Graces and grantings 2013

Birth of a live and healthy baby, and help in sickness

I would like to witness on the grace received by the intercession of the blessed Ivan. My husband and I prayed for the health of our unborn child because we had been told the baby would probably not be born alive. I gave birth to a live child, an invalid, but the baby is healthy (all his inner organs are O.K. which was the most important thing for me)! – I have long been suffering from urological infections and even antibiotics do not help. I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan and the symptoms have disappeared. All praise and glory to him!!! I recommend all those who are in impossible situations to ask the blessed Ivan Merz for intercession!

10 January 2013 Ana

Help in studies

I had already heard about the blessed man, but it was only last year that I started praying a novena. I am a student. I passed all the exams in the first year except one subject and I just gave up for a time, but something urged me to try at least. I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan asking the blessed man to help me. And he did help. From my personal experience I can say this is one of the nicest things that has happened to me, namely that I have learned about the blessed man and started looking at life in a different way, because there is no problem that cannot be solved, one only has to be patient. Thank you, blessed man!

Zabok, 3 February 2013 Anamaria P.

Passed all examinations by praying to the blessed man

I am a student of economics at Zagreb University. In September 2012 I had to sit for five exams to be able to register for the fourth year. Realistically, this was very difficult, practically impossible, because the exams were rather demanding and the time to prepare was limited, and I also had to work. The terms were approaching, and I started being scared… But I got the boost to ask the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. I did prepare but did not pass when I first sat. Then I started doubting….But faith led me on, I decided to continue fighting, asking the blessed man for intercession, and study, because I had another chance. And then the miracle happened. In the meantime I passed the other four exams. Thank God there was just that exam for which the blessed Ivan interceded. Every time I started learning for the exam I prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz. And I did pass the exam!. Thank you, blessed man! In spite of the trials I believed that your intercession in the Heaven is strong and I got the proof that this was true! Thank you for your intercession with the Father, thank you! Now I have hope, even stronger, that nothing is impossible, thank you also for that!

Zagreb, 4 February 2013 Ana T.

My husband got a job

My intention and prayer for the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz has been granted. I prayed for my husband to get a job and God has answered my prayer by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Thank God and the blessed Ivan!

Zagreb, 9 February 2013 Božica D.

After novena avoided mobbing and found wanted job

I would like to thank my dearest blessed Ivan Merz for granting me a job. At my previous job I was mobbed and decided to quit. I stopped working on 1 January 2013, and already in December I prayed a novena to get a new job. I wanted to work in the accounting department. At the end of February I was asked to come for an interview and got a job just in the accounting department.. It is better than I could have imagined. The staff are nice and there is no mobbing. I would like to thank my dearest blessed man who has a place in my heart and whom I have recommended to my friends and whom I visit every time I come to Zagreb.

Virovitica, 8 March 2013 D.S.

Help at sitting for exams

I believe I am just one in the line of students who have asked for intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz for a successful examination. Yesterday I sat for the third time, although I had hoped to pass it at the first go because I had been preparing for a long time. It seems the Lord wanted me to re-sit and I could testify. So the prayers to this blessed man got me top grades and taught me patience. Now I know it is right to call him “brother” as we call him in litanies. Brother Ivan, pray for us.

Zagreb, 19 April 2013 Student Antonia P.

Got a job on the eighth day of the novena

Two years ago my husband started looking for a job, which always resulted in a failure because he had not worked before and employers wanted experience. This situation lasted for two years. He thought it was impossible for him to get a job and was at the end of his tether and it was difficult to find a solution. We were desperate. We needed a miracle. His parents and I asked a priest to help and during our talk he suggested we pray to the blessed Ivan Merz for help because the priest’s sister had also got a job after praying a novena for his intercession. We agreed to everything. On the eighth day of the novena my husband was invited for an interview. He got the job. His present boss then said: “We’ll take you because I think someone must give you a chance.” He volunteered for a month, then worked for another month unpaid, and after that he was given a permanent job and is now advancing in the firm. Thank you, blessed Ivan! Thank you, Jesus, for all the blessing you are pouring on us, thank you for taking care of our family.

5 May 2013 Tamara

Holyday thanksgiving

On today’s holyday of the blessed Ivan Merz I feel the need to express my thanks to this wonderful blessed man whose love is great. Regardless of all the difficulties that we experience daily, our blessed man is always here! I can only say his love is great and that nothing is impossible, all we need is patience! Since the blessed Ivan Merz is my protector that I honour, I can only say: Thank you, brother Ivan!!!

