Graces and grantings 2015

Blessed Ivan also helps those who have not been baptized yet

I am not a Catholic by birth, but recently I felt an urge to be baptized. I would like to witness on the great intercession power of the blessed Ivan Merz. I learned about him looking for a suitable novena and accidentally found a lot of thanksgivings to the blessed Merz, so I immediately found an on-line prayer-book of the blessed Ivan Merz. I recently prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz for a grace I needed. As I read, during the novena one should receive the Holy Communion, which I may not since I have not been baptized yet… Still, I decided to visit the tomb of Ivan Merz instead. Since I come from a flooded area, I needed a lot of graces at that moment because nothing was right, but I decided to pray for something else… On the third day of the novena I received news about approval for reparation works on my completely destroyed house, although we had had great problems with the paperwork for which the authorities delayed the reparation. Although I had not prayed for this, the blessed Ivan Merz and the Lord knew the priority of our needs and I believe they are solved in the way it should be. I am using this opportunity to mention another important thing. After the novena my heart problems gradually disappeared, and so did the attacks of panic for which doctors could not find medical explanation, because I am a young person, only 21, and after that the permanent solution was not necessary: “therapy” with helix which I stopped taking after the novena because it was no longer necessary. As I said, I believe that the graces we need are given to us in the right order. Glory be to the Lord the Father and the blessed Ivan Merz for his intercession. Everything is easier with prayer!

Gunja, 3 February 2015 Sanela

Met the blessed Ivan through the Internet, prayed and passed a difficult exam

I met the blessed Ivan Merz several months ago. I had an exam in the most difficult subject in my year. I studied, prepared, but I failed. I was beside myself. .. On the same evening I wrote GRANTINGS on the Internet, and immediately got IVAN MERZ. I prayed a novena and passed the exam! Since then I have been visiting the Sacred Heart basilica regularly and praying to the blessed Merz. Yesterday I also passed a difficult exam, helped by my Ivan Merz.

Zagreb, 5 February 2015 Ivka

Thanksgiving to the blessed Ivan Merz for exams passed

I started praying a novena on 20 January 2015, and on the eighth day of the novena I had a terminal exam in the most difficult and most important subject in the first term. The blessed Ivan gave me enough concentration, focus and understanding for the material so I managed to learn it completely. I also passed another terminal exam, and got very good marks for both. I would like to thank the blessed Ivan for the grace which gave me strength and enough concentration to learn the material necessary for the terminal exams. But, I would also like to say that thanks to the blessed Ivan I got confidence, self-assurance and trust in myself and my knowledge. The blessed Ivan has shown me that if we want to achieve something in life, we have to work hard and follow his path and God’s path and look for strength in the Almighty.

7 February 2015 Ivana J.

Solved financial problems, found a job, health improving every day

My name is Željko, I was born in Banjaluka, just like Ivan Merz. I did not know about him for a long time but I have finally started to know him, thank the Lord. I ended up in the Sacred Heart basilica after there was a long queue in the cathedral for a long time. As I have been, and still am, a great sinner, I often went to confessions as soon as I remembered something I had not confessed before, so that that my life confession was in instalments. I would like to thank the confessors in the Sacred Heart basilica. After the confession it was a great pleasure to do the penance at the tomb of Ivan Merz. This started a wonderful friendship. I was in financial difficulties, the job I was doing did not fulfil me, nor was my income sufficient for the costs of living, primarily to pay off the loans. It seemed I would go on the street with my family. I passed this worry to the blessed Ivan and said: my Banjaluka man, I trust in you. I got a job abroad, a job that is fulfilling me and brings me a decent living. I was recommended for the job by a Banjaluka man so I saw the providence of Ivan Merz. In my transformation from an atheist to a faithful man I passed difficult crises. I was even in a hospital before I got my present job. My health condition is improving every day, for which I thank the blessed Ivan Merz.

Bardufoss/Norway, 11 February 2015. Željko P.

Firm saved from bankruptcy continues growing, financial problems solved, new employment

About five years ago I expressed my thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for his help in my business and happiness in my family. But this was not the end of my relationship with the blessed man. He continues being present in my daily thoughts and prayers. I can say he has taught me the wisdom of living and understanding everyday things. One of the most important things I have learned is the way to reach the realization of the things we pray for. In prayer we usually focus on the way by which we want to reach our objective. But this is not necessarily the only way or even the right way to achieve a certain grace or welfare. I can witness this by my own experience.

