Graces and grantings 2014

She made a vow to the blessed Ivan and got back her sight

At the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz I got back my sight in the right eye on which I did not see for 53 days. When I lost sight in the right eye I vowed to the blessed Ivan Merz I would witness for his canonization if his intercession brought back my sight. This happened on 11 January 2014. I have medical records about this. All praise and glory to the blessed Ivan Merz!

Mostar, 5 February 2014. Zora A.

He got a job after the novena

I chose the blessed Ivan Merz for my intercessor because he was born on the same day as me. I pray to him regularly and I was given the grace thanks to his intercession.

After the novena I prayed to the blessed Ivan I got the job I had praved for. I thank God and the blessed Ivan for the graces received!

Čazma, 7 February 2014 Matija M.

Thanks for the degree

I thank the blessed Ivan Merz who has answered my prayers and helped me write my dissertation. After the novena in his honour my prayers were granted and I have no problem writing and defending my dissertation. I know his intercession with Jesus has helped me in that! Thank him for everything.

11 February 2014 Ivan J.

Got a job in a state firm without ‘pulling strings’

After graduation I spent a long time looking for a job. By accident I found about the powerful intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz as the protector of Croatian youth and I turned to him for help by praying a novena. When I came to Zagreb I visited his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica. Soon after that there was a job advertised in a state firm, to which I applied. After several rounds of testing and interviews I got the job without ‘pulling strings’. I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for the granting amd I continue praying for his intercession.

Rijeka, 13 February 2014 Patricia M.

Grace obtained for brother

With all my heart and soul I would like to thank for the prayer granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan. Having prayed novenas for three months and going to his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica, my brother got a regular job. I continue dedicating my family to the blessed Ivan Merz for intercession and hoping he will be our mediator to our Lord in realizing everything necessary and suitable for our souls in our life on this earth.

Zagreb, 18 March 2014. Rebeka Š.

Thanksgiving for passing a difficult examination

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz for the novena granted! I have passed a very difficult examination at the university. Thank you, Ivan!

Dugo Selo, 31 March 2014 Josipa

Thanksgiving for numerous grantings by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz

I came across a website dedicated to the blessed Ivan Merz. I was especially impressed by the testimonies about prayers granted. I started praying novenas for various intentions. When our son started his studies, my husband joined me in prayer and we prayed novenas together before his examination terms. And our son graduated in a very demanding study. There were some hopeless situations, but I am sure he managed to overcome them only with the intercession of the blessed Ivan. And grantings are strange and are sometimes difficult to understand. There were situations when our prayers were not granted immediately and in the way we wanted, but eventually it turned out we received even more than we had prayed for, but in a different way. God knew what we needed. Since we do not live in Zagreb, when we come there I and my family go to the Sacred Heart basilica and pray there at his tomb to thank him for all the graces.

15 April 2014 Ivanka Z.

Permanent job granted

We would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz to whom we prayed a novena for our daughter who got a contract for a permanent job. Thanks to God and the blessed Ivan.

Oštarije, 20 May 2014 the Božičević family

Perseverance rewarded: after 81 novenas he got everything he prayed for

I started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for a very special purpose, in Rome, on 15 July 2012, in the chapel of the “Blessed Ivan Merz” Croatian pilgrims’ home. I prayed novenas every day for five weeks during my stay in the Home where I worked as a volunteer, and continued praying when I returned home, after the 9x9x9 model, for another 729 days, or 81 novenas in total, and finished on 15 July 2014. I prayed together with my son for the following purpose:

Ever since I was a child I wanted to live at the seaside, but this was impossible to accomplish all these years. Whenever I had a chance, there was always something that got in the way and could never be realized. So I took a relative’s advice and started praying a novena to the blessed Ivan. Thanks to the prayer to the blessed Ivan, in two years I managed to get a job in a college at the seaside, sell the house and flat in the town where I lived before, and buy a flat in a town at the seaside and move there with my family. All this took place between Easter and Christmas 2013. I dedicated the other novenas after the grantings as thanks for the graces received. I think this is a great achievement which I was able to realize with the heavenly help of the blessed Ivan at the time of a major economic crisis and depression in Croatia, and thank the blessed Ivan again.

Croatian seaside town, August 2014 B.B.

Spiritual and material assistance

When I received the booklet about the blessed Ivan Merz, I started praying because we did not have a penny in the house: We were due to receive the promised aid, but it did not arrive. After six days of prayer the aid came. Thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for helping us in this case. I did not consider myself worthy of receiving the Holy Communion and the confession since the day when I had an accident and fell under a train. The blessed Ivan Merz helped me to return to the holy sacraments after nine days of prayer.

Osijek, 12 August 2014 Ana Petek

Great danger avoided, job found, numerous grantings, the blessed Ivan Merz has become a brother and travel-mate

I would like to testify on the numerous grantings and graces obtained by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, my dear blessed man and brother that I turn to every day. The parish from which I come is dedicated to the blessed Ivan and since I did not know anything about him at first, I slowly started learning about his life and praying to him. I decided to put my problems to him and the condition I found myself in after meeting the wrong person. Infatuation and blindness nearly separated me from God and from my family. The novena to the blessed Ivan I started to pray was a wonder because until then I was not able to pray and did not understand why I was doing it in the first place. That prayer gave me wonderful strength, and at the end of the novena, with the help and the intercession of the blessed Ivan, I got the strength from the Lord to resist that person, after which I felt joy and peace which I still feel today because I believe it was God’s will. After that the blessed Ivan became my brother and travel-mate. I have prayed and received his intercession in all my uncertainties, fears, university examinations, papers, driving test, and getting a job as a trainee…. Blessed Ivan was my great advocate and the Lord gave me all that by his intercession, and thank him!

