Graces and grantings 2012

Got a job

I am glad to witness that my brother got a job, on the eighth day of the novena. Thank you, Blessed Ivan Merz!

18. 1. 2012. Ana Š.

Found a job

Thank you Blessed Ivan Merz! I got a job through your intercession. I fasted and prayed a novena and my prayers have been granted. Stay with us on our path and we will continue praying! THANK YOU!

19. 1. 2012. Ljubica M.

Housing problem solved

The Lord said: Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do”. Trusting God’s word my two friends and me started praying for the solution of our housing problem. We prayed the novena to the Blessed Ivan Merz every day. After ten years of dedicated prayer, after 40 years of living as a tenant I got just the flat I wanted. I thank the Lord and his infinite goodness and the intercession of the Blessed Ivan Merz for taking mercy and solving my housing problem. Alleluia!

3. 2. 2012. S. Mandić

Strongest contact for a job

I would like to witness about my prayer granted through the intercession of the Blessed Ivan Merz. Eighteen months ago I came to Zagreb to look for a job and I spent about a month going to interviews but without success. I often went to the Sacred heart Basilica and prayed at the blessed man’s tomb. I started praying a novena for Ivan Merz’s intercession for a job. A few days after I finished the novena I was asked for an interview in a firm where it is difficult to get a job without a contact, but I had the strongest contact in the world, of course the blessed Ivan Merz. I got a job, and out of 60 candidates only another girl and I got a permanent job. Thank you, Ivan Merz, from all my heart.

Zagreb, 5. 2. 2012. Željka B.

Friend, companion and advocate in life

Having prayed several novenae to the Blessed Ivan Merz for definite intentions in my life, I would like to say that through his intercession my prayers were granted in the way that I got the light and strength as a help to fight my weaknesses, and on the ninth day of the novena to Ivan Merz my husband received the grace connected to his job, which was the object of the novena. Visiting his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica I would also like to witness that in my personal prayers to him I have experienced spiritually that he is my friend, companion and advocate in life.

Zagreb, 7. 2. 2012. Andreja P.

Thanks for a successful delivery

I would like to testify and thank the blessed Ivan for helping me with the delivery of my second child. The first delivery was a Caesarean, and until the very end nobody knew how the second one will end. I prayed to the blessed Ivan for a natural, quick and not very painful, and a miracle happened: after 20 minutes in bed and a little pain I had a natural delivery of my second child. Thank you, Ivan, thank you very much! I will continue praying to you!

12. 3. 2012. Jelena

Numerous grantings in the area of health, finance and sports

As my as circumstances permit I have been coming to the Sacred Heart basilica in Zagreb for over 10 years. Last year, in 2011I was there again, in the vicinity of the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz; in my prayer I also prayed to the blessed Ivan, knowing practically nothing about him or his life. I pleaded for a health problem and asked for his grace. Although I pleaded full of faith, I was not expecting anything. After a month, my problem disappeared. Encouraged by this, I increased pleading to the blessed Ivan.

On my return to Germany where I live and work, I had slight business problems in the family business which we have. No matter how much I worked and earned, there was not enough money, which was burdening me very much. Of course, I started praying the blessed Ivan for help, and this lasted for three months. I could not understand it, I was only able to cover basic costs, everything was in the air. Finally, when I added everything up, it seemed that I had spent three times more than I had earned, and I did not have the money I had spent in any form (cash, loan, bank, borrowed money), I just had the amount necessary for everyday purchases. Finally, we had the best business year, and November and December (main season) were like never before; for the first time in our 10-year practice, paid promptly, I just couldn’t believe it! Even today I don’t understand what had happened. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz!

In mid-November 2011 I got terrible pains in my back, I could not even sit, I could hardly walk, and even lying was not pleasant. Night visits to the hospital, tablets, injections, visits to doctors – simply nothing helped. I prayed the blessed Ivan to help me with walking so I could work because Christmas time was approaching. And really, the pain eased and we were able to finish the year.

I spent two weeks in Zagreb on holiday, visited the tomb of the blessed Ivan where I bough the novena, and since then I have been praying it every month for a special purpose, starting on the first Friday of the month.