Zabok, 10 May 2013 Anamaria P.

The blessed man keeps helping

I would like to testify again on the granting for which the blessed Ivan has interceded. I am in my second year at the university and I have daily tasks to do, and they are not easy, but with the help of the blessed Ivan everything is much easier! I have been praying to the blessed man and am very grateful to him for everything. This week I sat for three exams and did not have much time to prepare properly, and also we have repairs and workmen at home. I could not concentrate, something always happened. Since I pray to the blessed Ivan every day, I asked him to give me strength to manage this week. On Wednesday I passed an exam, and today I had two written exams, one of which was very difficult; with the help of the blessed man everything is possible and I have done that well too! Thank you blessed man for being with me!

Zabok, 17 May 2013 Anamaria P.

Help in passing examinations

I am immensely grateful to the blessed Ivan Merz for the graces received. He has selflessly helped me in passing terminal exams and exams. Praying to him I have lost fear of speaking in public. Thank you, Ivan, for doing great things!

8 July 2013 K.J.

Help in health problems

I am writing from the island of Korčula, and this is not the first time. My prayers have been answered twice, but I have already written about that. After heart problems and vertigo in December, I have prayed several novenas to the blessed Ivan Merz for my troubles to stop. After that I went to health examinations which showed that my heart was all right, and with time my heart problems decreased. I also saw doctors about my vertigo and they said it was benign; with time they also subsided. I believe that it was the blessed Ivan Merz who helped in these cases. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz!

Korčula, 16 July 2013. Ivana

Healed from epilepsy

After birth I got epilepsy. My grandmother who raised me since I was a child took me to various doctors. I took a lot of various medicines, but everything was in vain. No improvement. Since we lived in Zagreb near the Sacred Heart Basilica where my gran regularly took me, my gran made a vow to the blessed Ivan Merz in 1975. After the vow and ardent prayer my disease disappeared. Two years later my gran expressed her thanks to the blessed Ivan in the Postulature News because I was healed thanks to his intercession. This was 37 years ago and I have never had any symptoms since and I am quite healthy. My gran died a long time ago, but I would like to repeat my thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz who has interceded with God for my health. Blessed Ivan, guard my health and life, and protect me with your intercession as you have done all these years. Thank you.

Zagreb, 30 July 2013 Š. Trošelj

Got a job a month after starting prayer

Nearly two years later I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz who has answered my prayer for the job which I got about a month after I started praying. I am still employed at the same job, happy and satisfied! Thank you, Ivan!

Zadar, 28 August 2013 Vice

Encounter with the blessed Ivan solved serious life problems

I heard about the blessed Ivan from my cousin who had often mentioned his positive experience with the blessed Ivan, and he especially stressed his dramatic situation about his employment. He once gave my older son the book by Ivan Merz Love and Chastity, and also recommended the book for me to read. Since I was in a very difficult situation (attempt at divorce, business crisis) he recommended me to pray a novena to the blessed Ivan, as he had done when looking for a job. Encouraged by his positive experience I started reading the book where I got to know the blessed Ivan. I was attracted by the sincerity on very topical and interesting subjects pervading the book, and soon felt very close to the blessed Ivan. I gradually developed a feeling I was completely understood and sympathized by him in my anxieties, dilemmas and suffering, which deeply moved me. Between us we created friendship, trust and understanding, and I also felt encouragement and support. Very soon, after I had started reading the book, I started praying novenas to the blessed Ivan, and in this I got to know litanies of the blessed Ivan which I like very much and often pray. After that, following his example, with the rosary and the love for the blessed Virgin Mary and the most sacred heart of Jesus, I started to attend the mass regularly, not only on Sundays, but also sometimes during the week. My view and relationship with the Church has changed, and the blessed Ivan helped me understand the importance and the value of the Church and the church rites. In this respect I would like to stress that formerly my attitude to the Church was slightly reserved and at a distance, I did not attend the mass regularly, I was out of church for longer periods of time and I viewed the Church with caution. There was respect for the Church, but I was often quite critical. Together with the different attitude and experience of the Church, I also felt greatly relieved in my life, and soon after the novena there appeared a business contact which gradually created a platform for resolving the crisis in my firm, and several months later there was no tension, insecurity and suspense hanging over my family. My heartfelt thanks to the Croatian great man, model and brother, the blessed Ivan!