In the last five years time has not stopped for me, but new challenges have appeared, and, together with them, new problems. I have not lost faith and hope in the help of the blessed Ivan Merz. One can assume that at the present time when an increasing number of people are losing their jobs, the person who is opening new jobs must definitely have financial problems. In this period the amount of work and new jobs in my firm have tripled, together with financial problems. I was desperately looking for loans, the banks promised them, and also refused them. Nobody believed my project would be realized except me. In this period I continued praying novenas to the blessed Ivan Merz. I could have given up everything and gone to the starting point. But this would have meant firing the newly employed people for whom I was one of the rare last straws in the long economic crisis. I was even more worried because that was the only income in the homes of those families. Every month I thought, “…if I don’t get a loan next month – I’ll have to get out of business”.

However, I did not give up, but to everyone’s surprise I started doing some quite illogical things in the business. Although they were illogical, with time they showed to be very logical and a heap of coloured pieces turned into a clear mosaic. I was even asked by a fascinated expert, “How did you ever think of it?”

Several years have passed since, and I still have not been granted the loan, but I don’t need it any longer. In spite of it, I keep employing new people every month. I would like to tell everyone in problems not to lose heart but be constant in their prayers although they may seem ungranted. Saying it in navigational words, the blessed Ivan will choose the route to reach your objective, because the shortest route that we have decided is not necessarily the fastest one, or even a serviceable one.

Be prepared to share the grace you have obtained with other people who need it, you may be the lever in the hand of the blessed Ivan Merz by which he wants to help someone, even with your contribution in the boxes in our pharmacies and supermarkets where we collect money for pupils and students who can’t make ends meet. Maybe one of them is just praying a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz.

23 February 2015. Velimir J.

Son got a job and obtained his master’s degree

I want to testify to the grace that the Lord has granted by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. Some ten years ago I dedicated my younger son to the blessed Ivan. During that time he often visited his tomb in the Sacred Heart basilica and prayed there very devoutly. And then something happened, he stopped going to Sunday masses and Ivan’s tomb. In the meantime he lost his job and was not able to pass the last two exams in his master’s course. Months passed and my son was increasingly depressed. I asked Ivan in front of his altar to help my son to open his spiritual eyes, and I promised to witness if Jesus helped him by the blessed Ivan’s intercession. A friend started praying for it with me. Less than a month later my son got a job and was awarded his master’s degree two months later. I am still praying to the blessed Ivan for the greatest miracle to make my son return to the bosom of his God.

Grateful mother.

Zagreb, 6 March 2015 Kornelija B. B.Econ.

Got a job immediately after a novena

Last year, in 2014, my son was made redundant and I prayed for him to get a job. The days after a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz my prayers were answered. I thank the blessed Ivan Merz and continue praying to him!

Zagreb, 12 March 2015 Branka C.

She searched the Internet for a saint to pray for a job, found the blessed I. Merz and got a good job by miracle

I would like to witness on my prayer granted for finding a job by the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz. This granting happened in 2013. After I had resigned from my old job because I could not stand it, mentally and physically, I sent scores of applications for jobs, but was not successful. In despair, searching the Internet which saint to pray for finding a job, I found grantings and thanksgivings for intercession by the blessed Ivan Merz. It was just before his feast day. On the same night I started praying a novena. Shortly after finishing it I found a job advertised on the Internet. It was just for one person in a state firm. Wonderful working hours, well paid. I would like to mention I live in Austria. I sent the application and after some time was invited for an interview. When I came there I understood there were 33 women applicants on the short list, competing for one job. When I understood that, I sent a message to my husband asking him to come and fetch me because I thought there was no chance that just I would get the job. To cut a long story short, after so many applications, they decided to open four jobs for four women. After the first meeting they had a second round of interviews for the shortlisted candidates and I am one of the four women they took. It is exactly 20 months today since I go that full time job, I thank the Lord and the blessed Ivan for his intercession.

Linz, Austria, 2 May 2015 Natalija J.

