praying ever since. By his intercession I successfully graduated. Every time I visited his tomb I was filled with gratitude and joy. To make me even happier, I graduated on the very day of his birth, 16 December last year. I pray every day and thank God and the blessed Ivan for the joy, grace and all good things they have granted me. THANK YOU blessed Ivan, guard me and take on the right path just as you have done so far.

26.1.2011. Ilijana

Help for return to work

On 31 May 2001, after 20 years of employment, I lost my job. I was shocked, since the day before I couldn’t have imagined it might happen, but it did happen…I accepted that (it was difficult), trusting God, but I always hoped that one day I would return to work. I prayed to our dear Lady and her Son, and to all the saints. I once happened to go to Zagreb for two days. I visited the tomb of our blessed Stepinac and Merz. I knew quite a lot about our blessed ones as I had books about them, their lives and work. I visited their tombs in 1994 when the Holy Father, now the blessed John Paul the Second came to Zagreb, but I didn’t often use their intercession with the Lord.

On 12 November 2003 when I was in the Cathedral, I prayed at the tomb of the blessed A. Stepinac. I went to the basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz, and was ready to go home. I went out of the basilica but then went back as if drawn by an invisible hand. I read the announcements posted at the entrance to the basilica. I read: “As from tonight, 12 November 2003, there will be a Mass for the intention of the blessed I. Merz for all unemployed and underpaid people”. I stayed at the Mass. This was Divine providence to find myself in Zagreb and in the basilica on that very day. I immediately resorted to our blessed ones for intercession. I was happy, I promised to fast on the 3rd and 22nd of the month (these are the dates when these servants of God were proclaimed blessed) until I went back to work. I also went to Marija Bistrica and Banja Luka for the beatification ceremony. I was hard to bear injustice, to have a law suit lasting seven years, winning and losing a case, but with the help of God one can withstand anything. Thanks to the Lord and the blessed ones, I went back to work after seven years. The return made me happy, but there were blows again because I did not get my old job where I had worked for twenty years but in places 40 to 100 kilometres away from my home. It was not easy at my age, but thanks to God I managed. I thank the almighty God for the prayers granted with the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz when I prayed to him.

I returned to my old job in my town in 16 December 2010 (two and a half years after returning to work following the court ruling), and that was exactly on the day when our blessed Ivan Merz was born.

I thank our blessed A. Stepinac and I. Merz who interceded for me with our Lord and thus helped me. I will always pray to them and visit their tombs whenever I can. I thanked them by revisiting their tombs in Zagreb, but did not witness it publicly. I should have written this before, already in 2008, but was prompted by the arrival of Ivan Merz’s postulator at Tomislavgrad on 6 February 2011, and the Mass he read and the sermon he preached about the blessed Ivan Merz. I thank God for becoming one of the many witnesses of miraculous granting by the intercession of our blessed one.

Tomislavgrad,15 February 2011. J.K.

Help in illness and reconciliation

I had stomach and digestion problems. Neither medicines nor diet helped me to get well, until I started praying earnestly to the blessed Ivan Merz for health. After getting well again, I started praying for the person with whom I had quarrelled in the past, wishing for reconciliation. Once again the blessed Ivan helped me and we made up. I thank the blessed Ivan for the two prayers granted. I further recommend myself to his intercession.

Markuševac, 1 3. 2011. B.Š.

Got a job at school after a novena

At the end of the last year, I got a call from a university colleague who asked me how I had managed to find a job. I told her I had prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, and I also recommended this to her. I never heard from her until today when we met at the holy Mass. In a short talk she told me she had taken my advice and said a novena to the blessed Merz, and after five days she god a job at school.

Velika Gorica, 27.3.2011. Siniša Jaroš

Getting a scholarship for doctoral study abroad

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for granting my prayer to get a scholarship to continue my doctoral studies at a well-known university abroad. I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for three months, and I got the scholarship although I was just beginning my doctoral studies. With the intercession of our Croatian blessed man I was granted even more money than is usual. Blessed Ivan, I recommend my family, myself and the Croatian youth to your prayers for our future.