The pain appeared again in February this year, but now it was much worse. I pleaded again to the blessed Ivan. After a visit to the specialist it was found that the spine cartilage was worn out between the fourth and the fifth disc, which is very painful; if the pain increases the operation is inevitable. After a visit to the doctor I prayed especially to the blessed Ivan Merz during the night, and the same night I felt better. In the morning when I woke up the pain had decreased to only 30 per cent. It was a Saturday. On Monday I went to see the doctor who gave me a certain medicine to take for twelve days. And if I was lucky I might feel a relief after six days. However, after only two days all the pain was gone and I have no pain any more. Two weeks later I visited the doctor again and he was surprised that the pain had disappeared so quickly. Thank you, my holy, my Ivan Merz!

I would like to add another thing. I am sure that the blessed Ivan liked our Croatian people very much and that he still likes it today. From the heaven he helps and rejoices our people with the victories of our sportsmen and our national team. I prayed to the blessed Ivan to help with the victory to make our little people happy. Your know the result!!! The holy Leopold Mandić and the blessed Ivan Merz give me so much strength when I pray for something which will make our people happy.

Neu Isenburg, Njemačka, 15. 3. 2012. Ivan Rubić

It’s a wonder my father is alive

I would like to inform you about the miraculous healing of my father by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. My father was treated in the Dubrava Clinical hospital from 7 to 28 October 2008. His diagnosis was: sepsis biliaris, npl. papilae vateri vrs., gastritis chr, hernia hiatalis, gerb, polypus ad GE orifitii, polpyectomia, anaemia megaloblastica, adenoma ad v. bauchinii, haemorrhoides rect. int., hypertensio arterialis. As soon as I learned the diagnosis I and my wife started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. During the novena I felt an urge to visit the tomsb of the blessed Ivan Merz with my father. I come from Mannheim, where I live and work, and visit the Sacred Heart Basilica, and pray with my father to the blessed Ivan Merz at his tomb. After this we go for a check to the FDubrava Clinical hospital where a complete healing was found. Our family doctor.S. K. says it is a wonder my father has survived and has been healed. WE thank the blessed Ivan Merz for our prayer granted about my father’s healing. style=’color: black’>

Mannheim, 1. 4. 2012. Tomislav Primorac

Help in passing the driving test

In this way I would like to testify on passing the driving test during a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. The examiner was in two minds on whether to pass or fail me and I finally passed. I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for his help!

Zlatar, 26. 4. 2012. Ana D.

Help in financial problems

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the many prayers granted he has helped me to pass exams at the university and also with financial problems. Thank you!

27. 4. 2012. Nikolina

 Miraculous recovery from brain stroke

Like every day, on 23 May 2007, I went for my morning walk, in the course of which I had a brain stoke. I completely lost the power of speech, and I lost power in my right side of the body. I was immediately taken to the Rijeka Clinical Centre. My mother Andrijana, who was 99 then, immediately started praying to the blessed Ivan Merz and the holy Leopold Mandić. On the same evening my speech returned, and next day I walked normally. The examinations done at the Neurology department showed I had completely recovered, and I was soon discharged from hospital without any additional therapy with drugs. A month later I reported for a check at the Clinical Centre, and the doctor’s only comment was: “You are a medical phenomenon. In my experience no one has recovered from a brain stroke so quickly!“ And now, five years later, I am fine. I am completely healthy, I don’t take any medicines, although I am in my seventies, I normally do everyday jobs and have several hobbies. In short – I live a very active life and when I tell someone I have had a brain stroke, they don’t believe me, of course.

I would like to say another thing: in the hard days when I was ill, there were really a lot of good people who helped my family in different ways. Unfortunately, there were also some different people. Not wanting to judge anyone, I primarily tell myself, and also the others: believe in the power of prayer, believe in the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz and believe in the sentence: “When I weigh goods, God himself is weighing them with me!“. Indeed, whatever we do unto others – whether good or bad – returns to us in the same way. I hope that this unpleasant experience will help someone! Always grateful

Dobrinja-Krk, 16. 5. 2012. Nikola Gržetić

Got a job after a three-day prayer

I would like to testify that soon after praying for three days to the blessed Ivan I got a job. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

20. 5. 2012. Ana

Grandmother’s healing and difficult exams passed

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for two prayers granted! My granny pulled out of a practically hopeless health situation, and I managed to pass difficult examinations at the university. I will continue being his faithful admirer, and he is my greatest intercessor with the Almighty!