She prayed for a new job and got one

I just prayed to the blessed Ivan Merz for the first time eleven years ago when I got a leaflet in the church with a prayer to the blessed Ivan. I prayed only from time to time. However, some years ago I had some difficulties. I was working out of Zagreb, which was very strenuous. I resorted to the blessed Ivan again and asked for help to change my job. I applied to an internal advertisement and before the interview I went to pray at the blessed man’s tomb: the interview went well and I got a job in Zagreb. I felt my prayers were answered by a special intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz and even now I feel his intercession with me at the job I am doing now. My job is near the Sacred Heart basilica and I often visit the tomb of the blessed Ivan Merz. I got a lot of graces in my job, although the job is extremely hard, but I feel the blessed man following me and helping me. Since then I have been advising those looking for a job to turn to the blessed Ivan Merz. I believe in his intercession and turn to him in all my needs as a blessed man, protector and companion.

Zagreb, 6 May 2015 M.H.

Help for health, financial difficulties, job – the blessed Ivan is a friend for life!

I have been praying to the blessed Ivan Merz since 2012 and have received numerous graces: job, dear people, friendship, and financial help that I need now. Whenever I faced with a wall I turn to the blessed Ivan for help. Prayer gives me strength and hope in difficult moments. Blessed Ivan is my friend for life. Thank you with all my heart, Eagle of Christ!

Zagreb, 10 June 2015 Tea

Received numerous graces over six months

Thanks to the miraculous intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz my life is much better than several months ago… Today I came back from Zagreb where I visited his tomb just to leave some flowers and say thanksgivings because by the intercession of this miracle man I have received numerous graces over the last six months, although any thanks, flowers or any other gesture is not worthy enough for our heavenly intercessor.

Gunja, 6 June 2015 Sanela K.

After many years got a job following a novena

This winter I prayed a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. I want to witness that this helped me get a new job, and I am certain of it because I have been looking for one for many years, but without success. Very soon after the novena I got a new job and accepted it. This was very important for me because I have small children, and my previous job was exceptionally stressful. I would like to testify this to thank you for the novena sent and to thank the blessed I.Merz for help and especially for his words which direct us to the real meaning of life and joy. I sincerely hope that this testimony will help in canonizing our blessed man and that many people will choose him as their true friend in the good and bad moments of life.

12 August 2015 Sanja S.

Husband received sacraments and she got a better job after novenas

I would like to inform you that after a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz (after the holy confession and communion, daily rosary, reading about the life of the blessed Ivan Merz and pilgrimage to his tomb, and a novena to St Joseph), my prayers for a new job were answered. I got a new and better job! Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz and St Joseph! I continued praying novenas to the blessed Ivan Merz to thank him and prayed for my husband to receive the sacrament of reconciliation and the holy communion (he had not received the sacrament of reconciliation and the holy communion for years and went to the mass very rarely) and I prayed a novena to St Joseph. After the novenas, my husband went to the holy confession in the church in Palmotićeva street, and at the following mass where we agreed to go together, he received the holy communion! I would like to thank the wonderful priest in Palmotićeva (I am sorry I don’t know his name) for receiving my husband so nicely, without condemning him , but rather helping him to make a confession after so many years. My husband came home happy after the confession and said he had long been having a bad time for not receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. He spoke very nicely about the priest, and we are very grateful to him for helping my husband with the confession with words of encouragement and positive stimulation to go on receiving the sacraments of the holy confession and communion, and stimulation to attend the holy mass regularly. After my prayers were answered, I tell everybody about it and pray novenas for thanksgiving and for other purposes. Thank you, blessed Ivan Merz and St Joseph!

25 August 2015 Suzana P

He got rid of unsuccessful firm

I would like to publicly express my thanks after praying to the blessed Ivan Merz. One Saturday I was praying in front of his tomb and asked for his help to get rid of the unsuccessful firm in my ownership. On the same evening I put an ad in the papers and on Monday a man contacted me saying he would take over the whole firm. In this time people are closing firms and getting rid of them, but with the help of our Lady and the blessed Ivan I believe I have got rid of a great burden and trouble.