Zagreb, 28.3.2011. Rebeka Š.

Baby born by the intercession of the blessed Ivan and named after him

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for the consolation I receive at every visit to your tomb. You have answered our prayer and given us the possibility to produce new life. In your honour, our baby boy is named after you.

Zagreb, 16.4.2011. Marija B.

Mobbing at work solved

I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz and my prayer was answered just a few days after I started praying. It was about mobbing at work. Thank you, blessed Ivan.

Zagreb, 6.5.2011. Ante M.

No more headache

On 7 May I and my family went on a bicycle rally called “Family bicycle rally of John Paul the Second” at Velika Mlaka, at St Barbara’s church. The sermon was on the blessed Ivan Merz, and his picture was displayed during the service. All morning I had a splitting headache, and also during the Mass. After the Holy Communion, my headache was gone and I am sure it was due to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Thank you, blessed Ivan! I am sending this as my testimony and as an example of Ivan’s sanctity.

Velika Gorica, 7.5.2011. Arno V.

Gratitude for all the graces obtained

I am writing on behalf of my friend who got well thanks to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, and whom I happened to meet at the Sacred Heart basilica at Ivan Merz’s tomb. She came there with her husband and children to thank the blessed one. She asked me to send her testimony by email, which I am sending in the attachment.
I would also like to thank the blessed Ivan for all the prayers granted and for the graces received by his intercession. Thank you, Ivan, my intercessor, protector and companion! Thank you for everything you have done for your Croatian people!

Zagreb, 10. 5 2011. Marina

Recovered from multiple sclerosis and named her son after the blessed Ivan

I contracted multiple sclerosis in 2003, felt bad and was unable to walk well. Coming to Ivan Merz’s tomb I started to walk better and felt like I was going to fly. Six months later I had MRI, and the findings were much better, the brain and spinal lesions had disappeared, and I have been living a normal life ever since, and have given birth to four healthy boys. I named one son after Ivan to thank him for my recovery. Many, many thanks, dear Ivan Merz!

Zagreb, 10. 5.2011. Nela Grubišić

Without the help of Ivan Merz I would not have completed the class

I just want to thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayers for the umpteenth time. Without him I would not have finished this year at school. Thank you so much!

Zagreb, 11 May 2011 Filip

My brother enrolled at the study he wanted

I would like to inform you about the prayers answered after a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. After the novena my brother enrolled at the study he wanted. Let this testimony contribute to the veneration of the blessed man and to his canonization. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

11.5.2011 Silvija J.

The child got well

In the Holy Week I finished in hospital with my 4-month-old son. I prayed for his health to St Roch and to the Pope John Paul the Second and to the blessed Ivan Merz. Since the doctors did not know what was wrong with the boy, they performed different examinations and tests. I prayed that there was nothing dangerous. All the results were good and he got well! This was one more time that the blessed Ivan Merz helped me, and I thank him!

Korčula, 17.5.2011 Ivana

Got a steady job on the blessed Ivan’s feast day

I have been working for a big store for several years, but this was only temporary, and the contract was renewed from time to time. This year, just on Ivan Merz’s feast day I got a permanent job. I had been praying a lot to the blessed Merz, said novenae, and I think Merz touched my manager’s heart. As an admirer of the blessed Ivan I would first like to thank the Lord, and then the blessed Ivan Merz for answering my prayer. I can recommend other people to pray to him for their needs.

Osijek, 17.5.2011. Saša Orgonaš

Editor’s note: Early in 2011 Saša Orgonaš was declared the best worker in his firm and was even awarded a prize. Speaking about his work and success, he also said: “I often prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for my job, and the prayer helped and was answered”. There is news about it on the web site of the blessed Ivan Merz http://www.ivanmerzhr//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=771&Itemid=71

The blessed Ivan provided a necessary rest

Before the blessed Ivan Merz’s feast day I prayed a novena without a specific purpose. Being his admirer, I just wanted to treat him for his annual feast day. On the next day, 10 May, after I had finished the novena, I got an invitation from our board to go on a business trip to Bihać with a colleague, and take part in a seminar there. The change was very good for me, and I could take a rest from the everyday routine. This was all only thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz, because I got this invitation on his day, and definitely by his intercession after the novena. The blessed Ivan knew what I needed and thus rewarded my prayer directed at him. Thank you, blessed Ivan, continue praying for us all, and especially for your Croatian people!