Zagreb, 21 September 2013 Krunoslav M.

Help in finding a job and lodging

This mail is to inform you about the granting by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz and St Rita. Namely, I have had a problem in finding a job for a long time. Three years ago I prayed to the blessed Ivan for his intercession with God to help me find a job, which I got and was very pleased. But since the job was only temporary, I had to look for another job when the contract was over. I still prayed to the blessed Ivan for help, and I also started praying a novena to St Rita. In the meantime I actively looked for a job abroad, and six months later the answer came from my present firm. I am grateful to the blessed Ivan and to St Rita for their help. I never though t I would work abroad, but I see it as God’s will and the best solution for the situation I was in for a long period. I would also like to thank the blessed Ivan for finding a nice and comfortable flat in a record time. Thank you!

Northern Europe, 28 September 2013. Ana

Prayer answered for the son and his result in school

From 10 February, at the common prayer for the youth after the mass, I started coming to the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz and pray for my son to follow the God’s way and to be moral and firm in the Lord’s commandments, to go to the mass twice a week and pass in school with best grades. Before the biology contest I also prayed for the intercession for good results…. He was second at the county contest. At the end of the school year his grades were not too good. He was convinced he would not be able to get better marks, that his teachers hated him and that he had no chance, so he did not even want to try. Then I made a vow to put a stone slab with thanks if he passed with top marks, and this is what really happened. He finished the class with flying colours. I thank the blessed Ivan for answering my prayers.

Zagreb, 29 September 2013. Ksenija J.

Mother’s prayer answered for her daughters’ entrance to wanted schools

In this way I want to testify that by ardent prayer to the blessed Ivan Merz all my prayers have been answered. The moment I got the prayer book with prayers to Croatian saints and blessed men, one of my daughters was finishing primary school and the other was finishing secondary school. I was very much concerned whether they would be able to go to the secondary school and the university they wanted. I saw in the prayer book that the blessed Ivan Merz helps in studies and learning, and I started praying daily dear God to help my children by his intercession. I attended the holy mass on his feast day, 10 May 2013 and prayed on his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica, I had his picture and believed that my prayers would be answered. I also prayed a triduum and other prayers every evening for eight months. I told my children to do the same but they were not so regular, and even my husband told me it was stupid. Finally my prayers were answered: my younger daughter got into the secondary school she wanted and is happy there, and my older daughter got into the university study she wanted. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz whose intercession with the Lord helped my children and me. In token of gratitude I lit candles in the basilica and walked the Way of the Cross twice when I went to the Marija Bistrica shrine. Thank you Lord, Christ, blessed Virgin Mary and the blessed Ivan Merz for the grace you have given me.

Zagreb, 26 October 2013. Grateful mother Đ.P.

Graduated with the help of the blessed Ivan

At the end of my studies in September this year, I was obliged to take my final exams by a certain date. I sent up my prayers to the blessed Ivan Merz. With his help and his intercession with the Lord I managed to pass the remaining exams, write a very good dissertation and graduate with flying marks. Thank, you, the Eagle of Christ!

12 December 2013 N.V.

Got a job at the end of the novena

I would like to share my joy in thanksgiving to the blessed Ivan Merz on behalf of a retired mother who used to work in the health service, and whose son got a job. The mother said a novena to the blessed Ivan, and at the end of the novena her son got the job.

Oštarije, 20 December 2013 Rev. Ante Luketić

Thanksgiving for the solution to a difficult financial situation

For a year my husband was unable to find a part-time job, he has a small pension, I work, but like most people I can hardly make ends meet. There were distresses, bills accumulated, we could not pay them and we had come against a brick wall. We came to the point where my husband searched containers to find plastic bottles and we were happy if he collected enough to get some ten or twenty kuna, because bottles are few, and those collecting them are more and more. I did not know what to do, so I cried out to the blessed Ivan in despair from the bottom of my soul. And the blessed Ivan answered my prayer, he found a solution, thing started sorting out by miracle, and the wall of our debts started decreasing. Thank you, Eagle of Christ, for not forsaking us but helping me and my family to see a better day.

Zagreb, 28 December 2013 S.M.