30 August 2015 Mateo J.

Lives saved in traffic accident

Thank the blessed Ivan Merz for protecting us in a dreadful accident which could have been fatal. My husband, my son and I were returning to Zagreb from Slavonia by car. The motorway was full of empty and full buses (MIddle East refugees), army trucks, ordinary trucks and cars. We got on the motorway. I was sitting on the back seat with my son and fell asleep. Suddenly I was woken up by a blow and then I felt pain. Although I had a seat belt, I hit the window with the side of my head…. What had happened? My husband had dozed for a second and our car turned left, we got on the fast lane and hit the central reservation and slid along it… My husband shook and straightened the car. We stopped at the petrol station near Slavonski Brod and went out to see the damage: we had only scratched the left side of the car at the height of the door handle! At the time of the accident there were no other cars near us, although before and after that the motorway was packed. Accidentally? Oh, no! Recently there was a pilgrimage to Marija Bistrica; my husband and some parishioners went there on foot like he does every year. Before leaving our parish priest blessed and gave them T-shirts with the name of our parish Blessed Ivan Merz, bearing his picture. My husband was wearing the T-shirt when the accident happened. Some people would say: sheer luck! And I think that the blessed man had protected us from injury and certain death. Thank you, blessed Ivan!

Zagreb, 23 September 2015 Stela M.

Unconditional love of our blessed man – exams passed

I would like to testify again on the unconditional love of our blessed Ivan Merz. The third academic year is almost over. Praying to the blessed man the exams are passed successfully, and the papers presented. Great thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz for helping me immensely in meeting my obligations at the University. Brother Ivan, pray for us!

Varaždin, 29 September 2015 K.J.

Got the job

After 72 novenas my son got a job. Thank you Lord and blessed Ivan!

3 November 2015 Mother Josipa

Numerous instances of help during studies

I would like to testify how much the blessed Ivan has helped me by his intercession since the blessed moment I got to know him. After I started studying at the University in Zagreb I often visited the Sacred Heart basilica in Palmotićeva Street and attended the mass there. One day I got the booklet “Novena to the blessed Ivan Merz” from a man who happened to be there, but I did not start reading it immediately. Exams were approaching and I had difficulties getting used to the whole situation: commuting (because I am not from Zagreb), studying, exams… I was exhausted because I came home late and got up early. As I had been an excellent student at school, I wanted to be equally good at the university; however, the results were not as I had expected… I was even thinking of giving up studies. By chance my Mum started reading the book I had got and told me: “Start reading this novena according to the instructions: go to the confession, communion and pray.” I looked at her in wonder and started reading. Even today this grace brings tears to my eyes, this undeserved grace I had got. Thanks to praying rosary and thanks to the blessed Ivan Merz I passed the exam by miracle and my mental state greatly improved. After that I continued praying a novena before every difficult exam and every time my prayers were answered, and I always come to his tomb to thank him. I will always be grateful to the Lord and to the blessed Ivan Merz for the immense honour of “discovering” that Basilica and this wonderful blessed man with whom I am trying to identify and whose intercession I pray to follow me in my daily life. And finally I will finish with the words of the blessed Ivan Merz: “Thank you, the eagle of Christ for showing us the way to the Sun!”

12 November 2015 Kristina J.

Difficult state exam passed

I would like to thank and testify that thanks to the intercession of the blessed Ivan Merz, after a novena, I passed a difficult state exam on 30 November 2015.

1 December 2015 Vedran

Thanks to the blessed Ivan at the end of the year for all the help during studies

Since the end of the year is drawing near, I would like to finish this year by thanking the blessed Ivan Merz who is accompanying me on my way. This year has been successful for me because with the help of the blessed man I passed the first half of my studies. I am now working toward my degree. After a novena to the blessed Ivan Merz I handed in my dissertation: I did the practical part of it during the summer and passed it with flying colours. I am grateful to the blessed Ivan Merz who was with me in all my good and bad moments. My blessed Ivan has a great place in my heart and in the life of me and my family and I am very grateful to him for that. I recommend everyone to pray to him, and especially to the young ones because he can understand them completely. THANK YOU, EAGLE OF CHRIST!

9 December 2015 Ana P.

Job granted for son and daughter

I would like to testify about granting for the job for my children after the fourth day of the novena to the blessed Ivan Merz. I am a parishioner of the blessed Ivan Merz in Špansko, Zagreb, and, looking at his picture as a young man on the wall I thought he could help me with the Lord to show a job to my children, a job where they would be satisfied and happy. This is exactly what happened and I am very grateful to the blessed man and have prayed nine novenas for it, and I thank him at every mass because I am sure this was with his help. I have time and opportunity and will pray that this wonderful blessed man be canonized because he certainly deserves it.

Zagreb, 5 January 2016 Milica Sparavalo