21. 5. 2012. Katarina R.

Belgrade: On Merz’s day they got the son they had prayed for

My family and I are Orthodox Christians and since 2007 we have been praying to the blessed Ivan Merz for his blessing and peace in the family. Many things were wrong, because this is a time of money shortage, troubles and all calamities in this world. Since we started praying to the blessed Ivan Merz everything has been better for our family. Since April last year we have been praying to the blessed Merz for his intercession to get a male child. And God has answered our prayer and our fourth child – a boy was born just on Ivan Merz’s feast day, 10 May this year. We thank the blessed Ivan Merz for all our prayers answered so far, and especially for the new member of our family.

Beograd, 29. 5. 2012. Grateful family HORVAT

Thanks for the protection of sons

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan under whose protection I have put my sons and who has answered my prayers; I recommend myself to him in the future and pray that he continues guiding them in their lives.

Zagreb, 1. 6. 2012. Grateful mother

Granting only after invocation, before a novena

Blessed Ivan, thank you very much for the examination I passed before a board; please forgive me for not even starting a novena, I cried out to you for help, humbly and you answered my prayer. I am starting a novena to thank you and pray for your help in the future. Thank you, blessed Ivan! style=’color: black’>

8. 6. 2012. Petra Ligorio

Multiple grantings since 2005

I have been praying to the blessed Ivan Merz since 2005 when I learned about him and his work during sermons in my parish. Since the, with his help, I have received many graces, of which I have to stress his help during my university education, as well as his help in finding a job in my profession and a girl I want to marry in church.

But the greatest granting was this year when I sat for the bar examination. I implored to Ivan Merz from the moment I started preparing for the examination, the amount of material to study, lack of concentration and health problems at times made me doubt in myself whether I would manage, and then whether I was worthy of having my prayer answered. After passing the written part I have 40 days to prepare for the oral part, and in the meantime I had a confession and prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. Although an hour before the exam I was uncertain about my knowledge, I knew the blessed Ivan was the one who would help me to pass the great step in my life, in spite of the fact that I did not know what I though I knew, of having all the fact muddled in my head. Before entering the examination hall, I put an icon with the picture of the blessed Ivan in the inside pocket of my suit, and when I entered the hall, all my fears seemed to have gone, everything seemed to have come to its place. To cut a long story short, the orals, lasting about four hours and a half, were like a pleasant conversation, which I passed with flying colours, earned nearly the maximum number of points and was praised by the examination board, which would not have been possible without the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz, and please look after me and all my dear ones in our life!

Stenjevac, 12. 6. 2012. Luka

Help in love problems

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for helping me to get rid of a bad and dangerous man in a short time. I felt reborn, glad and happy already on the third day of the novena. After all love failures I sincerely believe in his help. I will pray for love and one day I will give my son the name Ivan to thank for his help.

15. 6. 2012 Claudia K.

Prayer granted for impossible thing

This way I want to testify grants received over several years after a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. When I prayed at his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica, my prayers were answered about passing my final exams. This year I prayed for something impossible, i.e. I got an appointment for an operation already on the sixth day of the novena. Thank you, Ivan!

3. 8. 2012. Suzana

After a prayer negative finding about a tumour

Some five years ago my uncle just about survived pancreatitis, but late last year the disease recurred. And what is worse, they found a spot on the pancreas and after a probe the doctors could not exclude the possibility of a tumour. Our family prayed to the blessed Ivan for negative results, i.e. that the pros would show no tumour. And after the third probe the finding was negative (they excluded the possibility of a tumour). Blessed. Ivan, thank you, into your hands I commit my uncle and his health!

Zagreb, 3. 8. 2012. Frana