After my year as a trainee I spent a long time looking for a job. I wrote a lot of letters of application and always got negative answers. I prayed to the blessed Ivan and in one of my novenas prayed him for God’s will to get the job at the time and place that the Lord wants for me. On the eighth day of the novena I got the invitation to come for an interview – the following day! So on the ninth day of the novena I went to Zagreb for an interview and got the job, and started working two days after that. It is interesting that at the start of the novena I said that with God’s assistance I would try to meet all the conditions of the novena, only I would not be able to visit the tomb of the blessed Ivan because i was living in Slavonia then. But the Lord saw to that too, and on the ninth day I was in Zagreb, and after I was given the job I immediately went to the tomb of the blessed Ivan in the Sacred Heart basilica. I cannot express or describe the gratitude I feel. The feeling that he always hears my prayers, that he is so close, watching me, protecting me and helping me, is indescribable. He has so often been the great and mighty advocate to me and my family! We are praying for his canonization.

Thank you, blessed Ivan, our brother, protector and travel-mate!

Slavonia, 26 August 2014. Ivana J.

Lost fright before sitting for a successfully passed examination

Many thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz fro helping me pass my terminal examinations and annual examinations this academic year, and for giving me courage at my oral exams. Thank you!

17 September 2014 K.J.

Well passed examination

Today my daughter passed her examination and can continue studying in the second year. To this purpose I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz, protector of our parish. I was glad when my daughter told me she had prayed to him before the examination. I had not told my daughter I was praying a novena, but I noticed the peace she had on the day of her written exam and today, when she had her orals. I really feel that the blessed Ivan has helped. Today I visited his tomb again and thanked him. I felt great happiness and peace.

Zagreb, 23 September 2014 Mother Mirjana

Help in studies, finding a job, other grantings

It all started in 2011 when I started University. In the first term I still did not know the blessed Ivan and never dreamt my life would change for the better, of course. The first term went well, I passed all terminal exams, but in the second term difficulties started. One course created great problems. I lost all hope. But something in me said I should not give up and should try hard to the end. I still don’t know how the blessed Ivan Merz’s prayer book came to my hands, but I only know that that day I started getting to know my dearest blessed Ivan Merz. I started praying a novena to solve the problem. The first results were encouraging. I realized that the blessed Ivan had helped me, and continued praying. In this way I passed the exam in that course. From that day the blessed Ivan became my protector and my daily recourse. I am in my third year now and with his help I manage to solve all the problems at the university. As the protector of students the blessed Ivan is the real example to pray to. There is a lot that the blessed man has done for me, and “living” with the blessed man is wonderful. I lack words to describe what he has done for me. Since I am a part-time student, my chances of studying are not so good. Since March this year I have been praying an ‘Our Father’ to the blessed Ivan to help me find a job. I have sent several applications for jobs in my profession (I am a graduate of a hotel and catering school). Nothing was successful, because when the employers hear I am still studying, and part time for that, they do not want to hear any more. Several months passed and at the end of my second year a relative called me to offer me a job at the seaside during the summer season. Of course, I accepted immediately, and in this I saw another granting by the intercession of the blessed Ivan. As a sign of gratitude, on my return from the seaside I visited Banja Luka, blessed Ivan’s birthplace. I cannot describe the feeling when I entered the cathedral with the blessed Ivan’s chapel. I often say that “my Banja Luka man” makes wonders for me and that I really have to be grateful for everything he does for me. This composition is a bit lengthy but I would like to recommend to everyone to pray to the blessed Ivan because his assistance is great! Thank you, the Eagle of Christ, for having shown me the way to the Sun!!!

Zabok, 6 November 2014 Anamarija P.

Relieved from a two-year pain

I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz to relieve me of back pain which lasted for two years. I gradually disappeared. Thanks you dear God and the blessed Ivan.

Zagreb, 27 November 2014. Matija S.

Thanks for finding a temporary job

I would like to thank our blessed Ivan Merz whom I discovered by accident after seeing his website. Since mid-2013 we have been praying, me, my mother and the postulator, for my job, and my prayer has been granted. I got a job on the island of Brač and worked there all season of 2014 as chief of procurement. The job was very attractive, a lot of people had applied, but the moment I read the advertisement I knew the job was made just for me, and I believed and saw myself working there, and this is just what happened, and everything was just fine. I am back in Virovitica now and pray for a permanent job here, because I am turning 29, I have a wonderful girlfriend, and finding a permanent job would mean realizing every young man’s dream: creating a family. But I believe that my beloved blessed Ivan will intervene for me up there and that everything will come out all right. I must also add that I pray three novenas a month because they give me indescribable peace, and with prayer I have overcome a lot of things: alcohol addiction, depression, hopelessness, fear of life, and my faith has never been stronger. Thank you, blessed Ivan, for everything!

Virovitica, 3 December 2014 Tomo

Everything I prayed for was granted

I would like to thank the blessed Ivan Merz and dear Jesus for my health and for the graces I have prayed for. And all those graces have been granted. It was even better than I had expected. I still pray for the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz for all my family. Thank God and dear Jesus and our Lady and brother Ivan Merz. All my thanks and glory for everything. Amen.

Switzerland, 8 December 2014 Ružica