Osijek, 23.5.2011. Krešimir J.

Never failed an examination since praying to the blessed Ivan and sister got a healthy baby

I feel it necessary to thank the blessed Ivan for his great help in all my needs of life. I am a student and am trying to do my obligations on time. Since I started praying to the blessed Ivan, I have never failed an examination, and what is more, I pass everything with very good marks. I also prayed to the blessed Ivan to protect my sister in her pregnancy. Although she was always having health problems, with daily prayer to the blessed one, her pregnancy passed all right, and she gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby. Thank you, Ivan, my best friend!

Ljubuški, 8.6.2011. Ivana

Financial problem solved after 11 years of prayer

During 2006, I testified on the prayer answered to the blessed Ivan Merz for the litigation in my favour to get back the money paid for business premises which I was never given, nor the advance paid with a sales contract. After a lengthy litigation, after the beatification of the blessed Ivan Merz, I prayed for his intercession. My prayer was answered, and the court ruled in my favour, but although the ruling was in 2005, I got my money back only a few days ago (8 June 2011). All the time, about 11 years, I was praying to the blessed Ivan Merz, and to the surprise of my lawyers, I got back the advance money which I paid in 1995. I thank again the blessed Ivan Merz for the successful outcome of this painstaking process.

Zagreb, 9.6.2011. Zrinka B.

Graduated successfully

Last year, by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz and the Pope John Paul the Second who had not yet been beatified, I graduated from university. I had had some health problems and many other obstacles, but my heavenly advocates pleaded successfully for me. Thank them with all my heart!

10.6.2011 Slavica

No error at work

I had prayed a lot, among others, to the blessed Ivan Merz, fearing I had done something wrong at work. My prayers were answered, there had been no error.

29.6.2011 Đurđica

Helped by the novena he rose ‘from the bottom’ and got a job

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for answering my prayer because I got a job by your intercession and solved differences I had with some people. I had touched the bottom and wondered whether anything at all made sense. But since I started praying your novena, many things have become settled. I hope that the most important thing for me will also be settled, naturally only if it is good for my eternal salvation and your glory. Thank you, blessed Ivan, and abide by me.

4.7.2011 Ivan N.

Gratitude for numerous graces, especially for my daughter’s recovery

Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz for watching over my family and answering all my prayers. There have been a lot of adversities in my life: diseases, poverty, inability to get a job, etc. but you have always helped me to successfully solve all the problems. I am especially grateful to you for helping my daughter recover. We had no idea that she was ill, but we went for a regular check-up on 10 May, which is your day, and we heard about her illness. She was kept in hospital and successfully recovered after three weeks. I know that this grace is due to your intercession. You are my great interceptor with the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and that is why I thank you with all my heart and pray that you soon join the ranks of saints where you definitely belong. I will continue praying to you and thanking you as long as I live, blessed Ivan.

10.7.2011 Elda and family

Exam passed after a novena

Prayer answered – brother passed a difficult exam after a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz.

24.8.2011 Silvija S.

The blessed Ivan helps solve financial problems even in sleep!

The other day I dreamt about being in heavy debt. It was due to bills which had regularly been arriving in the last ten years at the address of the old people’s home where I was staying at the time as a Vukovar refugee, so a lot of money had accumulated to be paid. The home personnel did not know where I was after I moved out and so they could not inform me, and when I happened to visit the Home, they handed me the envelope with the bills. I was not aware what it was all about, but when they explained, I almost fainted seeing the accumulated amount. And now the blessed Ivan, whom I have venerated and regularly adored for the last eight years since I first got to know him, steps in. The bills were in a brown envelope which was on the table at the Home, next to the clerk who was working there; as I was approaching to take the envelope, I saw the name of the blessed Ivan Merz written on it in capital letters. And that moment I woke up….

Thank you, blessed Ivan for helping me overcome the nightmare. Because when I woke up I realized it had been a dream and that you had helped me solve the situation!

Osijek, 2.9.2011. Krešo J.

I am completing my studies with the help of the blessed Ivan

Many a time has the blessed Ivan Merz answered my prayers and my invocations and so has he done this time. I passed the exam, and I am slowly bringing my studies to a close, but it would not be possible without you. Thank you, blessed Ivan, for listening to me when I am praying by your tomb, which shows me that you are never far away, but always by me. Thank you!

3.9.2011 Ružica G.

Enrolled in desired study, found a good job

Thank you, blessed Ivan, for answering my prayer because my daughter succeeded in enrolling the study she wanted. Only fifty candidates are enrolled, but over fifteen hundred had applied. While I was praying a novena, deep in my heart I felt that my prayer was answered even before I finished praying. I prayed that she would have no difficulty learning and that she would successfully pass that preliminary exam. And that’s how it was; she had no fright that students usually have, she was unbelievably calm.

Also, thank you, blessed Ivan, for finding an excellent and well-paid job, which helped me overcome a hopeless financial situation. Thank you for listening to me whenever I need you, for answering my prayers and interceding with the Lord on my behalf.

Zagreb, 8.9.2011 Kristina

Housing problem solved

I thank the blessed Ivan for solving a housing problem as well as for other graces which he interceded with the Lord. I always pray to him and recommend myself in my needs.

Zagreb, 17.9.2011 Lucija

Every prayer answered and pregnancy achieved after a novena

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz because so far he has answered all my novenae. This is how I conceived after a novena. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

8.10. 2011 Silvija J

Brother passed makeup exam very well

I had been praying for my brother to pass two makeup exams at the first go. I have to admit that bad family conditions are the reason for his difficulties at school. The blessed Ivan answered this prayer and my brother passed both exams with flying colours and his final marks in both subjects were good. Thank the Lord and the blessed Ivan for answering my prayers.

9.10.2011 Slavica M.

Blessed Ivan, a friend we can always rely on

I thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayer. When I needed it most, he helped me pass a crucial exam, and thanks to him, I had enough exams to enrol my second year at the university. I thank the blessed Ivan on behalf of a very dear friend who also passed an exceptionally important exam thanks to him. With the help provided, he has become our faithful friend we can always rely on. Really, a novena prayed to this blessed man is really miraculous.

9.10.2011 Iva. K.

Grace obtained after saying the prayer from the beatification mass

I received a card with the picture of the blessed Ivan, containing a few words about his life and also a short prayer from the papal beatification mass. It also says we should inform you about the graces obtained, by post or email. Here, I have decided to use the email. I said the prayer every evening for six months, and I can say that that my prayers have been answered. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz.

24.10 2011 Aneta S.

Thank you for employment

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the prayers answered, first of all for the employment. Stay with me and my family!

14.11. 2011-12-02 Marijana D.

Exam passed

Thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayer to pass my exam. Once again he has shown what a great friend he is and intercessor with the Lord, because in spite of the problems I had with concentration and health which appeared two weeks before the exam which made the studying difficult, he helped me to find strength in the last few days to study, to sit for the exam and finally pass it. Thank you, friend of the youth!

15.11.2011 Iva K.

Difficult exams passed

Blessed Ivan, I thank you from all my heart for passing difficult exams without any problems, and for giving me strength to prepare for them in a very short time.

17.11 2011 Elvira

Thanks for enrolling the second year of university study

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his help because through his intercession I managed to enrol the second year at the university. When I was in a hopeless situation thinking I would not have the prerequisites for the second year, I got the prayer for the novena which I prayed and I can surely say that this was only by his intercession because I couldn’t have possibly had a chance to succeed without his help. But everything is possible for the Lord, and this was just another proof. Thank you, blessed Ivan, for the intercession and the prayers. Praise and glory to the Lord.

18.11.1011 Ivana K.